We start the episode off with Rainbow Dash teaching Fluttershy her cheer. Fluttershy learns loss of control, screaming, hollering and pashion. Unfortunately, even with all these things, Fluttershy has a soft cheer. It's funny but it's also a:


Rainbow Dash makes Fluttershy try again but no luck from Fluttershy's cheer.


No luck from Fluttershy's cheer again.


Rainbow Dash screams for Fluttershy to be louder. Fluttershy holds back her breath and tries again but no luck.


Rainbow Dash falls to the floor with embarassment. Fluttershy asks if she was too loud.


Scene 1

Rainbow Dash is now practising and Fluttershy cheers for her again.


Rainbow Dash pulls off phase one of her routine by flying around bushes like they're an obstacle course. Phase two is using the speed from this to spin around clouds. Fluttershy has:


and softly says "Way to go."


After this, she uses the speed from the clouds to perform the thing she calls a sonic rainboom. She fails and flies away.

Rarity, Pinkie Pie and Applejack are at the library and Twilight thanks them alot for helping clean out her books. Twilight thanks them for helping. She says that it was a crazy weekend of studying. While saying this, Twilight gets:


Twilight and the other three turn out to have been cleaning out the library. Where's the dragon who basically has a complete expierence on cleaning out books? Never explained.

Anyways, Rainbow Dash bursts in and knocks down all the books along with all the others. Fluttershy comes in and says that Rainbow Dash rocks followed by woo-hooing.


Fluttershy sees the others on the ground and asks if her cheering did that.


Rainbow Dash apologises and says that that was a truly feeble performance. Fluttershy misunderstands this and complies that it wasn't all bad as she particularly liked it when RD made the clouds spin.


Rainbow Dash tells Fluttershy that she's not talking about her performance, she's talking about Fluttershy's. Twilight asks what the two are arguing about. Fluttershy asks if they were arguing and then apologises.


Rainbow Dash is slightly annoyed and tells the others that she wishes that they'd come to Cloudsdale to see her compete in The Best Young Flyers Competition. Twilight asks what this is. Pinkie tells her that it's when all the greatest pegasus flyers come to compete to show off their different flying styles. She compares fast ones and graceful ones but then falls over. Applejack tells Rainbow that she'd love to see her strut her stuff. Dash agrees and wishes that the four others could be there. Rainbow says that Fluttershy is good support but her cheering isn't exactly inspiration.

Rainbow Dash: Definitely The Element of Loyalty and not the Element of Honesty.

Pinkie comes out of the books and says that she'd love to see Dash perform a Sonic Rainboom as it's the most coolest thing ever, even though she hasn't ever seen it, but still thinks that it's a sonic rainboom and wonders how possibly not cool could it possibly not be. Twilight asks what a sonic rainboom even is. PInkie tells her that she really needs to get out more. She descries the sonic rainboom as legendary. When a pegasus like Rainbow Dash gets going so fast, a sonic boom and a rainbow can happen all at once. And while this is a good explanation, I don't see why Pinkie should've said of it. She's not even the focus. She doesn't appear too much yet Rainbow Dash is the focus and never explains. Why couldn't she be the one to explain. Or heck, even Fluttershy. Applejack then explains how Rainbow Dash was the only pony who ever pulled it off. Rainbow Dash says that it was just a long time ago and she was just a filly. They foreshadow events that happen in The Cutie Mark Chronicles. Nice writing. Pinkie asks Dash if she's gonna do it again. Dash hesitates for a moment and tells them that she could do Sonic Rainboom's in her sleep. Twilight tells her that if she does, she'll win the grand prize for sure. Rainbow Dash tells her that the prize is a whole day with The Wonderbolts. She thinks how great it would be to be around her hero's for a whole day and it'll be a dream come true. Fluttershy softly cheers yay again.


Rainbow glares at Fluttershy and tells the others that she's gonna rest up and doesn't want to overprepare herself and hesitantly laughs. RD angrily orders Fluttershy to keep practising as she'll need a cheering section to match her spectacular performance. Dash flies off.

