Another season has come to an end. This finale deserves to be called one of the best episodes ever made. I loved it a lot. Let's do another review, k? Oh, and the spoilers are the size of a solar sistem right now.

Twilight doesn't think being a princess means smiling and waving. The penguins don't think so. But Twilight's right, she didn't really do anything princessy this season. So hey, a new magic-stealing villain is free... shouldn't... you know...stop him or something?

Let's talk about Tirek, shall we? His backstory is indeed the most interesting of every villain ever, but his design or personality didn't get me. But hey, he knows a thing or two about Discord. Didn't see that coming. Escpecially after Discord joined Tirek. Discord turning evil is a risky thing to do, but I think they pulled it off quite well... His chaotic powers surely helped Mr. Evilvoice regain his powers.

What did the 3 princesses do anyway? I mean they told Twily to stay away from them. The big girls are doing important stuff, a little alicorn can't handle such things... Instead they give Twilight all their magic. How does one handle that much power? Oh well, if Tirek can handle the power of everypony else and Discord, why can't Twilight? By the way, it looks like The magic of 4 Princesses equals to Tirek plus everypony plus chaos magic. The way they battled... reminded me Dragonball Z. And I don't even watch Dragonball!

Then we have this friends4magic deal. I gotta admit, I thought Tirek will trick Twilight and trap everypony after he got the magic. But he didn't! He let them go (insert a certain song from a certain movie here) like they weren't dangerous anymore. And just as I thought: Discord gave Twilight her key. And we move onto: Rainbow Power!

First: The rainbowfied ponies didn't look nice. At all. Their mane were too big for their body, just like when they were Breezies. Second: The transformation isn't permanent. That's good. Not to mention that the chest actually BECAME the "castle". My prediction: whenever they need Rainbow Power again, they will go to the center of the throne room and summon it. Now all I wonder is will they live in that castle? Except for Twilight of course...

Last notes: The songs were awesome, I loved them. I'm interested how will the show look in season 5, with that crystal castle in the middle of Ponyville. The writers literally shoved Derpy in our face.

This episode is 10/10 for me.