We start this episode off with Twilight practising a spell on Spike. She's turning a leaf scarf into a suit, and then turns into a stick into a walking stick. She's about to turn a rock on his head into a hat. Wait, how is a big rock able to stay on Spike's head. In real gravity terms, the rocks would fall over on Spike's left or right leg. So yeah, the rules of gravity are kind of off here. Spike is distracted by something causing the magic to fail and the rock goes in the air and falls on Spike's head. No real marks from it either. But enough about the full on questioning about the weak explanation on gravity. The real plot is that Spike is distracted by Pinkie Pie who's frantically running around while looking up. Twilight tells Spike not to mind her as she's just being Pinkie Pie. Spike responds that she's super-extra Pinkie Pie today. Her tail starts twitching. Twilight asks her what she's up to. Pinkie tells her that her tail's twitching. Twilight asks what this means. Pinkie tells her that her tail is part of her pinkie sense and when it twitches it means that something's about to fall. Twilight laugs at the idea and is about to say that there's not a cloud in the sky when suddenly a frog falls on her head.

Scene 1

It turns out that it wasn't Pinkie's so called pinkie sense, more rather Fluttershy carrying frogs with her and one falling on Twilight Sparkle. Fluttershy apologises and says that she just couldn't stand the frogs pond becoming over populated, what with all the frogs hopping into eachother. In the end, she decided to fly as many as she could over to Froggy Bottom Bog. Fluttershy bids farewell.

Pinkie points out to Twilight that she's got something on her face. Twilight sarcastically responds if that was Pinkie's pinkie sense. Pinkie says that it wasn't. She can just see it. Twilight asks Spike for them to move on with magic training where there's less commotion. Spike points out to Twilight how amazing Pinkie Pie was back there. Twilight questions Pinkie as she predicted something was going to fall and it fell out of pure coincidence. Nothing else. Pinkie runs back to them and says about her tail again. Twilight laughs and says that nothing else is going to fall. Twilight falls down a ditch. Spike is concerned and asks Pinkie if it's alright to go down and help Twilight. Pinkie says it's okay as her tail stopped twitching. Pinkie leaves once again and Spike praises her once again to Twilight. Twilight still shuns the idea of pinkie sense. Applejack comes along and asks Twilight why she's in a ditch. Spike responds that it's because of Pinkie Pie's pinkie sense. Twilight still shuns the idea and says that two coincidences happened twice in a row. They may be unlikely but more likely than Pinkie sense. Well said. However, one of the most mature and morale supportive characters like Applejack ducks and covers from this ridiculous idea and hides. Spike tells Applejack that it's alright as Pinkie's tail has stopped twitching. Twilight is shocked when she discovers that Applejack supports Pinkie sense. Applejack says that it may not make much sense but for years, Ponyville has learnt to accept the pinkie sense. Pinkie comes along and announces that her ears are flopping. Spike asks what this means. Pinkie talks to Twilight and says that she'll start a bath for her. Twilight is saying that this is getting more and more ridiculous but gets covered in mud by a carriage. How is this Pinkie sense? One of the four could easily have seen the carriage approach. Nonetheless, Twilight gets covered in mud and is sent to Pinkie Pie's home.

Pinkie explains about the other parts of her so called supernatural power. That when her back gets itchy it means it's her lucky day and when her knees get pinchy it means that something scary is about to happen. Twilight in the bath, asks if her knees are pinchy now. Pinkie says that it isn't but her shoulders are achy which means that there's an alligator in the tub. She pulls him out, scaring Twilight who says that that's not just scary, it's downright dangerous. Pinkie says that it isn't and introduces Twilight to her pet baby alligator Gummy, who has no teeth.