Fluttershy tells the others that Rainbow has practised that move 100 times and has never come close to doing it. Fluttershy tells them that she doesn't think she can cheer loud enough to help her and flies off.

Twilight tells them that they better clean the library up again. Rarity pokes Twilight and asks her to go on. Twilight asks her what she means. Rarity asks Twilight to find a spell that'll get wingless ponies into Cloudsdale and asks them if they saw how nervous she was. Applejack questions Rarity as Rainbow Dash was boasting. Rarity questions Applejack and says how she put on enough fashion shows to regongise stage fright when she sees it. She announces that they have to find a way to be there for her. After this, she orders Twilight by butt slamming her. Twilight asks her how she can find a flight spell in this mess. Pinkie finds one immediately and throws it at Twilight and asks her to open page twenty-seven. Applejack asks Pinkie how she did that and Pinkie Pie says that it landed on ehr face when Rainbow Dash knocked her into the bookcase. The timing here is excellent. Twilight finds the spell and it makes a pony fly for three days. Twilight says that it looks really difficult and isn't sure if she can do it. Rarity asks her to try for Rainbow Dash. This scene really shows how generous Rarity is. Twilight asks who the test subject is going to be. Rarity volunteers and we get superb animation with Twilight performing the spell. Applejack and Pinkie look in awe and Twilight looks tired even saying how she thinks it worked.

Scene 2

Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy are flying into Cloudsdale and tells her that she has to work on her cheer, not hold back and be assertive.

When they reach their we see a load of pegasus ponies around. Great visuals here. After this, we are introduced to bullies Hoops, Dumb-Bell and Score. Hoops tells them that it's their old friend Rainbow Crash. Dumb-Bell then asks the big question about Rainbow Dash getting kicked out of anyflight schools. Rainbow tells them that she didn't get kicked out. Dumb-Bell asks her to face it as flight school and too many rules and not enough flight schools. Hoops asks him to ask her about the sonic rainboom. Dumb-Bell says that that's nothing but an old mare's tale and that Rainbow doesn't have the skills to try something like that. Wait, in The Cutie Mark Chronicles, Hoops saw her perform a sonic rainboom. Shouldn't atleast Hoops be praising her? Fluttershy angrily asks them to wait just a minute.


She apologises and says that she's trying to be assertive. She goes on to say that RD will perform the sonic rainboom, and they better be there.


Dumb-Bell counters by saying that she isn't because there's no such thing. Fluttershy asks furiously for them to go to the Cloudesseum and see for themself.


She asks if they're free. The three laugh, agree, call Rainbow Dash her nickname, and fly off. Fluttershy asks if she saw it and that she was so assertive.


Rainbow Dash is upset and says that those guys are right and that she'll never perform the sonic rainboom again. Fluttershy tries to cheer RD up by telling her that just because she tried the sonic rainboom 100,000 times in practise on her own, doesn't mean that she won't be able to do it in front of 1000's of impatient, super-critical, sports fan ponies. RD screams and worries that everypony's going to see her fail and The Wonderbolts will never let a loser like her join and that Princess Celestia will probably banish her to The Everfree Forest. Rainbow Dash finishes off by screamin that her life is ruined. You see, this shows that despite RD's behaviour at times, she's just as the same as everyone else. This episode truly shows off the narcissism and insecurity Rainbow Dash suffers from. Fluttershy says Rare? Rainbow Dash thinks she's talking about the sonic rainboom and informs her that the sonic rainboom is much more than rare. It turns out Fluttershy's referring to Rarity who has wings and is up in Cloudsdale, shocking Dash and Fluttershy. Rarity asks them why she's so shocked as they couldn't leave their best flyer without a big cheering section. Dash asks who she's talking about and it turns out to be the other three too. The animation for Rarity's wings is excellent by the way. Rainbow Dash can't believe it and says how cool it is. Pinkie jumps down. Dash yells at her to wait, but Pinkie is somehow standing on the clouds. Applejack and Twilight do the same. Rainbow asks them how they did that, as only pegasus ponies can walk on clouds. Twilight explains that she found a spell that temporary wings, but it was too difficult to do more than once. So then she found another spell that's easier that makes them able to walk on clouds. Applejack tells her that they came to cheer her to victory. Rainbow Dash is honest and tells them that she was getting just the teeniest tiniest bit nervous. Rainbow Dash doesn't say how nervous she really is because of her narcissism but is honest enough to say that she was atleast kind of nervous and on top of that, felt alot better that the others came.

