I missed some reviews. My bad. I'm sure I'll still make some more. I swear. Let's do a review for this one! Spoiler warning, as usual.

So this episode starts in...Appleloosa, I guess? Another perfect party for...ah who cares? It was made by Cheese Sandwich, this is the only thing we need to know. Along with his friend, Boneless, they set off to Ponyville. Why Ponyville? Cheese sense, that is. What a coincidence...

In Ponyville, Pinkie is planning the epic birthda...sorry, birth-iversary. I really wanted to see a flashback from the day Rainbow Dash moved to Ponyville. Maybe in season 5. Oh look, a new face! Cheese Sandwich! Lets steal Pinkie's work! She wouldnt mind it...right? Another great song and Pinkie is a bit disappointed. But where is Pinkamena? I thought we'll see her. Nevermind, I didnt like that sadness anyway.

Then, Pinkie needs to save her title of Ponyville Party Planner. She has a cool goof off against the greatest travelling party pony. Boy, that song is the best in this episode. Maybe the best in the season? I have to think about it. Pinkie gives up, because she realized that she got a liiiittle bit carried away. Wow thats new... Now I see why isnt Pinkie the generous one. 

Another dramatic leaving of a pony that will quickly get interrupted. What was I expecting? I dont know. Maybe a flashback? Yay, it IS a flashback! Wait, Cheese Sandwich wasnt that party pony before? He was shy and had no idea what to do with his life? Reminds me somebody I Forgiving, partying and Cheese leaves the town. But first, he gives Pinkie a souvenir. Then, along with Boneless2 (wat) he set off for a new journey.

BONUS: Derpy, Derpy, so much Derpy!!!