Another late review. Sorry, my laptop is broken, I have to use my parent's one which is often occupied :D. Nevermind that, spoilers are here, let's start!

Spike has no work to do, nothing to help with...he is technically useless. Deja vu, don't you think? And what a surprise! He is reading a comic book that has a main (ok, more like supporting) character who deals with the same problem. Not to mention the secret that can teleport you into the comic itself. How is that possible? I think it was made by Gamer Luna or something.

Let's talk about the superpowers, shall we? Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Applejack have very fitting powers. Fitting their personality that is. Fluttershy...I was kind of disappointed with that one. It was a excessive, if you ask me. She turned out to save the day, instead of Spike. That is something I didn't see coming. I thought Spike will find out his real superpowerand saves the day, like he did in The Crystal Empire, but a little bit more helpful.

The villain... is... what can I say? Shampoo factory incident made her insane, evil and powerful? What is this, some lame cartoon from Cartoon Network? It would be better if she was just hit with a meteorite like every superhero. Not to mention her personality... It was like a crazier version of Discord. The Mane-iac is a green-haired octopus with the heart of Discord.

Lastly, Spike didn't do anything important, even though this episode was about him. He distracted the pony who sparyed the Power ponies. After that, they did everything. Ah come on Spike! Save the time!