We start off at Carousel Boutique where Rarity is trying to design something. Sweetie Belle is there and tries to ask for help. This episode reveals that Sweetie Belle is Rarity's younger sister. Great reveal after we just got to know this character. Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo were under a desk in Sugarcube Corner so I guess we know here Sweetie Belle's family. Nothing much about Scootaloo though. Rarity asks Sweetie Belle to just stand there to be out of the way. Rarity's looking for a ribbon but can't find it. Sweetie Belle tries to reach it, but accidentaly knocks the ribbon into a model which knocks that onto a table of yarn, which flies them into Rarity's designs, destroying just about everything in Rarity's workplace. Sweetie Belle decides to stand out of the way. This situation is very realistic and you really sympathise with both Rarity and Sweetie Belle. Sweetie Belle just wants to help out with Rarity and be a nice sister but she can cause many misakes because she's young and still learning. You sympatise with Rarity because she tries her business as best she can and isn't really trying to be hurtful to Sweetie Belle. She is just worried. You sympathise her again when all of her work is knocked over. So very real life situation here. I assume that Rarity's in a rush because of her work with Hoity Toity. That would probably explain her absence in Feeling Pinkie Keen.

Scene 1

Rarity is gathering her supplies and Sweetie Belle asks if she can atleast help clean up. Rarity declines the offer. Sweetie Belle apologises and says that she was trying to help so she could finally earn her cutie mark. Rarity says that she understands but needs her time to fill the order without any complications. This is a great sister relationship. Rarity tries her best not to hurt Sweetie Belle but really has no choice. You can tell that both care about eachother just don't get to show it between one another at this point in the series.

Rarity is frustrated when she hears someone ring her doorbell. It turns out to be Fluttershy who apologises because she said that she thought the open sign meant open but she'll leave if Rarity's busy. Rarity asks Fluttershy to forgive her as she was so wrapped up in her work that she forgot Fluttershy was bringing Opalescence back from her grooming. Fluttershy replies with that it's no worries and that she left Opal in the basket. Opalescence comes out and Rarity and Sweetie Belle see that Fluttershy did a great job. Opalescence warms up to Fluttershy and Rarity says that she doesn't know how Fluttershy can do it because she can't get near Opal without getting a swipe. Opalescence responds by scaring Rarity off with a swipe. Rarity asks Fluttershy if she used "The Stare." Fluttershy says that she didn't as her stare comes and go's and she can't control it, when it happens it happens. Oh a supernatural power that actually makes sense. Fluttershy says that she didn't need the stare as she's just good with animals because it's her speciality. Rarity responds by saying how Fluttershy should have a picture of Opal instead of those butterflies for a cutie mark. Sweetie Belle starts to think that maybe she's good with animals herself. It turns out she isn't.

Rarity apologises when she says to Fluttershy that she can't let her stay and chat because she's been biting off more than she can chew with the order. Sweetie Belle takes this seriously but Rarity tells her that it's an expression and it means she's done more work than she can handle because her order is due in Trottingham tomorrow morning. Hmm, Hoity Toity talks with a stereotypical British accent so yeah, probably him. Rarity holds out a yellow design. Fluttershy loves it. Rarity informs her that she lined them in a special gold silk. Fluttershy wonders how she'll get the 20 done by tomorrow. Sweetie Belle asks to help but decides to stand in a corner again. Rarity thinks she'll manage. Fluttershy decides to get out of Rarity's mane so that she can work.

Suddenly Apple Bloom and Scootaloo burst in greeting Fluttershy and Rarity along the way. Sweetie Belle is overjoyed to see her best friends. The Cutie Mark Crusaders are planning their new meeting. Unfortunately, they say it incredibly loudly. They seem to be happy to be trying to find their special talent at the sleepover at Rarity's. Sweetie Belle even creates something for each of the crusaders to wear. Apple Bloom and Scootaloo are impressed. Fluttershy asks what it means and they yell how it's The Cutie Mark Crusaders. Wait, wasn't it a secret club? They even explain what it means.

Sweetie Belle reveals that she lined the outfits in a special silk which turns out to be Rarity's. Rarity is angry at Sweetie Belle for taking the silk. Rarity realises that she'll have to start the silk all over again which will take all night, forcing her to have to cancel the crusaders sleepover, saddening the CMC.

Fluttershy volunteers to babysit them. The CMC happily look at Rarity. Rarity tells Fluttershy that she couldn't ask her to do that. The CMC happily look at Fluttershy. Fluttershy tells her that it's no problem atal. They look at Rarity. She asks Fluttershy if she met her sister and her friends and tells her that a problem is all it would be. The CMC look at Fluttershy. Fluttershy asks if she had a problem taking care of Opal. She tells Rarity that she saw how well she handled small creatures. The CMC happily look at Rarity. Rarity supposes this is true as she does have alot of work to do. Fluttershy tells her that it'll be fun. Rarity assures Fluttershy that they're a handful. Fluttershy asks if she means "these sweet little angels" looking at the CMC. THe CMC have halos on their heads. Rarity reluctantly agrees and the CMC's loudly announce in Carousel Boutique about the sleepover at Fluttershy's cottage followed with a yay from them as they run off.


Hearing them say yay, Fluttershy thinks that they're so cute even saying it, followed by flapping her wings happily after them.


Rarity is worried.

Scene 2

The CMC are running off and Fluttershy imagines all the stereotypical things in the original MLP.

The CMC run too fast for Fluttershy, knocking over Twilight along the way, who sees them by a well. Twilight and Fluttershy see and greet eachother. Fluttershy asks where Twilight's off to and Twilight responds with that she's going off to The Everfree Forest to get some of Zecora's tea, which is her favourite. Fluttershy asks she be careful in The Everfree Forest and Twilight agrees. Twilight asks what Fluttershy's doing with the girls. Fluttershy tells her that Rarity's filling her big order tonight so she's decided to take them to her cottage for a sleepover. Twilight thinks it sounds like everypony has their hooves full today. Twilight asks if Fluttershy's able to take care of those fillies all by her self, but Fluttershy calls them angels again with halo's over their head.

Inside Fluttershy's cottage, the CMC are messing up and are all planning to get their cutie mark. Fluttershy tries her best to calm them down. Fluttershy asks if they want to play a game and Scootaloo announces that they're the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Apple Bloom announces that they want to crusade for their cutie mark. Sweetie Belle announces by agreeing with Apple Bloom and Scootaloo. Fluttershy's not sure and proposes a quiet tea party but Scootaloo announces that they should explore in The Everfree Forest. Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle agree. Fluttershy stops them however, because The Everfree Forest is too dangerous because it's filled with strange creatures. Sweetie Belle suggests Fluttershy go with them and the CMC could be creature catchers, they announce and yell this in Fluttershy's ear. Okay, that's not really cute anymore. Infact, it's becoming a little annoying.

Apple Bloom and Scootaloo roleplay as a scary creature and Sweetie Belle roleplay's as the hero. Fluttershy tries to stop them but no luck. The CMC accidentaly break a table. This shouldn't be a problem for the filly who's special talent is building. So, Apple Bloom, do your stuff. Well first, I guess they should apologise to Fluttershy. They do. Fluttershy forgives them but in no time atal they become carpenters. Fluttershy is shocked. Don't worry Fluttershy. Apple Bloom will solve the problem. After all, she made a whole workshop in The Show Stoppers. So they work, and don't even make a table. For goodness sake, that's Appel Bloom's special talent. Why did Scootaloo say that the CMC definitely aren't carpenters? If that's the case, why is Apple Bloom good a building?

Fluttershy decides to play a game with them. Apple Bloom asks what game and Fluttershy says that it's called Shh... . The CMC ask what this means and Fluttershy informs them that it means whoever can be quiet the longest wins. Fluttershy calls herself the world champion and bets she can't beat her, followed with a squee.


Fluttershy holds her breath and her cheeks swell up adorabely.


The CMC grow bored of the game and decide to be coal miners. Flutershy can't take this and yells no! angrily, upsetting the CMC. Fluttershy tries to cheer them up by saying that it's time for beda nd asks if they want to get all toasty and warmy in their snuggly-wuggly beds. Apple Bloom repsonds with how any child would respond if they heard this, by questioning the word snuggly-wuggly. Apple Bloom also thinks that they have more crusading to do and Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo agree. Fluttershy on the other hand, thinks that they can do this in the morning when it's not so dark.