Rainbow Dash: Definitely the Element of Loyalty and not the Element of Honesty.

Rainbow Dash gets an idea. She tells them that they have time before the competition. She decides for her and Fluttershy to show them around. All the ponies think that that's a great idea.

Scene 3

Five of the six ponies walk up and RD announces to them that here's the greatest city in the sky. The ponies are amazed by Cloudsdale. Keep in min, this is the first time, we even see Cloudsdale, so this is pretty amazing to us too. However, Rarity is too busy admiring her wings. Rainbow is confused but continues to announce and says how some of the greatest flyers came from Cloudsdale. Rarity flies over to them.

Rarity is flying past some cloud builders who stare at her, one even dropping his tool. THey compliment her wings, while staring at her as she flies by.


Rarity is flying around as Twilight asks her to be careful with the wings because they're made by gossimer and morning dew, not to mention incredibly delicate. Rarity then shows a slight change by saying that they can't be worn out by too much attention.

Applejack says that since thy're up in the clouds, she'd love to see where the weather's made. Rainbow Dash thinks of this as a great idea and the ponies go on their way to the weather factory.

There, Rainbow Dash shows them the place they're in is where snowflakes are made and as they can see, it's a delicate operation. Rarity flies up to some snowflakes and inform them that the snowflakes look better up there. Unfortunately, the flapping of her wings make the snowflakes fly around forcing the workers to try and catch them. RD suggests they move on before Rarity ruins Winter and causes a drought. heh, imagine if pony olife caused the end of a life to bring in their own. But I'll get to that soon.

Rainbow Dash finishes off by showing them where they make the rainbows in the rainbow factory.

  • insert fanfiction joke here*

Pinkie Pie tastes some but it's too spicy causing her to run off.

  • insert fanfiction joke here*

Twilight and Applejack laugh and Dash says that rainbows aren't really known for their flavour.

  • insert fanfiction joke here*

They overhear Hoops, Dumb-Bell and Score admiring Rarity's wings. Dumb-Bell admires them an d wishes he could have a pair. Rarity says to him that she could see about that, showing that she might've tried to make Twilight do the spell again. This puts Rarity in a bad light again. They see Rainbow Dash and Hoops and Dumb-Bell once again call her Rainbow Crash. Rainbow Dash is angry at Rarity and asks her why she's talking to these guys. Rarity tells her that they were just admiring her wings. After hearing, this, Dumb-Bell tells Rainbow Dash that she should get a new pair. Rainbow Dash shows how worried she is. Fluttershy sees this and tries to cheer her up by suggesting to Twilight and Applejack to see where clouds are made. They walk the way and Fluttershy asks Rainbow Dash not to listen to them and she'll win the competition for sure. Rainbow Dash doubts this and doesn't she'll perform the sonic rainboom with her dusty old wings. Twilight and Applejack look at eachother with worry.

Twilight, Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy reach the cloud factory. We see the best factory visuals with the clouds being made and one pony shown pouring water into a cloud machine. Rainbow Dash sees a load of ponies admiring Rarity's wings. Rarity even asks them to go on and photos are encouraged. Twilight, Applejack and Fluttershy angrily glare at her. They also see Rainbow now even worse.

