We start off with Fluttershy at a spa, when suddenly Rarity comes in, apologising for being late for their weekly get together today. She asks one of the Spa ponies to give the usual as she rushes off.

Rarity tells Fluttershy that she'll never believe what happened to her. Fluttershy asks if everything's alright. Rarity confirms that it's much more than alright. She was on her way, wearing her latest hat creation, when suddenly a pony named Photo Finish saw her. Fluttershy asks who that is and in the next shot, we see both wearing mud masks, showing a transition of Rarity getting a full one and Fluttershy getting a slight one. Rarity tells her that she's the most famous fashion photographer in all of Equestria. She goes on to say that Photo Finish saw her hat and called it absolutely marvellous. She was so impressed that she wants to go to her shop to search through her clothes. Pillows are put under Rarity and a hooficure is on her horn. One spa pony is about to give Fluttershy one but Fluttershy declines squeeing.


Rarity is getting a big massage saying how great it is for her while Fluttershy is getting a small one saying how happy she is for Rarity. Rarity is dressed up as she walks into mud while Fluttershy is just in there. Rarity describes how she's gonna need a pony to model for her. A pony with beauty and grace and asks Fluttershy if she could do it.

Both are now in a bath and Fluttershy isn't sure. Rarity tells her that it would mean so much to her. Fluttershy is flattered but still declines. Rarity begs Fluttershy for the offer. Fluttershy, considering how important it could be to Rarity, takes the offer reluctantly. Rarity thanks her tremendously, also hinting that Fluttershy's her best friend. Fluttershy is happy about going to the spa and Rarity agrees and says how she was worried Fluttershy wasn't going to model for her. Rarity thinks that she may have a pimple coming on and takes the spa again. Okay, introductions for the show are usually 1 minute and 30 seconds. This goes on for 2 minutes. So yeah, this introduction does drag on a little. The problem is that Rarity gives off to much description. If she didn't this would be less time. Another problem I have is that it changes location every two sentences. Do both not even talk to eachother on their way to the next part? On the bright side, it shows that while Rarity and Fluttershy are different from eachother, they appear to both be eachother's best friend.

Scene 1

An outfit is being tried on for Fluttershy. Rarity asks for more light as Twilight Sparkle uses it with her horn. Rarity asks for more feathers for the outfit from Pinkie Pie. She asks for more sequence as Spike runs over to put it on to impress Rarity. She asks for more bows and Spike does so, again, trying to impress her. She asks for less and Spike does so. She asks for more and Spike does so. She informs that the hem is off and asks for more pins. Spike has them stuck to his spine as he rushes over with them, happily looking up at Rarity. She asks he move back and he does. Twilight asks if that hurts and Spike tells her that he's okay, because of thick scales and even if he did feel something, it wouldn't stop him from assisting what he calls the most beautiful creature in the world, describing Rarity. Twilight takes a sigh about the way Spike's approaching this. Spike says to Twilight and Pinkie Pie that he has a secret to tell if they promise not to tell anyone. Twilight casually promises but Pinkie Pie on the other hand, does a swear saying "Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye." Spike tells them that he has a crush on Rarity. Twilight just stands there with annoyance about how clueless Spike is here, whereas Pinkie Pie becomes incredibly shocked and vows that they won't say a word. Twilight is about to say how everypony already knows this but is interrupted by Pinkie Pie who asks her to remember that you wouldn't say anything and Spike trusts her and losing a friend's trust is the fastest way to losing a friend forever. Twilight is about to again say about how everypony already knows about this but is once again interrrupted by Pinkie Pie who yells "FOREVER!" Twilight tells him that her lips are sealed, though Rarity will probably pick up on his feelings as it shows Spike wearing a Rarity t-shirt.

