I'm not joking. We finally got a Season 5 trailer. You can watch it here. Still no release date though.

Also, SPOILER ALERT if you didn't see it yet. Sorry, I can't post pictures.

So let's do a short analysis shall we? Now we get to see the finished animatic that was shown on Comiccon last year. least parts of it. Twilight and Spike are sad because of the Golden Oak library. I think they promised an episode when they'll do something about it. Maybe rebuild it? I don't know, but I don't think regular ponies are allowed to enter that castle just to rent a book... Next, we have a cave, a staff and an area sealed away in a magical...cage. I can't really see what's in there... And there's an equality sign on top. Twilight is staring at some colorful lights that are flying around in the mountains. Maybe the soul of her friends who are now having that equality-cutie-mark-disase? Also I saw a colt, that might be Twilight's dad. Probably a coincidene. And I can see an unknown basement for a split second. I have no idea where that is. Too many mysteries. I don't have answer for all of them.

What do you guys think? I'd like to see some of yoour ideas in the comments.