Scene 2

Outside, Twilight tells Pinke that she still doesn't believe about the pinkie sense. Pinkie asks what's not to believe as Twilight does magic so what's the difference. Angry, Twilight says that there's a huge difference and announces that magic is something you study and practise. It only happens when you decide to do it. And it's meant to make something that you choose to make happen happen. With Pinkie, it's just that it makes no sense atal. This is completely true from Twilight. How can Pinkie exactly know which muscle of her body moving mean? I think I'll be the first to say it but I think Pinkie Pie just got served. Pinkie then has a terrible defense that this is so not true. Some stuff in her body come up at the same time that predict the future and she calls them combo's. Ugh. Pinkie, if you're comparing this to magic, it's different in the show. Alot of different stuff doesn't happen when you perform magic. Twilight is confused about the combo part and Pinkie explains an example that if an ear flop, knee pinch and eye flutter happen, then that means that the sky's about to be graced with a beautiful rainbow. Twilight doesn't seem to care and walks into her library. Pinkie's ears start to flop, her eyes flutter and her knees pinch. Twilight smiles to herself but is slammed in the face by the door from Spike who's bringing out books. With all of this negative stuff I'm saying about the episode, I guess I can say a positive. The comedy is excellent. Twilight falls victim to slapstick Looney Tunes style. Frog falls on head, falls through ditch, gets covered in mud and gets slammed by a door. With this upside though it's ruined by a big flaw. Twilight says that Pinkie said that there'd be beautiful rainbows. Pinkie disregards this and tells Twilight that she's thinking of an ear flop, then knee pinch and then eye flutter but this was an ear flop, then eye flutter and then knee pinch, which means that watch out for open doors. Whatever order it's in, it's still the same thing. It's not a different muscle movement, it's the muscles moving at a different order. But that's not even the big upset. Oh no. Twilight says that she doesn't believe this. Pinkie tells her that she doesn't believe because she doesn't understand. And then it hit me. The problem that anyone has who hates this episode. It mirrors an arguement of Christianity and Atheism. Now, I'm a christian myself but I don't exploit it. Pinkie saying that Twilight doesn't believe because she doesn't understand is incredible corrupt malicious writing. This gives Twilight an idea.

Twilight and Pinkie are in a testing lab. Twilight is hooking Pinkie up. Twilight explains to Pinkie that when Pinkie gets another twitch, they'll have all kinds of scientific information. Nothing seems to be happening. After nothing happens again, Twilight asks. Pinkie thinks that she feels something but then goes back to not feeling anything. Twilight is frustrated because after a full day of twitching, nothings happening. Pinkie says that she can't control them as they just come and go. Exactly. She can't control it. So why does she know what each part means and why is she so reliant on it. Nevertheless, Twilight angrily says that that makes no sense. Pinkie Pie tells Twilight that sometimes you just have to believe in things even when you can't figure them out. Twilight announces that she will not believe what she doesn't understand. Pinkie, without defending herself, says that she feels something. Twilight is happy to hear this. Unfortunately, it's only Pinkie's stomach rumbling. Twilight angrily turns her machine off and tries to forget about the whole thing. Twilight says that she doesn't need to believe this or understand and she doesn't even care. Both walk up the stairs and Pinkie's door Pinkie sense activates and Twilight is slammed by the door from Spike again. Twilight angrily asks Spike if him and Pinkie planned this. Spike asks Twilight what she means. Twilight is confused by the pinkie sense and plans to get to the bottom of this. Which brings me to another big issue. The first antagonist.

Twilight Sparkle

Just like in Dragonshy, a main character is an antagonist. Here it's Twilight. Why? Simple, because the pinkie sense is completely right even though it has so many flaws and Twilight is the wrong one who needs to get injured because she has to be the one who learns a lesson. This is what ruins the slapstick for me. Twilight doesn't even have a reason to be an antagonist. Rainbow Dash, while I hated in Dragonshy, kind of had a reason to be angry. She was impatient because of Fluttershy's behaviour because she was trying to save Ponyvile. It just led her in the wrong direction. But here, Twilight has no reason whatsoever.

Scene 3

Fluttershy is seen flying with the frogs as she approaches Froggy Bottom Bog.

Pinkie Pie is jumping through town as Twilight is seen spying on her while writing what she sees Pinkie doing. Spike comes up scaring Twilight and hides Spike behind the bush with her. Twilight argues with Spike that shouldn't he know better than to sneak up on ponies. Spike apologises but asks that isn't that what Twilight's doing. Twilight says that she isn't and that she's actually doing scientific research on Pinkie Pie. Wait, that's not what a scientist does. That's what a hunter or explorer does. Spike is confused and Twilight says that she's trying to get to the bottom of the pinkie sense. Both spy on her.

Pinkie Pie gets an itchy nose and Spike writes down on it. Pinkie Pie hides and Twilight now announces that this makes no sense as she's hiding as if something's going to fall even though her nose itched whereas something falls when her tail twitches. Suddenly bees show up causing Spike to run away and Twilight to get stung by them. Both funny and a bad characterization.

Pinkie is smelling a flower but then gets an ear flop, eye flutter, knee pinch. Spike realises that this is the code for open doors and hides. Twilight laughs to herself about Spike believing this. She tries to prove nothings happening and puts her hoof on a barn door with nothing happening. Twilight falls down a flight of stairs with a door that opened. She falls on just about every step. It turns out to be Applejack's apple cellar. Applejack's happy reaction to Twilight coming in and he reaction to Twilight injured are hilarious. I'll give them this. This is, in my opinion, the best part of the episode. Twilight, in a body cast and wheelchair.

