Hey, I'm a bit new to the wiki, but I've been editing (not much), But I wanna know, which pony do you think has had the best/funniest mental breakdown so far?

The nominees are:

Rarity's in Suited For Success

"I used to be somepony. I used to be respected! I made dresses. Beautiful, beautiful dresses! But now, everypony is laughing at me! I'm nothing but a laughing stock!"

"Leave me alo-o-o-ne! I want to be alone! I want to wallow in.....whatever it is ponies are suposed to wallow in!! Do ponies wallow in pity? Oh, listen to me, I don't even know what I'm suppsoed to wallow in!!! I'm so pathe-e-e-tic!!!" -Rarity

Pinkie Pie's in Party of One

"'Can I have some more punch?' Oh, of course you can have some more punch, Mr. Turnip! 'This is one great party! You really outdone yourself!' Why, thank you, Rocky. 'I'm having a delightful time as well' I'm so glad, Sir Lints-a-lot 'Might I bother you for another slice of cake?' Anything for you, Madame LaFlour!" -Pinkie Pie

Twilight's in Lesson Zero

"Clock is ticking, Twilight. Clock. Is. Ticking."

"Hi, girls!" *twitch* -Twilight

Fluttershy's in The Best Night Ever

"I'll catch you yet, my pretties. Oh, yes, as soon as one of you little birds, or monkeys, or bears touches this net, you'll be mine! MINE!!!! Ahahahaha!"

"You're...going to LOVE ME!!!!!" -Fluttershy