Okay, here we go. Season 4 just aired and everyone is going crazy. Including me of course :D. So I decided to make a review too. Obvious spoiler warning is obvious. Let's begin.

The story had a pretty new concept. The half of the episodes were flashbacks. Not sure what can I say about them. But I have to say something: the Nightmare Moon flashback was interesting but I dont think it has too much to do with the story itself. If you think I'm wrong, please correct me. Next up: villains. Seriously, there was technically NO villain in this one! I mean, yeah it was Discord who caused that weed-problem, but does he count as the villain in these 2 episodes? I doubt that.

Twilight can't fly again. Whoa... RD teaching Twilight was funny afterall. Leaving her friends is NO good!

So... spiky vines hurt the tree of harmony? Sound like something from Hitchiker's guide. And why did they give up the elements? I remember those days when a rainbow beam was enough to beat evil. Now, you have to give up your powers...boy time passes fast.

One last thing: what is inside that chest? I think it has something to do with Starswirl.