Twilight wakes up Spike early to tell him about Winter Wrap Up Day. So tired, Spike mistakingly calls her mommy and then says you're not mommy. This could hint to the fact that Spike hasn't seen his mother yet. She tells him that Spring is coming tomorrow so they need to clean up. Spike has the question of couldn't they just use their magic like in Canterlot. Twilight tells him though that Ponyville was founded by Earth ponies so not using magic is traditional. Twilight goes outside only to see though that it's alot earlier than she should've gotten up.

Scene 1

Twilight is walking through town and mentions of the team vests Rarity designed. Blue being for the weather team, green for the plant team and tan for the animal team. Spike mentions how he should get the blue vest which is the same color as his blanket. Wait, weather team is blue. Spike wants the blue one. Rainbow Dash has the blue vest. Has Spike been Rainbow Dash this long.

Mayor Mare is talking to the town and announces about bringing in Spring. Mayor Mare asks the town to look for their team and start. Twilight is unsure where to go.


And so, we get the song Winter Wrap Up. And I must say, with this song not only did I warm up to the show a lot more but I thought that this show is so freaking difinitive from others. I mean yeah, Griffon the Brush-Off is the episode that made me warm up to the show but this song makes my likeness towards it improve even more. The background music is awesome, the lyrics are well put together and the vocals are simply amazing (especially from Twilight) There's one problem I have though. Why the heck isn't Spike singing. The whole town we hear singing for the first time and he still doesn't sing. Other than that, an extraordinary song. Before this, we just had random Pinkie Pie 10 second songs so this was a great build-up.

Scene 2

Twilight looks for somepony to go to. She sees Rainbow Dash giving the Pegasus ponies orders of clearing the clouds. Twilight comes up to her and asks if she can do the same but unfortunately she has no wings.

Twilight comes to Rarity and asks her if she needs help with anything. Rarity asks Twilight to help make a birds' nest. Twilight is unsure why though to which Rarity explains that when the pegasus ponies bring the birds, they're gonna need a place to hatch their eggs. Twilight compliments Rarity's work and decides to help. Unfortunately, it doesn't turn out too well. And so, Twilight and Spike continue.

Twilight goes to Pinkie Pie and asks what she's doing. Pinkie explains that she's making lines on the lake. This way, when the weather ponies come to break the ice, it'll be easier. Twilight volunteers to help. Unfortunately, she crashes. Pinkie suggests going to Fluttershy.

Fluttershy is waking up the animals with her bell. Twilight says how cute the hedgehogs are to which Flutttershy agrees. She says that this is her favourite time of the year. Spike asks what hibernation is and Fluttershy says about how it's when an animal sleeps and eats less food. Spike likes the idea except the part of eating less food. Fluttershy is worried about all the warrens and dens in the holes as she's worried that she won't wake up every animal. Twilight volunteers to help as she says that she knows how to work with animals. This hints to the fact that Twilight definitely owned Spike. This episode predates The Cutie Mark Chronicles so this is a nice little hint.Unfortunately, Twilight wakes up snakes and also runs into another cave where bats chase her and then she runs into a beehive, runs into another hole, gets stung by bees and then gets trhe scent of porcupines. Pretty funny.

Scene 3

Twilight is being healed from her stink and doesn't know how she can help. Spike tells her to just use magic but Twilight still argues that they've never used magic. Spike says that this happened because Twilight wasn't around. Nonetheless, Twilight still wants to find another way.

She goes to Applejack to see what she's doing. And as explained in the song, Applejack and others are clearing the ground and planting seeds but also need sun and rain from the weather team. They also need to try and clear the snow. Twilight wants to help but Applejack is unsure. Nevertheless, Applejack goes by her phrase of that she never turns down a hard worker.

Spike suggests for Twilight to use her magic. Twilight gives in and uses a come to life spell. Applejack says how Twilight seems a little too strong. Spike is proud of Twilight for taking his advice. Applejack wonders what Spike means by this.

