Back with another review-thing. This was a really great episode, let me tell you why. Spoilers are sky-high today!

So we start at the boutiqe where Rarity is working on dresses for Sapphire Shores. Good to see her again. She is a nice supporting character. Sweetie Belle comes with a last-minute favor. I dont know what I expected.

I'm sad that we didnt have time to see Sweetie's play. It sounded nice. At least, those 17 seconds were interesting... Now I know how did Rarity stole her spotlight. Those dresses attract more ponies than a Free Hayburgers stand does. Note: Sweetie Belle can do evil things when she becomes mad.

The next few minutes are awesome. That dream was magical, frightening, and not to mention EPIC! A little more story and that dream could've been an actual episode. Okay not really but you know what I mean. Oh and young Sweetie Belle was heartbreaking adorable. Without all those makeup, that is.

One thing I dont understand is how did Scootaloo and Apple Bloom belive Sweetie Belle that easily? I mean, Scootaloo can understand it but Apple Bloom? Oh well, that next scene was really exciting. So active, so funny, so everything. And at the end, everything went better than I expected.

All I have to say is: I loved this episode!