Spike generously helps Twilight, with her body cast and wheelchair, with her binoculars. They see a twitchy tail and Spike runs off. Twilight is just about to call Spike on over-reacting until a flower pot, anvil, lumps of hay and a piano on her. Again funny, but a bad characterization. This is hilarious but makes Twilight look like the late era of Daffy Duck.

Pinkie Pie runs into Applejack and asks her what she's doing. Applejack tells her that she's taking the apples to her apple cellar. Applejack asks Pinkie what she's doing. Pinkie says that she's just letting Twilight spy on her all day without her knowing. Twilight is shocked by this as she walks up to Pinkie Pie. She asks Pinkie why didn't she tell her. Pinkie responds that that would've spoiled the secret. This angers Twilight. Spike asks her about her twitchy tail. Pinkie says it's fine now and clear skies from here on in. Her body starts shaking though. Spike asks her what this means. Pinkie doesn't know and never got it before but whatever it is, it must be a doozie and then she somehow knows that it's on at Froggy Bottom Bog. Wait, now Pinkie knows the location. But this is something she never got before that's a big surprise not revealed yet. How can she possibly know? Applejack and Spike are concerned because Fluttershy is heading there. Applejack proposes they run to Froggy Bottom Bog and Pinkie and Spike agree. Twilight asks them to calm down as Pinkie merely has the case of the shivers. She's ignored when she sees the others run off. She scoops Spike up without somehow hurting him with his horn. Okay, more unrealistic stuff with Twilight and Spike. The horn is long and pointy and has went under training. Spike is a baby dragon and is scooped up on the edge of this thing yet isn't hurt. On with the story, Twilight runs with the others and Spike tells her that he thought that she didn't believe in this stuff. Twilight says that she doesn't and she just wants to see the look on Pinkie Pie's face when it turns out nothing's wrong.

Scene 4

The ponies run to the bog.

Fluttershy is seen releasing the frogs but something seems to be lurking behind her.

The four are now walking. Pinkie shivers again. Spike asks Applejack what she thinks happened to Fluttershy. Applejack hopes nothing. Spike says he knows but what does Applejack think happened. Applejack says that she's trying not to think about it. Spike agrees but with a sad face, he says that he's still thinking about it anyways. Aw, how heartfelt. Oh, but wait, this emotional Spike moment is ruined again because he starts asking if Fluttershy exploded once or twice. Ugh. And to think I was starting to like the writing of this episode. Twilight asks them to stop and is sure Fluttershy is fine. Applejack hopes Twilight's right for Fluttershy's sake.

The four finally reach Froggy Bottom Bog and search for Fluttershy. Spike finds Fluttershy and does two awesome things. Gets a boost by standing Pinkie's head and then hugs Fluttershy. Oh yeah. Didn't Fluttershy join the group because of Spike?

Applejack and Pinkie are also relieved. Twilight tells them that it's no time to gloat but she told them so. Pinkie was shuddering about a doozy and the only doozy is how write Twilight is. Applejack tries to tell Twilight about something behind her that has smoke coming from it. Twilight goes onto saying that there's no point in believing anything you can't see for yourself. Spike asks Twilight to see what's behind her. Twilight is shocked to see that it's a Hydra.

Scene 5

The Hydra is about to attack. Everyone runs away except Pinkie, shocked to see this. Twilight then carries Pinkie with her mouth. You see? Twilight doesn't work as an antagonist. She just saved the pony she was arguing with the entire episode.

It attacks and Fluttershy apologises to one of the frogs.

Spike falls into the muddy water and Twilight shows a good guy side again by saving Spike. One of the Hydra's get stuck in mud, slowing them down. It looks as though the Hydra isn't the doozy as Pinkie is still shaking.

The five come across small rocks with big gaps that look hard to cross. The Hydra is catching up. Twilight suggests them go one at a time. Spike's not able to and asks Twilight if she can turn a Hydra into any small animals. Twilight can't. Luckily for Fluttershy, she remembers the lesson Pinkie Pie taught her in Dragonshy. To do a Hop, Skip and Jump. Nice. More continuity. I've seen so much bad things in this episode and all the good stuff has been ruined by something bad. Finally something perfect. Continuity. Twilight throws Spike over. Pinkie Pie is shaking and nearly falls over the cliff until Appplejack gets her. Twilight asks Pinkie and Applejack to go on as she'll distract the Hydra. Applejack, with PInkie's tail in her mouth, jumps along with her. Twilight wonders what a brave pony like Rainbow Dash would do. Twilight decides to charge towards the creatures. She charges between the two legs. This causes only three of the four Hydra heads to be able to fit between their own legs. One gets crushed. Twilight tries to jump over the rocks but one Hydra head charges towards her. She jumps but it successfully destroys all of the small rocks except the last three. One of the heads gets a bruise and roars. They charge towards Twilight and Twilight doesn't know what to do. Pinkie tells her that she'll have to jump. Twilight argues that she'll never make it but Pinkie argues that she needs to make a leap of faith. The Hydra gets closer and Twilight has no choice. One Hydra head charges at the rock that Twilight's on, causing it to fall. Twilight jumps from there but doesn't reach it. She falls but bounces off a bubble which bounces her off one rock, and then another and the edge of a cliff. In the end, she successfully makes it over and catches up with the others. The Hydra goes back. Wow. THIS is probably the best part of the episode. The action is amazing.