Unfortunately, Twilight makes her magic make the plower go too fast and crashes into Applejack and Spike. Applejack is angry at Twilight. Twilight is genuinely miserable and runs off upset. Huh? Maybe Twilight IS best pony. Maybe I was wrong with Rarity. I mean, yeah, In Look Before You Sleep, Bridle Gossip and Swarm of the Century Twilight's character is very ruined but she is shown so well here. Now I can't decide. Maybe when Season 3 ends.

Scene 4

Twilight is hiding in a bush. Spike asks her to come out. Twilight doesn't think she's good at antything. Meanwhile, Applejack is telling Rainbow Dash to melt the snow on the ground and the trees. Fluttershy argues that the animals homes will melt too fast if Dash does this. Mayor Mare asks them why they're arguing again as this is the reason why they were late so many other years. The problem now is the ice skaters made the ice too big and Rarity needs to make several hundred but she's only made one as she is still trying to fix up Twilight's mess. Not to mention the clouds still in the sky and the icicles on the tree. Applejack says that the seeds may not grow either. Rainbow Dash tells her that the pegasus ponies are going as fast as they can. Fluttershy argues with this and says that they have to do the job with animals slower. With everyone unorganised, Twilight has a plan. She tells the town that she's the most organised and can help.

Song #2

This is the reprise of Winter Wrap Up. This is only instrumental though, but showcases the great beat that the original has. Basically, Twilight gets everyone organised. First, Big Macintosh lifts the hay for Rarity's team as they get work done faster. Second, Pinkie's team skid at the same time to make ice not too big. With Applejack, Applejack waves her flag and half of her team plow the snow while the other half put in the seeds. Next, Fluttershy has some bells wrapped in a rope to call alot of animals at once and then uses one bird to call the weather team to make a freaking hurricane that gets rid of all the snow makes Pinkie's ice melt more Okay, Rainbow Dash has performed a Sonic Rainboom four times, but this is the most awesomest thing she's ever done.


All the team plant the seeds and bring the apples. The next morning, the pegasus ponies guide the birds to their nests. The melted ice is carried in big buckets to make the water. This is really fun to watch to see how the ponies work this.

Scene 5 Part 2

Mayor Mare thanks Twilight for her huge help and gives her the honor of having a team organiser vest. And then we reach a problem with this episode. Applejack's line of "Spike's gonna be in for a nice surprise when that last piece of ice melts." And then the whole town laughs at Spike going to be frozen. What?! Spike busted his tired back and falls asleep and then you just laugh at the misfortune coming his way? First time watching this I thought they'd kill him off. How'd they even get him in.

Ponies: Hah Spike is suffering and because we're laughing at his misfortune, none of us will wake him up before he gets possible frost breath pneumonia. Let's just wait until he turns sick and pull him out.


So in the end, Twilight learns that we all have hidden talents and eventually they'll be shown. And a sick Spike is writing this. What?! You just laughed at his misfortune, none of you saved him (say the pegasi perhaps), and now you're making him write a letter? Twilight, you just shown major development. What happened? Who cares about Spike being the new Rainbow Dash. Like I said before, he's the new Zoidberg.

Final Thoughts

So how does the episode hold up? Well, it's actually really good. We get really good development for Twilight, the way they clean up Winter is well-presented, Rainbow Dash is a boss, we get some hints to Twilight being Spike's surrogate mother, Twilight has more hilariously painful moments and the two songs are without question a positive. The only gripe is the ending with Spike suffering. It's as if noone likes him. The moral is good but why was someone who was suffering because of others not saving him, had to write it himself.


-Winter Wrap Up

-Winter Wrap Up Reprise

-Twilight Sparkle Development

-Winter and Spring are well-presented

-Rainbow Dash is a boss

-Hints to Twilight being Spike's surrogate

-Twilight painful moments


-Noone helps Spike when in danger

-Spike writes moral even though he's sick

Elements of Episode

Characterization: B-

Entertainment: B

Pacing: B+

Introduction: A

Humour: A+

Premise: A+

Story: A-

Moral: C+

Final Score: A-

Tomorrow: Call of the Cutie