Suddenly, Photo Finish announces how she has arrived. Rarity is about to fangirl over her but Photo Finish walks past her taking out a camera and taking photos. Wait a minute. Rarity has impressed famous ponies like Hoity Toity and Sapphire Shores. Sapphire even said about a famous magazine raved about Rarity and a famous fashion photographer like Photo Finish is bound to see something. Fluttershy tries to show some pizzazz but Photo FInish takes photos of the real Fluttershy. Fluttershy's poses here are hilarious and this is where I start to like Photo Finish. Photo Finish leaves however, leaving Fluttershy and Rarity believing that they failed. Fluttershy apologises for the way she presented herself but Rarity disregards herself as well thinking how silly it was trying to impress somepony like Photo Finish. No Rarity, it isn't. You impressed Hoity Toity and Sapphire Shores. Infact, in every Rarity episode, there was a famous pony who Rarity impressed and then got herself in a bad situation. The only times where this hasn't happened is when she shared an episode with another pony e.g. Applejack, Sweetie Belle. Infact, because of in A Dog and Pony Show, it was a bit of a Spike episode too and coincidentally, Sapphire Shores makes a cameo. Here, it's also a Fluttershy episode, yet there's a famous pony who's not impressed with Rarity. Is it a default rule? Using common sense, Photo Finish would know alot about Rarity.

Anways, Photo Finish rushes back saying how she's going to help this huge famous pony shine and rushes off. Rarity is so happy with the result and Fluttershy says how happy she is and was worried that she'd ruin everything. Rarity tells Fluttershy that she knew she'd be perfect and fangasms about this stepping on Spike's tail, tremendously hurting him.

She tries a new outfit on Fluttershy and Fluttershy once again says how happy she is and asks Rarity nopt to forget about the little ponies once she becomes famous. Rarity promises that she'll never.

Photo Finish comes along but hates Fluttershy's outfit and wants something more to do with nature. Rarity tries to impress Photo by getting a different dress. Photo doesn't think that's neccessary but Rarity asks how she's gonna make her shine all over Equestria if she doesn't try something new. Photo tells her that she's not making her shine, rather her, pointing to Fluttershy. This scares Fluttershy and it worries Rarity.

Scene 2

Fluttershy is in a new outfit and tells Rarity that she can't do it. Rarity tells her that she must for her to be a star and this is an oppertunity of a lifetime. She tells her that they both know that it would be her lifetime but now it's Fluttershy's but nonetheless can't throw away this chance. Photo Finish comes along and takes Fluttershy.

Rarity is now in a black cloak and tells Twilight, Pinkie Pie and Spike the news about Fluttershy and wants to be alone. Spike takes this the wrong way and it has to be more detailed to him.

Photo Finish is working on Fluttershy but the blush that goes on Fluttershy causes her to sneeze but cutely. It makes it even better when Photo Finish says how even Fluttershy's sneezes are graceful.


Fluttershy's about to go on stage and Photo Finish asks how Fluttershy's doing to which Fluttershy responds with that she's nervous. Photo asks her not to be ridiculous as she's only performing in front of a large crowd of ponies judging her every move and pushes Fluttershy out on stage.

Fluttershy nervously walks on stage and stands there scared but tries to make Rarity happy by walking nervously. The ponies are thrilled with her and Fluttershy becomes incredibly famous amongst Equestria. Fluttershy's getting into a concert and Rarity tries to get in but is blocked off. Applejack is seen selling apples with a picture of Fluttershy to promote her business making Rarity angry. What makes her worse is right after, she sees Rainbow Dash carrying an advertisement ad for Fluttershy.

Fluttershy is casually walking into town but is chased by the paparazzi but successfully hides from them in Carousel Boutique. Okay, so I assume that because Rarity's there, she'll get annoyed right? No. She says how happy she is for Fluttershy. Fluttershy also lies saying that she's having the best time ever. Photo Finish comes along and takes Fluttershy away. Bon Bon and Berryshine come in and Bon Bon's voice changes once again. After both finding out that Fluttershy's gone and don't know who Rarity is they leave. Rarity's jealousy now grows.

Scene 3

Photo Finish and Fluttershy are once again at an interview and Fluttershy tries to tell her something. Fluttershy apologises for interrupting but tells her that she's running late, referring to the place where Rarity and Fluttershy meet. Photo Finish instead remembers that Fluttershy has to go to a ballad opening. Fluttershy says that she's actually supposed to be meeting her friend but Photo Finish ignores her and takes her.