Scene 3

Apple Bloom asks how they're gonna find their special talent in their sleep. Fluttershy answers her question by saying that they may have a lovely dream about their special talent. Scootaloo questions this because they're not even tired.


Fluttershy suggests a lullaby to them. The CMC agree. And so we get our song Hush Now, Quiet Now. It starts off with a beautiful Fluttershy singing melody


but is taken over when Sweetie Belle says she knows this song, sings with Fluttershy but sings louder with a cool singing background. This shows what Sweetie Belle's special talent is - singing. Not ot mention the song being catchy.

Scene 3 Part 2

Unfortunately, Sweetie Belle's song releases chickens and the CMC go out the window to stop them. Fluttershy meanwhile, is picking up the stuff that Sweetie Belle knocked and sees out the window the crusaders. Apple Bloom informs Fluttershy that her chickens are on the loose. Sweetie Belle wonders what could've caused that as Apple Bloom and Scootaloo glare at her. Quite funny. Scootaloo asks Fluttershy not to herd her as the CMC will handle this. Sweetie Belle announces about the CMC being chicken herders followed by the agreements of Apple Bloom and Scootaloo. This is quite possibly the most underrated joke in My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. Just the timing is perfect. Fluttershy tries to stop the CMC but they're not listening, forcing her to order them to stop, shocking them. Fluttershy tries to put the chickens in their pens nicely. A kind gesture. Unfortunately, the chickens aren't listening, causing Fluttershy to use "the stare" on them.


Fluttershy asks the CMC get into bed. They agree reluctantly.

Fluttershy asks that the CMC stay in bed. The girls promise and say goodnight, although Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo's voices are switched. They become switched again when Sweetie Belle asks what they do. Kind of an intentional goof there. Apple Bloom responds with that they can't do much crusading in the cottage unless they become cottage cleaners. Sweetie Belle declines. Apple Bloom looks out the window and informs them that they have to think of something because they can't waste the whole time wondering what their special talents are. Next, the CMC see that a chicken escapes and decide to sneak out of Fluttershy's. Okay, so I assume that they'll go through the window like last time right? No, they do it the hard way by sneaking past Fluttershy out the door. But then again, we wouldn't get the part of Fluttershy talking to her chair.

And so the crusaders run off, Scootaloo unfortunately tearing off a bit of her outfit.

Fluttershy tells her chair that she thinks everythings quiet but thinks it's too quiet. She discovers that only one of her chickens, Elizabeak is gone, and the CMC are gone to The Everfree Forest.

Scene 4

Fluttershy thinks that the girls have gotten into too much trouble this time. She also thinks that they bit off more that they can chew and she never should have volunteered to watch them because she's just as bad and against her fears, she goes after them.

The CMC are in the forest and Apple Bloom is calling for the chicken. Scootaloo is confused and Apple Bloom tells her what she's doing. Scootaloo tells her that she knows that that's not how you call a chicken. Apple Bloom doesn't think Scootaloo knows either, calling her a chicken. This is the part that makes fan's make fun of Scootaloo alot, calling her a chicken, and relating her to chickens, how her family may be chickens. Look, maybe her family is, but this joke isn't funny anymore. My problem here is that Apple Bloom and Scootaloo are fighting. For reasons I'll get to later. Sweetie Belle ask that they stop arguing because it won't help them find the chicken or their special talent. Apple Bloom thinks that that must be their special talent. Oh, of course it is. Turning against your friends and becoming mean towards them is a talent.

Fluttershy meanwhile, is steadily trying to look for the girls, letting out a small shriek.


Fluttershy steps on a stick, scaring her and knocking her against a tree. She gets scared and runs off shrieking adorabely.


Fluttershy sees a figure in front of her that looks like Twilight. She runs towards it. She's happy to see one of her friends, but when mist from the moonlight clears, it turns out Twilight's been turned to stone. Fluttershy knows what this means and runs after the girls. This is suspenseful. First time watching this episode, I was wondering in awe about how they got this on TV. It's slightly creepy the first time watching it.

