Rarity is designing a dress for The Grand Galloping Gala at Carousel Boutique and her cat Opalescence really just wants to relax while she does this. Rarity however, thinks that she wants to help and Opal manages to hold everything Rarity has. It's good to see that the creators are still thinking about The Grand Galloping Gala at this point in the show.

Scene 1

While Rarity is working, Twilight and Applejack come in. Applejack greets Rarity but Twilight tells her that Rarity's busy. Both Twilight and Applejack are behind Rarity. Applejack whispers to Twilight what Rarity's making. Twilight whispers that it looks like a dress. Applejack whispers that that makes sense considering this is a dressmakers shop. Rarity nearly loses her patience but just stops herself and asks them if there's something she can help them with. Twilight apologises for troubling Rarity and says that she came for a favor. For Rarity to fix a button for the dress that Twilight's wearing for the Gala. Rarity considers it old fashioned and decides to make Twilight a new one and it would be her pleasure. Twilight appreciates this but says that it would be too much work and her dress is fine. Rarity on the other hand insists on making Twilight a new dress. Hearing this, Twilight thanks Rarity for her generosity and knowing her handiwork, she's sure it'll be absolutely beautiful. Rarity looks over at Applejack. Rarity guesses that Applejack doesn't want a new gown either. Applejack replies that she was never going to bring a gown and that she was just going to wear her old work duds. Rarity is shocked at this and tells Applejack that she must wear formal atire. Applejack responds with Nah, like she don't care.


Rarity tells Applejack that she could just spruce up Applejack's work duds. Applejack appreciates this but asks her not to make the dresses too froo-frooly. Rarity promises. So, wait, if Applejack was going in her work duds only, and wasn't even asking for a favor, why did she go to Carousel Boutique? It's never explained.

Suddenly, Rainbow Dash crashes through Rarity's roof. She apol.ogises for this as she was practising a new trick. Rarity now gets an idea to make a dress for Rainbow Dash aswell. And after making dresses for those three, to make one for Pinkie and Fluttershy. And after that, to show the dresses at a fashion show. Twilight thinks this is a great idea if Rarity's able to handle it. Rarity thinks it'll be alot of work but a wonderful boost for her business and it'll be fun. Rainbow Dash says she loves fun things. Rarity announces that she'll have a fashion show starring them. Hearing this, Twilight, Applejack and Rainbow cheer. Wait, since when does Rainbow Dash like fashion? Wouldn't she be the same as Applejack? Her reason being that she loves fun things doesn't really add up too much.

Applejack goes up to Rarity and asks her that all she has to do is make a different, stunning, original, amazing outfit for 6 ponies in lickety split? Rarity laughs and tells Applejack that she makes it sound like it's going to be hard.



And so, we jump into the song of the episode Art of the Dress. Rarity sings about making dresses for all the ponies in her original design. This song is amazing. These last four songs at this point in the series are amazing. This song is so catchy and it shows the whole personality of Rarity. Not only that, but she's the first pony to get her own song. And for a male, who's never worn a dress, I can still safely say that this song is amazing. This song right here is one of the reasons why I think Rarity is best pony.

Scene 2

The ponies come in and Rarity has them close their eyes as they come in. When they open them they see Rarity's description on all of the dresses. She asks Applejack what does she think of her old duds now. She tells Twilight that she made this outfit for her and she made each design to perfectly reflect each ponies personality. She tells Rainbow Dash that it took forever for her to get the colors right on this one. She tells Fluttershy that she knows she's going to love hers as it just sings Spring. And tells Pinkie that her's is pink, her favourite. And you know what, these designs are pretty good. Unfortunately, the ponies seem to not fullyy like it but try their best to. Unfortunately, Rainbow Dash ruins this by saying she just wanted something cooler. Twilight tells Rarity that what they're trying to say is it's just not what they had in mind. Rarity nearly breaks down from this but controls herself and says that the dresses were only a first pass and she'll redo them. Fluttershy tells her that she doesn't have to do that as the dresses are fine. Rarity wants them to be better than fine. She wants them to be absolutely perfect. Applejack asks her if she's sure because the others wouldn't want to impose. Rarity laughs again and says it's no imposition and she insists. Twilight thanks Rarity and the ponies are off.

Fluttershy asks Rarity that she wanted to see her? Rarity tells her that her new new dress is ready. Unfortunatelty, Fluttershy doesn't completely love it. Rarity can tell Fluttershy's only saying that but Fluttershy says it's nice. Rarity tells Fluttershy that if she doesn't like it she can just tell her. Fluttershy says that she does like it. Rarity asks if Fluttershy likes it or loves it. Fluttershy timidly says both. Rarity asks which is it. Fluttershy asks for her to please stop asking. Rarity asks her to just tell her what she really thinks. Fluttershy says that it's okay. Rarity keeps on asking Fluttershy to tell her what she thinks and Fluttershy has no choice but to say that the armscye's tight, the middle collar doesn't go with the shawl lapel, the hems are clearly machine-stitched, the pleats are uneven, the fabric looks like toile, Rarity used a backstitch here when it clearly called for a topstitch or maybe a traditional blanket stitch and the overdesign is reminiscent of a pret-a-porter and not true French haute corture. After this speech, Fluttershy tops it off by saying but uh, whatever you wanna do is fine. Never expected that from Fluttershy did you?


Song #2

Another song? Hell yea! This is basically the reprise to Art of the Dress. This song is probably even catchier than the one before it. A few problems though. All of the others are acting a slight out of character putting pressure on Rarity. Nevertheless, this is one of my favourite songs. After Rarity puts so much work, when her friends turn picky, she starts all over. Just another signal that Rarity is best pony. One of my favourite parts is when Rarity asks Rainbow Dash what changes she wants. Rainbow Dash said she just wants it to be cooler. Rarity asks Rainbow does she not like the color. Rainbow Dash says that the colors fine just make it look cooler. Rarity asks her does she not like the shape. Dash says that the shape's fine just make the whole thing cooler and it needs to be about 20% cooler.


