Hi there bronies and pegasisters. So a while back I did my ratings out of 10 for each episode of MLP FiM. The reactions from others were not too well-recieved. I can't help it. No show has every episode top-notch. There's some incredible episodes while there are others who are simply mediocre and a few that just fall flat. So here, I will say why I like/hate each episode starting with where it all began in my review of the first episode Friendship is Magic, Part 1


We first start our series off with the story of two sisters who ruled over Equestria. One who raised up the sun and the younger who raised up the moon. Unfortunately however, the younger sister started to turn the wrong way when no ponies came out during her night causing her to turn evil and into her alias Nightmare Moon. Her plan was to shroud Equestria in the night forever. This forced the older sister to wield objects known as The Elements of Harmony and sent her younger sister to the moon for 1000 years. We then see our protagonist, Twilight Sparkle reading the book and thinking she's heard of the Elements before. Now here's my problem. Why didn't the younger sister just ask the citizens why they slept during her night. It would be alot simpler then turning evil.

Part 1: Scene 1

So we see Twilight in Canterlot where three ponies tell her that there's a party their doing for a pony called Moondancer. Twilight then lies saying she has studying to do. One of the ponies which is Colgate asks does Twilight have anything to do other than studying. Which makes me start with my first problem with this episode and the series too. Twilight originally lived in Canterlot. It kind of would've been good to see more of her life in Canterlot. Heck. It could have been the much easier way to introduce Shining Armor and Princess Cadence but we'll get to A Canterlot Wedding, Part 1 and 2 later.

Twilight continues to think about the Elements as she enters her library when we see the debut of the character of Spike. He looks for the book about the Elements of Harmony that Twilight is looking for. He finds it which Twilight gets using her magic dropping him to the floor without even apologising. Which brings me to another problem with the series. Spike does all this work but is always pushed around. I've seen alot of episodes him doing bad things against his will. I feel so bad for Spike. He's like the Dr Zoidberg of My Little Pony.

So Twilight reads a book saying that on the 1000th day, Night Mare Moon will escape from the moon and use the Elements to her escape. So Twilight sends a letter to her wise mentor and teacher Princess Celestia informing her about Night Mare Moon and during the upcoming Summer Sun Celebration she will escape. Spike gets a letter back from Celestia where she informs Twilight that she should really get her head out of those dusty old books.

Part 1: Scene 2

Twilight and Spike are on their way to their new home in Ponyville while Spike reads out the rest of Celestia's letter where she says that there's more to life than studying and that she's sending her to Ponyville to make new friends as Twilight is put in charge of preperations for the Summer Sun Celebration. Twilight shuns making friends and is upset but Spike asks her to look on the bright side because the princess sent her to a library. This makes Twilight a little happier. We are then introduced to the first pony in Ponyville Twilight talks to who is known as Pinkie Pie. Spike tells her that maybe the ponies in Ponyville have interesting things to talk about. Twilight says Hello to Pinkie, but she runs away with that infamous gasp of hers that is used so many times in the show after.

The first order of business for Twilight to do is to check for the food preperations in Ponyville. We are then introduced to the first pony who Twilight officially converses with. Applejack makes her debut. Looking back on the series, I've noticed that while Applejack still has the same voice actor, her voice is a little higher in the first two episodes. I guess Ashleigh just wanted to try a different approach.Applejack shows Twilight and Spike all her apples along with all her family although the only ponies from her family we see after this is Apple Bloom, Big Macintosh and Granny Smith. She eats some of the food they give her and Applejack says that Twilight and Spike are already part of the family to which Twilight responds by spitting out apples. We then reach the running gag in this episode. Every time one of the new ponies Twilight meets says something about friendship, a guitar strum is played. I love this running gag. It's so funny and never loses its touch. After hearing what Applejack just says, Twilight decides to leave but then we see Apple Bloom asking her if she'll stay for brunch giving off one of the most adorable faces I ever saw in this show. In the end, Twilight decides to stay for brunch.

Part 1: Scene 3

Spike says that there's supposed to be a pony called Rainbow Dash clearing the clouds. After that we see the debut of Dash as she accidentaly crashes Twilight into the mud. Rainbow Dash cleans up Twilight but makes another mess when she messes up Twilight's hair. This causes Rainbow and Spike to burst into laughter. Twilight tells Rainbow Dash that the princess sent her to check on the weather. Rainbow says she'll get right on it as soon as she's finished practicing for her idols, The Wonderbolts, who are performing at the Celebration. Twilight doubts this but Rainbow shows her worth by clearing all the clouds in 10 seconds flat. She says to Twilight that she can't wait to hang out with her more as Twilight and Spike continue preperations.

Next we see Twilight and Spike check preperations for the decor where we see the debut of Rarity who from the start, Spike gets a crush on. Rarity notices the messy hairstyle that Twilight has and quickly decides changing it trying on all sorts of hairstyles and clothes. She asks Twilight where she comes from. Twilight says she's from Canterlot which immediately makes Rarity happy and says that she'll her and Twilight are going to be the best of friends. Rarity then once again tries to find rubies for Twilight and Twilight quickly runs away with Spike.

