So our episode begins with Rarity putting gems on a dress form. After this, she hears someone come in. It turns out to be Sapphire Shores - The Pony of Pop. Shen knows who Rarity is much to Rarity's delight. Rarity asks Ms. Shores how she can help her. And Ms. Shores replies by saying that she can call her Sapphire, delighting Rarity even more as she repeated her question. Sapphire tells Rarity that she'll be touring all of Equestria with her latest concert, Sapphire Shores' Zigfilly Follies and that she needs to look seeensational. Rarity shows her dress form idea and adds on that she used every last diamond she found on one garment. Sapphire loves it and decides to take it. This delights Rarity but Sapphire ask that fivre more be made, each done up in a different jewel. Rarity sees that she's out of gems to use and faints, making Sapphire think that she has that effect on ponies.

Scene 1

Rarity is seen using her magic to search for gems but Spike is seen helping her by wheeling the cart to put the gems in. He compliments about how gorgeous and talented Sapphire Shores is and can't believe Rarity met her. Rarity gives a look of disdain and Spike thinks she's jealous by saying how Sapphire's not nearly as gorgeous and talented as Rarity but Rarity tells him that a lady is never jealous but Spike asks her if she flipped out from seeing Sapphire Shores and Rarity tells him that ladies do not flip out but she was quite in awe.

Rarity finds some gems in the ground using her magic and it turns out Spike is the one digging for her. He's about to eat them but Rarity asks he keep in mind that she promised to give him a few gems when he finds some but she also needs to find some for Sapphire. They look on for more jewels.

They are seen finding another set of jewels that Spike nearly eats but with the help of Rarity, controls himself. They find more and Spike is able to use his tail as a builder the last two times and I have to say, Spike using his tail like a builder is awesome.

After digging many gems for Rarity, she gives him a blue one arousing Spike as this may be one of the most happiest moments of his life. Rarity gets her magic to take her someplace else and Spike follows, happy as ever.

Spike is walking with the cart of gems and we see someone looking through the bushes, who sounds like... Gollum from Lord of the Rings? Props to you Faust. The creature plans to get Spike as a gem hunter but overhears Rarity and sees that she's the one who finds the gems. It also turns out that there's possibly two with it.

Rarity tells Spike that she's that they're done and should go back when suddenly, her horn starts glowing very brightly and runs towards wherever it takes her. It turns out however, to be a dog with gem collars on him. He slowly walks towards her and Rarity introduces herself and Spike and asks who he is. He responds with that he's a diamond dog. Rarity nervously tells him as he approaches her that that explains his fine taste in jewellery and hesitates but says that she knows that diamonds are a girls best friend and now it turns out that they're a dogs best friend too. She asks if he's hunting and he tells her that they hunt. Rarity asks who else he means and he says that they hunt for gems but today they're hunting for Rarity. Suddenly two dogs come out and try to get Rarity but Spike fights them off making Rarity geta quick getaway. He shows how powerful he is. If only I saw Spike in more fights. I just hope he's in Fighting is Magic. Unfortunately, one of the dogs catch Rarity and they bring her down their hole. Spike dramatically lets out a zoomed out NO! We see for the first time, the Diamond Dogs.

Scene 2

The other five ponies are running with Spike on Twilight's back, breathing through a paper bag. Twilight asks Spike if he can breathe and Spike confirms that he can and Twilight asks him to say everything he knows. Rainbow Dash reminds him of what he said earlier as we cut to a flashback of Spike running to the others saying "Aah! Rarity...woods...jewels...dogs...taken... Save her!" Another great part with timing. Applejack tells him that they don't have much to go on there. Spike apologises and explains about what happened to Rarity and that the dogs went down a hole in the ground. Applejack finds this easy and asks Spike he take them to the hole. Unfortunately, there's alot of holeys, according to Pinkie Pie. Twilight asks the others to get started. Unfortunately, each hole get's filled up for none of them to go down. Not even Rainbow Dash's speed is enough. Applejack tells them that Rarity wouldn't touch mud unless it's imported. The ponies imagine Rarity bumping into a load of mud. Applejack believes that they need to save her but Fluttershy ask that they remember that all the holes are blocked up. Applejack has the idea to dig the dirt up and the others follow her plan. Unfortunately, two of the diamond dogs keep blocking and dropping all of them. They imagine the Diamond Dogs being harsh to Rarity.Next, Spike gets an idea to use the gem Rarity gave him as bait for the diamond dogs. Twilight quietly tells him how sweet it is about what he's doing. Spike imagines him being a hero to a damsel in disstress like Rarity and saves her. he imagines nearly kissing her, but instead nearly does it to Applejack in reality. Spike gets a bite and Applejack holds on to him so he doesn't fall down the hole. Twilight holds on to Applejack but then Rainbow Dash holds on to Twilight following with Fluttershy holding on to Rainbow Dash and finally, Pinkie Pie just jumps down with them as they all fall. They get inside the hole and now Spike tells them that now, they need to go through the tunnel. Unfortunately, there's a load of tunnels making Spike scream another long NO!

Scene 3

They wonder which tunnel go through but Spike beleives that the Diamond Dogs probably brought Rarity to the tunnel with the most gems but Twilight tells him that Rarity's the only one who can find gems but Spike tells her that she probably knows the spell and Twilight remembers that Rarity shown her how to use the spell. Twilight finds the tunnel witht he most gems and they run through that tunnel.