Fact is that this song is catchy and near the end, we even get a singing line from each of the others.

Scene 3

The dresses turn out to be ugly.

All the others come in. Rarity tells them that she did exactly what each of them asked for. She tells them not to hold back. The ponies are highly impressed. Rarity is relieved to hear this. Twilight thanks Rarity. Pinkie asks her if she's as happy as they are. Rarity responds with that she's happy that all of the others are happy. She goes on to say that she's relieved that everything's finally done.

Spike comes in and tells the others that they're not going to believe this. He asks them if they've heard of Hoity Toity. Twilight asks if it's the big fashion hotshot in Canterlot. Spike reveals that Hoity Toity, with the persuasion of Spike, is coming to the fashion show. Applejack tells Rarity that she could sell alot of dresses and gain alot of money. Rarity is worried that Hoity Toity is coming to see these dresses. Spike says that he is and for Rarity to get ready for all her dreams to come true. Rarity is worried.

Most of Ponyville show up to the show. Rarity sees Hoity Toity through the curtains. Rarity tries to catch her breath and relaxes herself. After this we get our first appearance of Vinyl Scratch (a.k.a. DJ Pon-3). This pony is my favourite background pony. Even though she appears in the show altogether for 10 seconds. And so, the fashion show begins, announced by Spike. He's lucky Pinkie isn't helping him again.

The ponies come out with their revealed dresses. Unfortunately, the crowd hates the dresses. Hoity Toity demands to see who created the dresses. Opalescence hides Rarity. Spike calls her to come out and unfortunately, Spike's the only one cheering for her. Rarity's reputation as a fashion designer is destroyed.

Scene 4

Rarity now creates her big mental breakdown. Pinkie asks her to come out of her room as she hasn't come out for days. Rarity doesn't want to because she thinks she's a laughing stock. Twilight reassures her that she's not a laughing stock although Rainbow Dash ruins this by saying that Rarity kind of is.

Rarity still doesn't want to come out. Twilight asks the other swhat they should do. Fluttershy suggests to panic but Dash says that that's her answer to everything. Aplejack says that they can't just leave her like this. Pinkie says that she'll become a crazy cat lady but Twilight tells Pinkie that she only has one cat and Pinkie responds to give her time. Classic Pinkie.

Rarity is thinking about going to exile but doesn't know where to go or what to bring. Rarity discovers that Opalescence is stuck in a tree. Rarity runs out as fast as she can to get her. She then discovers that Rainbow Dash did this. Rainbow shows her a dress that they made for Rarity. It became discovered that because of Fluttershy's earlier knowledge of dresses shown they were able to make the dress for Rarity. Fluttershy blushes hearing this.


Fluttershy asks her if she likes it. It looks like Rarity doesn't like it. But actually she says that she loves it. Fluttershy tells her that they just followed her brilliant design. The ponies apologise for what they did. Rarity forgives them. Well that's strange. They ruined her career. She has every right. You sure are nice to your friends Rarity. How much more proof is there that you're best pony? Rarity tells them that her career is still ruined. Twilight then has the idea to get Hoity Toity.

Scene 5

The fashion show is shown to him inside Carousel Boutique. Spike closes the curtains. All of the desses are shown off with amazing backgrounds and brilliant designs. Hoity Toity loves this and it appears as though Rarity is back with her business.


Twilight's letter written to Princess Celestia says that Rarity learnt that if you try to please everypony you end up pleasing nopony, especially yourself.

Moral #2

In the same letter, Twilight learns that when somepony offers to do you a favor, like a beautiful dress, you shouldn't be over critical on it. In other words, you should never look a gift horse in the mouth. These are two incredible morals shown on two perspectives. And a moral shown on two perspectives, is something I would have liked to see another Rarity episode. Oh boy, do I have bad things to say about that one.

Scene 5 Part 2

Hoity Toity compliments Rarity and asks her if she'd like to be featured as one of his favourites in Canterlot. He asks her to just make a dozen of these dresses by next Tuesday, shocking Rarity. And unfortunately, this is never touched on, until slightly in the next episode.

Final Thoughts

So, the episode. This is another one of my favourites, not even having much problems. Rarity's character is perfectly establised, we see Opalescence for the first time, we see Vinyl Scratch. We also get two amazing songs and two amazing morals. My only problems is that Applejack comes into Carousel Boutique for no reason at the beginning, the songs took up a bit too much of the episode too. My biggest problem though is the pickyness of the ponies. I mean, yeah, they apologised, and Rarity was nice enough to forgive them after they ruined her career. But, it's still out of character. You could also argue that there wouldn't be a story or that they caught up in it. Well, if that's part of the story, then the story's only mediocre for me. And I guess most of the ponies like Twilight and Pinkie but the others?


-Rarity perfectly establised


-Vinyl Scratch

-Art of the Dress

-Art of the Dress Reprise


-Second Moral

-Applejack is a boss

-Rarity is a boss

-Fluttershy is a bosss

-Rainbow Dash is a boss

-Fluttershy Cuteness Overload


-Applejack comes at the beginning for no reason

-Songs take up a bit too much of episode

-Ponies pickyness

Elements of Episode

Characterization: B-

Entertainment: B

Pacing: B-

Introduction: A

Humour: A-

Premise: A+

Story: B-

Moral: A+

Second Moral: A+

Final Score: A-

Later: Feeling Pinkie Keen