Part 1: Scene 4

Next we see Twilight and Spike come into a garden for preperations for a song choir of birds. We then stumble upon the debut of Fluttershy who is leading the choir. Twilight greets her which frightens the birds away. Twilight apologises for this and asks for her name. We then see the first of Fluttershy's adorableness factor where she's too shy to say her name. Twilight decides to leave but Fluttershy notices Spike and the two have a whole conversation with eachother about Spike's life story until they get to Twilight's new home. Which makes me have another problem with the series. Fluttershy befriending Twilight is all because of Spike yet Fluttershy and Spike hardly interact. There's little hints of their friendship in Season One but barely anything in Season 2. Anyways, Twilight makes an excuse that Spike is sleepy and is able to get him and herself in.

Spike asks if that was a little rude and Twilight apologises saying she just needs to get some stress off but the lights turn on and we see alot of ponies appear at a surprise party for Twilight thrown by Pinkie Pie. She says how she threw the party for Twilight because she's ne and lonely. Then we see the first appearance of the background pony called by fans as Derpy Hooves. We then see Twilight accidentaly drink hot sauce and run up to her room.

Part 1: Scene 5

Spike sees Twilight in bed and thinks that she should come out. Twilight looks in the sky and hopes that the story about Night Mare Moon is false.

All the ponies are at the Summer Sun Celebration that Mayor Mare is hosting. The ponies wait for Celestia to appear but Rarity finds out that she's gone. Suddenly the party is interrupted by Night Mare Moon who decides to continue her plan where she left off and vows that the night will last forever and we cut to a To Be Continued.... ending the episode. Which is so dramatic. It really made anybrony who started with the first episode get so excited from this ending that they decided to come back. And they sure were happy.

Part 2: Scene 1

We start part 2 off with Mayor Mare ordering the Royal guards to seize Nightmare Moon as she's the only one who knows where the princess is. She stops the guards with a thunder blast and flies off to get to work on the Elements. Rainbow Dash tries to chase off Nightmare Moon but Applejack tries her best to stop her. Rainbow sees Twilight run off to the library.

When she gets back, she puts Spike into bed and looks for a book on the elements to help her. Rainbow Dash accuses her of being a spy for knowing about Nightmare Moon but Applejack and the others disregard this. Twilight tells them that she read all about the Elements but doesn't know what they are, where to find them or what they even do. Which brings me to the first problem I have with this episode. The other five come to help Twilight but the rest of the town don't. I know they were panicking from Nightmare Moon but Ponyville's pretty big, you'd expect atleast a few others. Next, we see Pinkie Pie finding a reference guide on the Elements and hops around like Pepe LePew. Seriously. But we'll get to that in another review. So Twilight opens the book and reads what the Elements are. She discovers that there's six elements but only five known. The elements being Kindness, Laughter, Genorosity, Honesty and Loyalty. The last known location of the Elements is in the castle ruins of the two sisters located in The Everfree Forest.

The others seem to be afraid of the Everfree Forest, except Pinkie. When she tries to go in though, Twilight stops her and says that she appreciates the help but she'd rather do this alone. Applejack stops Twilight from doing this and says that they're not going to let any friend of theirs go into such a scary place. After that, we hear that guitar riff again, which in my opinion, never gets old.

Part 2: Scene 2

So the ponies are walking into the forest and Rainbow Dash scares Fluttershy, Rarity and Pinkie and says that anypony who's ever come in has never come out. Just as she says this, the mountain,t he ponies are standing on collapses. All of them are faling except Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy because of their wings. Flutterrshy saves Rarity and Rainbow Dash saves Pinkie. Applejack luckily holds on to a stick and sees Twilight hanging from the cliff and holding on. She asks Applejack what she should do. Applejack tells her to let go. Twilight doesn't believe her and asks Applejack if she's crazy. Heck, I agree. If I was hanging from a cliff and someone told me to let go, I wouldn't believe them in the slightest. But Applejack says it's the honest truth that Twilight will be safe. And then Twilight... believes her? What? Just by Applejack saying it again, you believe her? You're hanging from a cliff. Why would you believe a pony you've known for only a few hours. So Twilight let's go, falling to her death and is rescued by Dash and Fluttershy. So that's my problem. I know Applejack saved Twilight and was technically telling the truth but Twilight just believing a pony she's known for a short while is a crazy plot twist. There's also a problem with that Twilight can easily just teleport. I'll let her off with this though because she hasn't fully mastered teleportation at this point in the series. Also, Applejack tells Twilight that she'll be safe when in reality, she would die, even if saved by two pegasus ponies.

Suddenly a Manticore appears and attacks them. The Mane 6 take it on except Fluttershy who keeps on trying to stop them. Due to her low-voice, noone can hear her. She finally gets their attention by yelling at them and sees that the Manticore has a thorn in his paw. She pulls it out. Twilight asks Fluttershy-who has Mozart hair- how she knew about the thorn to which Fluttershy responds that she didn't and sometimes you just have to be shown a little kindness. This fight scene is intense, something you wouldn't except from ponies.


So the ponies are walking through a forest but are stopped in their tracks by scary trees, presumably put there by Nightmare Moon. We then go into the first song of the series sung by Pinkie Pie. