Okay, first I have to say sorry, I was late with this one. I have to do this one quickly. Spoiler warning blah,blah. Let's begin!

So, Mrs Harshwhinny needs a flag carrier team for the upcoming (still not coming soon) Equestria games. The judge is...drumroll...Rainbow Dash! And the CMC wants to win this honor of course. But they can't win just like that...they need something. Something that makes them brave and ready. Something like...a SONG!

This is the first song in the new season and all I have to say is wow. It is very inspiring and awesome! Not sure if better than Babs seed...maybe a little bit better. I think I will listen to it till I learn the lyrics because it freakin' deserves it.

Back to our show. The team does some acrobatics to impress RD who...let's say she needs to be less professional-thinking. She should really say what she thinks instead of trying to look serious. Why did you do this Harshwhinny? Oh well, the CMC can still beat Diamond Tiara's not-so-complete team (they really needed a 3rd team member). Unless, they try to hurt Scootaloo's feelings... oh wait they do. I mean...seriously? Hurr,durr Scootaloo can't fly but she is a pegasus. What kind of bullying is that? Sweetie can't do magic, but her feelings stay unhurted? Come on, guys!

Scootaloo spends the rest of the day practicing. Success does not find her today. Hey that's no good reason to stay at home! Your friends need your help! Ah, forget it, you are doomed, meany teamy will win this round...NOT! Rainbow Dash springs to action and helps the fallen-apart team to reunite. Forgiving moments, let's go before it's too late!

The episode ends with the CMC winning. I don't know what I expected. Maybe finally seeing the Equestria games. Look like that has to wait...