Meanwhile, The Diamond Dogs are keeping Rarity hostage and Rarity asks them to let her go. But the smallest dog, Spot declines and the biggest, Fido tells her that she's their precious little pony and the leader, Rover finishes off with forever. Rarity asks what they want from her. They ask her that they want gems. Rarity happily takes the offer and finds gems for them. Guards hold out spears at her and Rover ask she dig them up. Rarity is confused as they told her to find the gems. Spot adds on that she needs to dig and Fido agrees. Rarity slowly digs, annoying the diamond dogs and Fido asks her what she's doing. Rarity tells them that she's not chipping a hoof if they dislike her style of digging. She continues her personal way of digging and Rover decides to just let the dogs dig. Fido and Spot grab reigns and a cart for Rarity to pull and slowly walk towards Rarity, trapping her. They put on the cart and reigns and Rarity complains about their terrible nail care, which looks a little too detailed up close. Rover demands she be quiet but Rarity smells something awful, referring to his breath and Rover asks what she means as his breath drags into her and Rarity responds by saying "Ah, mystery solved, it's your breath."


Rover can't take this and orders Rarity to search. Rarity complains about the whole place while searching for the gems with ease.


Spot can't take her anymore and orders her to be quiet, calling her what they called her evers ince she came down, pony. Rarity tells them that that's another thing. That she would appreciate it if they'd stop calling her pony, as she is a lady and wishes to be addressed as such and asks they call her Ms., or Rarity, or Ms. Rarity. Rover demands she be quiet as her whining hurts but Rarity tells him she's not whining, she's complaining, and then demonstrates what whining is, annoying them even more. They ask that they'll do anything if she stops, giving Rarity a plan of what she wants.

Scene 4

Rarity is now a goddess amongst the Diamond Dogs as Rover, Fido and Spot wheel her carts for her. Rover asks why they're doing this and Spot tells him that it's to stop the ponies awful noises and impersonates Rarity, annoying Rover. Rover knows this but thinks it's bad if a ponies ordering them around and the dogs decide to put Rarity back as their slave, even if she makes noises. She tries whining but Rover doesn't care and thinks that she can make the noises if she wants but movew hile she makes them. He makes a big mistake though, when he calls her a mule. She becomes insulted because mules are ugly and he called her ugly. The three dogs try to cheer her up but she thinks that they're only saying all those nice things and never liked this. Rover has enough.

Scene 5

The ponies are now getting closer. Guard Diamond Dogs go on their back and Applejacka sks them to buck these dogs up. The dogs are thrown and Spike grabs a straight thin rock and uses it as a sword and uses Twilight as a battle horse. Twilight declines but Spike asks her to just give him this. Twilight reluctantly agrees and turns Spike into a spartan. The six break through the wooden bars. Spike announces that he's here to save Rarity but the Diamond Dogs come and ask them to save them as they just can't put up with Rarity. Spike sees she's okay and hugs her. She greets them and tells them that they're just in time to assist her with those. Applejack asks what she means and Rarity points to carts of gems. Spike asks The Diamond Dogs if they're letting them take the gems and The Diamond Dogs agree but ask that they take Rarity aswell.


The ponies are coming out and Pinkie Pie can't believe Rarity got all of those gems and Rainbow Dash can't believe that she tricked all those dogs. Rarity replies with one of her best lines. "Just because I'm a lady, doesn't mean I can't handle myself in a sticky situation, I had them wrapped around my hoof the entire them."


Unfortunately, while this gives us a better likeability for Rarity, it can show something else. Rarity may have a side of manipulating others to get what she wants. Are they saying that that's how she takes on enemies? In the end, Twilight learns that just because somepony is ladylike, doesn't make her weak. Infact, by using her wits, a seemingly defensive pony can be the one who outshines them all.

Scene 5 Part 2

Spike tells Rarity that now she has enough gems to cover Sapphire Shores' costume. He says this while he eats the gem and Rarity tells him that she won't if he eats them all and they all walk off laughing.

The Diamond Dogs

I loved these villians. They were the incompetent type that could easily be thwarted. I could've complained about how to get their huge plan of gem hunting, they should of gotten Spike aswell, but that's silly. These three are idiots. They act mighty over the seven but are thwarted. The best part is that they sound like Gollum. Unfortunately, a problem I had is that it's never explained why these three even want the gems.

Final Thoughts

Okay, let me say that this was a fantastic episode. It's another one of those adventure type storylines in the show. The Rarity/Spike relationship is further developed, Spike as a builder is awesome, Spike's daydream is awesome, Spike using Twilight as a steed is awesome, the first 10 seconds is a Legend of Zelda reference, the timing with the jokes is perfect and I really loved how they got rid of what we thought was going to happen. You know, Rarirty gets kidnapped, they save her, the end? Yeah, they didn't do that. Frankly i'm impressed that it shown that Rarity isn't a damsel in disstress. But unfortunately, I slightly dislike how they shown it. Trust me, I loved how Rarity fighted off by herself, and I liked what she did. But the way it's shown her kind of looks like Rarity manipulates others to get what she wants. So what, that's the only way she fights for herself. She can do more than that. Trust me, Rarity's my favourtite and this episode really makes her shine. There's just a badder way to look at it as if Rarity is manipulative. But I'll go more into that in the other episode where she's manipulative. And like I said, we never really see why The Diamond Dogs even like gems. Unlike actual mythological monsters in the show, like The Hydra or The Cockatrice, The Diamond Dogs have no history outside of the show.


-Further Development of Rarity/Spike relationship

-Rarity fights for herself

-Awesome Villians

-Rarity is a boss

-Spike as a builder

-Spike daydream

-Twilight as a noble steed

-Legend of Zelda reference

-Jokes have perfect timing

-Unpredictable Twist


-Rarity uses manipulation to get what she wants

-No explanation of why Diamond Dogs like gems

Elements of Episode

Characteristics: B+

Entertainment: A-

Pacing: B

Introduction: A

Humour: A+

Premise: A-

Story: A

Moral: B+

Final Score: A-

Tomorrow: Green Isn't Your Color