Scene 5

Apple Bloom and Scootaloo continue to argue but Sweetie Belle tells them that that's not their special talent and asks what an arguing cutie mark would even look like. Fluttershy finally finds them and tries to make them come back home. Sweetie Belle asks about the chicken but Fluttershy replies with that there's no time for that because there's a Cockatrice on the loose. Apple Bloom asks what that is. Fluttershy tells them it's a frightening creature with the head of a chicken and a body of a snake. She asks they leave, but they continue on because the idea of a Cockatrice sounds silly. Apple Bloom even says that if she ever saw one face to face, she'd laugh at how silly it was. Fluttershy warns them not to look one in the eye but they're too focused on Elizabeak and go after her. They see her in a bush but in another one another chicken. before you can recover from the suspense with Twilight, we see The Cockatrice who immediately turns Elizabeak to stone and goes after the CMC. The CMC see Twilight in stone, scaring them even more. They scream in terror and Fluttershy tries her best to help them. The Cockatrice comes out of the bushes. Fluttershy looks away and yells at the CMC to get behind her. The Cockatrice approaches and Fluttershy covers her eyes. Fluttershy sees the CMC cowering in terror and Fluttershy is conflicted and forced to resort to her stare. She stares the Cockatrice down and demands he turn Elizabeak and Twilight back to normal and don't ever let her catch it doing this again. She even escapes from stone and beats the Cockatrices stare.


Fluttershy asks if the girls are okay because of how worried she was. The CMC say that they're fine and praise Fluttershy tremendously. They also apologise for their behaviour and promise to follow all of Fluttershy's orders. Then as a joke, Fluttershy threatens with her stare. Twilight comes back to normal and so does Elizabeak, as the Cockatrice runs off as you can see, it's tail.


At Fluttershy's cottage, Fluttershy tells Twilight the whole Cockatrice story and Twilight learns iin the end that she was wrong about Fluttershy. She shown that she could really take care of those kids. Which loosely translates to "your friends may be good at two things, one beig something that you don't expect."

Moral #2

Fluttershy doesn't go this far and tells Twilight that she thought that she'd be just as good with kids as she was with animals, but she was wrong so in the end, Fluttershy learns not to bite off more than you can chew.

Scene 5 Part 2

Twilight writes the letter but says that Fluttershy and Rarity alike learnt this. Rarity comes to the cottage. Twilight greets her and Fluttershy asks if Rarity made those capes. Rarity takes a breath of fresh air saying she just delivered them. Rarity tells Fluttershy that if she didn't come along, she never would've and thanks Fluttershy sincerely. She says she'd love to, but wants to clean up first. She rounds up the crusaders, but they aren't listening, until Fluttershy asks them to go and they do. Rarity is shocked and asks how Fluttershy did this. Fluttershy winks at Twilight and tells Rarity that she guesses she's just as good with kids as she is with animals. Rarity, in the end, asks for Fluttershy's help with Opal. Fluttershy decides to later but Rarity wants to now as Opal's attached to Rarity - and not in the good way.


So, the antagonist. What I thought of it? Actually, a really good villian. It creates suspense towards the end, I love it's design and it's powers are incredible.

Final Thoughts

How is this episode? Well, first thing to say, I loved the second half alot more than the first. My issues rely on how the CMC get annoying with their cheers in the first half, atleast until Sweetie Belle yells it on her own. Apple Bloom also somehow not able to fix the table is bad too. But the worst part of the episode is how for their first episode together, the CMC fight with eachother. However, these are mostly small and there's really good things like the real life sibling stuff with Rarity and Sweetie Belle, the song is amazing, Twilight in stone is suspenseful, The Cockatrice is suspenseful and Fluttershy once again delivers utter pwnage. Once again, I'm glad that they pulled out two morals aswell. Unfortunately though, another problem I have is that aside from some witty lines put into them, for their first episode, for the most part, they're slightly annoying. Otherwise a solid episode.


-Reletable Sweetie Belle and Rarity relationship

-Amazing Fluttershy/Sweetie Belle song

-Suspense with Twilight Statue

-Suspense with Cockatrice

-Fluttershy cuteness overload seven times

-CMC cuteness overload

-Fluttershy's a boss twice


-Annoying CMC cheer

-Apple Bloom is somehow not able to fix a table

-First CMC Episode = Fighting

Elements of Episode

Characterization: B

Entertainment: B+

Pacing: A-

Introduction: A

Humour: B+

Premise: A-

Story: A-

Moral: B+

Second Moral: A

Final Score: B+

Tomorrow: The Show Stoppers