Pinkie tells Twilight that she knew she could do it. Twilight says it's a coincidence, dumb luck or something. Twilight points out that Pinkie said that there'd be a doozy at Froggy Bottom Bog and she thinks that they just had one heck of a doozy. Unfortunately, it turns out that Pinkie's still shaking and says that that wasn't it.The ponies are confused and Pinkie says that The Hydra wasn't the doozy. This causes Twilight to become so angry that she nearly evolves into the Pokemon Rapidash. Hey, I'm kind of starting to like this episode. In the end, Twilight gives up. Spike asks what she means. Twilight admits that she's not fighting Pinkie anymore. She tells Spike that she doesn't know how, why, or what, but Pinkie Sense somehow makes sense. She doesn't see how it does but it just does and just because she doesn't understand doesn't mean it's not true. What? What? What?! She believes Pinkie. The only smart character in this episode believes her. Pinkie asks Twilight if she believes. Twilight does. Pinkie discovers that this was the doozy and hops off. Ugh. No proof or evidence on Pinkie's part. How does she know what each part of her power means? Why didn't they make Twilight give up and stop fighting but still stand by her decision. They only show it on the perspective that one is right and the other wrong. Show both side. Show diversity. Not this garbage.


Spike is seen running through the library and we hear Twilight and Pinkie laughing. Twilight is glad that Spike is here. She asks him to write a letter. He's confused because Twilight has an umbrella on her head just like Pinkie. Twilight says that Pinkie's tail is twitching. What else can she do? Wow. I don't know. Maybe stand by your decision Twilight. In the letter, Twilight says that she learned that there are wonderful things in this world that you can't explain but that doesn't neccesarily make them any less true. It just means that you have to choose to believe in them and sometimes it just takes a friend to show you the way. What is with this moral? It sounds like they're saying "Believe everything you're told, don't have different views. If you do, a friend can convert you to." The worst part is when Twilight says that you just have to believe in the things. Or maybe Twilight, you can choose not to. It's an option. Now rewatching the episode, I can tell that I know that it's about open-mindedness but the moral is so poorly executed making this bad.

Scene 5 Part 2

We end on a high note though when Pinkie starts tail twitching. When Spike is about to write the letter, Princess Celestia falls through the sky, takes the letter and flies off.


Final Thoughts

Oh boy, do I hate this episode. Gravities off at the introduction, Pinkie somehow knows what each muscle movement means, the difference muscle orders and muscle movement is poorly explained, Pinkie and Twilight mirrors christianity and atheism, Pinkie says that Twilight doesn't believe because she doesn't understand, Twilight is poorly characterized as an antagonist, the difference between a scientist and a hunter is wrong, the unicorn horn doesn't hurt Spike, the touching Spike moment is ruined by his naivety, Twilight doesn't stand by her decision more rather, goes with Pinkie, there's no other perspective on belief between Twilight and Pinkie and the moral is poorly executed. Despite my major problems, I have some upsides. The slapstick is amazing, I liked Gummy, Spike stands on Pinkie Pie's head, The show's writers remembers about Spike and Fluttershy's friendship, There's continuity with Dragonshy, The Hydra fight scene is amazing and of course, Twilight Rapidash. Despite these great things though, the episode is pretty terrible.




-Spike on Pinkie's head

-Spike hugs Fluttershy

-Dragonshy Continuity

-Hydra fight scene

-Twilight Rapidash

-Celestia is a boss


-Gravity off at introduction

-Pinkie somehow knows what each movement means

-Difference between muscle movement and muscle orders

-Pinkie and Twilight mirror Christianity and Atheism

-Pinkie's line of Twilight not believing because she doesn't understand

-Twilight Sparkle is an antagonist

-Difference between Scientist and Hunter/Explorer

-Unicorn Horn doesn't hurt Spike

-Touching Spike moment is ruined

-Twilight doesn't stand by her decision

-No other perspective on belief between Twilight and Pinkie Pie

Elements of Episode

Characterization: D-

Entertainment: C-

Pacing: C

Introduction: C+

Humour: B+

Premise: D-

Story: F+

Moral: D

Final Score: F+

Tomorrow: Sonic Rainboom