Rarity is at the spa and we get a creepy zoom in of Rarity's now pruney hooves from waiting. Twilight is there and Rarity thinks that Fluttershy must be busy with her new career. Twilight is sure that she just got tied up and Rarity shows a hint of jealousy hoping that Fluttershy burns out. Twilight asks her why because Fluttershy's her friend. Rarity knows this and also knows that she should be happy for her but instead she's jealous. She asks Twilight to promise she won't tell her. Twilight tells her that she has her word as losing a friend's trust is the fastest way to lose a friend. Suddenly, Pinkie Pie bursts out of the sponge bowl once again saying "FOREVER!" and slowly goes back in. Rarity comes back out with a new outfit and decides not to lose all her confidence and leaves.

Twilight relaxes in the bath, until Fluttershy comes along. She's about to apologise to Rarity about being late but sees she's gone. She asks Twilight if she's gone and Twilight apologises. Fluttershy is so frustrated she could just scream and let's out a tiny one.


Fluttershy asks Twilight if she can tell her something and Twilight takes her offer. Fluttershy asks if she'll promise not to tell Rarity. Twilight promises. Fluttershy asks if she Pinkie Pie swears. Twilight does Pinkie's motto but accidentaly hurts her eye. Once again, timing is well establised here. Fluttershy tells Twilight how much she hates being a model and is only doing it because Rarity asked her to. Twilight uses any common sense and is about to tell Fluttershy the news when Pinkie Pie suddenly bursts out of the sponge bowl again, shakes her head at Twilight and goes back down. Fluttershy asks Twilight what she wanted to ask her and Twilight disregards.

Scene 4

Twilight and Fluttershy are in town as Fluttershy wears a disguise and Twilight tells Fluttershy that she could always quit but Fluttershy wants to make Rarity happy. Twilight is about to say about Rarity's jealousy when suddenly Pinkie Pie bursts out of a bucket of apples, eats one slowly and dives back in. Twilight decides not to tell her. Um, Twilight, you're a smart pony. This whole thing can be resolved easily. Even if you broke your Pinkie Pie promise for Rarity and Fluttershy, it would help. Why are you even following from Pinkie Pie? I know you learnt more to trust her in episodes like Griffon the Brush Off and Swarm of the Century, but that was trusting her. Do what you want. Is this shown on any other perspective?

Twilight and Fluttershy continue to walk and Fluttershy says how if only the ponies didn't like her so much, Photo Finish wouldn't want her to model. Twilight sparks an idea but accidentaly knocks off Fluttershy's disguise. The ponies in town go after her.

Twilight is telling Pinkie Pie about her big plan that Fluttershy doesn't want to be unattractive, but if Twilight uses her magic to help her do something unattractive, then noone will ever want her to model again. This helps Fluttershy more. Twilight asks Pinkie Pie not tell anyone and Pinkie Pie promises silently using sign language and squees.


So rather than do the easier thing, Twilight goes on with her plan. Twilight and Fluttershy are at the fashion show and Twilight is backstage with Fluttershy. Wait, how did Twilight even get in? Well, no explanation. Rarity shows up to see what all the fuss is about. Twilight uses her magic to throw Fluttershy up and down on the ground. She even goes on the ground crawling up it.


Fluttershy's upside down, gets up, picks her nose scratches herself and barks like a dog and then makes a donkey noise. The whole crowd hates her and the plan's working. Unfortunately, Rarity still trying to hide her jealousy, cheers for Fluttershy. They see it's Rarity but see her great design and if somepony with a great design likes it, then the whole crowd does. So in the end, Twilight's plan ultimately fails.

Scene 5

Fluttershy and Twilight are with eachother and Fluttershy, now even more popular kicks a vase in frustration but it simply shakes.


Fluttershy says that it's bad because of Rarity's big hopes for Fluttershy and Twilight is about to say about Rarity but before using common sense, covers her mouth with her hoof.