Twilight walks over to Rarity and asks her to remember that they're supposed to be calming Rainbow Dash down. She asks her to put away her wings and stop showing off. Rarity asks her how can she put away perfection, showing off even more. She flies up to where the sun is and her wings create a sunny background, amazing many ponies, wondering in awe, except Applejack, who angrily looks at her. Seeing all this, Rarity performs her hilarious laugh, but wait, how did Pinkie get back there? She didn't know where to heal herself,so how did she come back so quick? Twilight sees Rainbow Dash on the ground and asks her if she's okay because she doesn't look so good. Rainbow Dash, with a worried face, replies with "Of course. Why wouldn't I be okay? Everyone's so in love with Rarity's wings that they won't notice when I totally blow it at The Best Young Flyers competition." Cloud Kicker thinks this is a great idea and Rarity should enter The Best Young Flyers competition. Next, we see an altered version of Granny Smith saying how she'd love to see rainbow fly all day. Rarity replies that there isn't antypony quite like herself with wings like her and maybe she should compete. Rainbow Dash is shocked. Rarity flies off along with her followers. Rainbow Dash worries about what she can do now, because now, she'll never win the competition now.


Just like Rainbow Dash in Dragonshy or Twilight in Feeling Pinkie Keen, Rarity is unfortunately, the next antagonised. After doing a generous act, she shows to be mean-spirited and isn't generous enough to calm Dash down. I don't mind her breaking her element. Trust me, none of the main characters are perfect, so this seems fine. Also, she could just get so caught up in competition that she forgot what's really important. She also doesn't really act out of character. But just like Twilight in Feeling Pinkie Keen, she has no reason to be antagonised in the first place. The show just treats both with antagonist themes.

Scene 4

The Cloudesseum opens and we see great animation, showing a load of pegasus ponies cheering.

After this, we see some pegasus ponies waiting for each of their performances to get underway. A pony knocks on a door to get into a possible bathroom and Rarity tells her that she's going to be a while, showing a hooficure.

Rainbow Dash looks through the curtain, she sees her friends but also sees her bullies.

An announcer appears and presents Princess Celestia, along with her Royal guards. But wait, like I said in my review of Swarm of the Century, where's Princess Luna? She seems like the one who loves big events, just like I said in my Fall Weather Friends review.

After this, the announcer presents The Wonderbolts. The six join together and create an amazing visual firework, amazing everypony. Rainbow Dash looks happy again, seeing her idol's.

The announcer then announces about the other competitors.

A pony competition organizer announces to Rainbowshine with a No. 1 tag that she's up. Dash sees a 2 tag on her and decides to switch with Doctor Whooves Rainbow has a 5.

Four is announced and Rainbow Dash switches with Parasol and is now 6. Rarity is 4 but asks the organizer to make somepony else go on. Understandably, the organizer just wants to do her job and doesn't care because somepony has to go on. Leeroy Wingkins decides to. Rainbow Dash seeing her 6, sees that she'll be one of the next two to go on and switches her 6 with Derpy Hooves who has a 15.

The four ponies are sitting in the audience. Twilight tells them that she loved Number 7 (Leeroy Wingkins), as doing fifteen barrel rolls in a row can't be easy. Fluttershy loved Number 10, who looked like such a nice pony. Unfortunately, Number 10 is never shown. I'd love to see someone find out who 10 is. Applejack wonders why they haven't seen Rainbow Dash or Rarity yet and is worried because the competition is nearly over.

Rainbow Dash and Rarity are the last two left. Rainbow Dash is cowering in a corner, worried about her performance. The organiser nudges her to go. Rarity finally comes out and to make matters worse, both have to perform together. Rainbow Dash then has her mental breakdown.

Both 4 and 15 come out. To make matters even more worse, the music that Rainbow Dash concentrates on, is switched by Rarity.

Rarity jumps around with her wings like a ballad performance. RD tries to concentrate on phase one by flying between cloud poles. It's working and the ponies are cheering. Unfortunately, before she can go between the last one, she crashes off it and crashes into a wall, causing Hoops to call her Rainbow Crash again.

Rarity continues her performance and Rainbow Dash tries phase two by flying around the clouds. It's working but a slight bit of a cloud hits her forcing a big cloud to nearly crash into Celestia, ruining her performance even more.

Rarity prepares her final performance: to fly up to the sun with her wings. Rainbow Dash meanwhile, tries to fly up to perform the sonic rainboom. Rarity flies up to the sun, but due to her second time up there, they evaporate, causing her to plummet to her death.

The Wonderbolts try to save her but she slaps them away. Rainbow Dash dashes down fast to try and save her. Fluttershy can't look.

