Here we go again. Another review. I don't know where to begin...this episode was creepy in many ways... Let's just skip the spoiler alert this time and start.

So that marionette colt was asking Rarity for a stand. I quite liked it, but what can I know about such things? Anyway, this episode's problems started before the theme song.

Then, Spike looks for some kind of spell. Can a dragon even do magic? Of course not. They don't know a single thing about it. Why would Spike find the perfect one? Anyway, he found a secret... stone-book hidden in the walls. Equestria had it's own stone age by the looks of it... And Spike's hilariously luckly survival down that staircase: just brilliant!

Back at Rarity's boutique, she reads the spell and gains some really powerful magic. The way she called the book a persion, I thought it was posessed by some kind of (possibly evil) spirit. Those green eyes creeped me through the whole episode. And all of Rarity's creations...well...let's just say Discord would be proud.

This episode was quite simple: Owlischius or however you spell his name was the know-it-all and Spike plays the role of the immature kid who mess things up. Don't take it as an offense but that's the case. When Rarity's mind finally got cleared, I wanted to see where the green aura went... Maybe back to the castle where it took book form again? There are so many things unclear about this episode.

In overall, I expected better. Not a complete disappoint like Games Ponies Play but it certainly could've been better.