Rarity rushes in and asks if she's alright. Fluttershy lies saying that she's great and Twilight tries to stop herself from saying anything. Rarity tells Fluttershy that on the runway, everypony was turning on her, and Rarity admits that she wanted them to. Twilight is about to agree, but stuffs her mouth with fruit. Rarity tells Fluttershyt hat she was going to try and ruin her but didn't want to because Fluttershy loved it so much. This leaves Twilight to stuff herself inside a plant. This is funny, but why didn't Twilight say it here? It was a time to do it. It leaves Fluttershy to admit about how she hates modelling but didn't want to upset Rarity. Rarity tells Fluttershy that she didn't want to admit she's jealous because it would show her as a terrible friend. in the end, Rarity and Fluttershy decide to tell eachother all of their thoughts and make a pinkie pie promise about it. That better not be the moral. This sounds as if you're thinking something that could ruin you, tell it. Photo Finish schedules Fluttershy's next meet but Fluttershy quits and her and Rarity say Photo Finish's catchphrase and go off. Photo Finish is confused, but Twilight accidentaly says about Spike's crush as Pinkie Pie appears in Twilight's reflection, dissapointed with her.


Twilight sends a letter about how she learnt that if you're hiding a secret from your friend always tell them. Yeah. Think you're friend is a bad murderer with psycological issues? Well tell 'em. I'm sure nothing bad will come of it. Spike is asked to write the letter but is angry at Twilight for saying his secret in front of Photo Finish. Twilight apologises and Spike forgives her as he tries to impress Rarity again. You see? Say a secret aboutt someone else, and it will hurt them as demonstrated here with Twilight and Spike.

Final Thoughts

You know what? I don't have much problems here. There are only two small ones but two big ones that destroy the episode. For starters, Photo Finish doesn't know who Rarity is despite her being already giantly recognised. Or how Twilight somehow gets into Fluttershy's fashion show, yet is backstage. But the biggest problem is the moral. Telling someone all of your thoughts on them is a terrible way to do so. You can't be honest all the time. Sometimes, to get out of stuff, you have to lie. It's the way we have to live in the world. It may be a little dark of a moral to teach to kids but it's better than this terrible one. So you may be asking, "Okay, what other moral could it've been? Well, let's see. I guess don't hold back from declining stuff that you don't want to do. Fluttershy didn't want to model, but wasn't able to. It's different here though, because after Twilight sees how if she tells the truth here, it will solve everything, she still hides it, even though the problem will be immediately solved. It's different here because when both sides are seen, a character like her's is supposed to use some common sense. Why did she even go along with Pinkie Pie? She didn't see both sides like Twilight. And I'm not criticizing Pinkie Pie here. Pinkie's supposed to be naive and doesn't fully understand the world. The problem is Twilight not using common knowledge and learning an all-around terrible moral. And there's some really good stuff here. I loved the hidden mockery at fashion shows, Fluttershy and Rarity are clearly best friends here, despite the problems with Pinkie Pie and Twilight, they worked well together here and I really liked Photo Finish. Whereas I didn't really like or hate Hoity Toity or Sapphire Shores, Photo Finish brings some amazing lines. She's based off Anna Wintour and looks like Lady Gaga. How much stranger can you get? And even with all of that good stuff, I get sadly brought down with the corrupt moral not shown on any other perspective. And even with that, before it, I was entertained. I was even slightly at the end. But even despite the big enjoyment of the episode, I didn't even like it. The more I think about it, the more corrupt it is. Atleast with Feeling Pinkie Keen, it was supposed to be a good moral but turned out to be a bad one. There's an episode in Season 2 with a weak moral, but that wasn't corrupt. This is the worst one I saw. It had great build up but then turned bad.


-Fashion Show Mockery

-Rarity and Fluttershy are best friends

-Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle work well together

-Photo Finish is hilarious

-Fluttershy cuteness overload four times

-Pinkie Pie cuteness overload

-Comedic Value


-Corrupt and Terrible Moral on no other perspective

-Twilight gets backstage in fashion show somehow

-Twilight never uses any common sense

Elements of Episode

Characteristics: C

Entertainment: A

Pacing: C

Introduction: C

Humour: A

Premise: C-

Story: C

Moral: F

Final Score: D+

Tomorrow: Over a Barrel