Rainbow Dash flies down and successfully dashes fast performing the sonic rainboom. She saves not only The Wonderbolts, but Rarity. Saving her idols, her friend and basically performing a mare's tale even for the second time. She calls it The Best Day Ever! This scene is so amazing but I'll explain that at the end. One thing though to say is Fluttershy actually screams really loud in cheer to the sonic rainboom.


Scene 5

Rarity is safely inside a hot air balloon to help her. She apologises for her wrong actions about showing-off. The ponies forgive her. But she goes on to say that she's especially sorry to Rainbow Dash about ruining her chances after RD worked so hard. Rainbow Dash forgives her but wishes that she could've met The Wonderbolts when they were awake. Spitfire pokes her and RD fangasms about seeing her idols. Spitfire tells her that she's the pony who saved their lives and that they really wanted to meet her and say thanks. Rainbow Dash fangasms again. Princess Celestia comes along and the ponies bow in loyalty to her. She greets the six ponies. Rarity apologises for ruining the competition as Rainbow Dash really is the best flyer in Equestria. Princess Celestia knows this, and gives Rainbow Dash The Best Young Flyers award. Rainbow Dash is shocked tremendously as Applejack, Fluttershy and Pinkie carry Rainbow Dash.


Princess Celestia asks Twilight if she learnt anything. Twilight says that she did, but she thinks Rarity learnt even more. Rarity learns to keep your hooves on the ground and be there for your friends. This is a great moral and I'm glad it wasn't Twilight learning as she hardly was in the episode. My problem though is Rainbow Dash has the oppurtunity to send the lesson and is never asked to. What could've been the lesson? Simple. No matter how much stage fright you get, believe in yourself, concentrate and you may pull through. This was the lesson that was incorporated in the episode, yet, they don't really explain about it. Rarity's moral is only a subplot moral. Why not have two morals like in Suited For Success? Rainbow Dash even comes back so why not make her learn right there?

Scene 5 Part 2

Rainbow Dash confirms that this is The Best Day Ever. Score gets his first line and congratulates her on winning. Hoops says that the Sonic Rainboom was awesome. Score apologises for the way they treated her and asks if she could hang out. Rainbow Dash declines the offer with the line of "Sorry boys, but I've got plans," while putting her arms around two Wonderbolts.


Final Thoughts

This episode was amazing. My thoughts on the Sonic Rainboom is that the build up was awesome, the animation for the rainboom was awesome, the way Rainbow Dash does it is awesome. This is easily my favourite part of the episode. Fluttershy has adorable cheering, the Applejack and Pinkie moment is well paced, the foreshadowing events to The Cutie Mark Chronicles is great foreshadowing, the visuals and animation is amazing, Twilight doesn't do the moral for once, The biggest positive besides the Sonic Rainboom though is Rainbow Dash. She is shown to be a much more relateble character and her situation is understandable. Fluttershy too is a unique character. She shows morale support for Rainbow Dash and tries her best efforts. My problems though are that none of the bullies remember that RD did a sonic rainboom, Rarity is antagonised, Luna is not there, the moral has a few problems, I really also would've liked if they shown who the Number 10 pony was. But another problem is that Spike never appears. He had oppertunities other than at the beginning. At the end, Rarity was in a hot air balloon. What if Spike was in it, throughout the episode? I would've loved to have seen his reaction to Rarity's wings.


-Awesome Sonic Rainboom

-Fluttershy cuteness overload fourteen times

-Fluttershy's a boss

-Twilight derp eyes

-Fluttershy derp eyes

-Applejack and Pinkie moment

-Cutie Mark Chronicles foreshadowing

-Twilight doesn't do the moral for once

-Rainbow Dash incredibly characterized

-Fluttershy incredibly characterized


-Bullies don't remember previous sonic rainboom

-Rarity antagonized

-No No. 10 pony

-Big Event = No Luna

-Rarity Wings =No Spike

Elements of Episode

Characterization: B

Entertainment: A-

Pacing: A

Introduction: A+

Humour: A+

Premise: B+

Story: A-

Moral: B-

Final Score: A-

Tomorrow: Stare Master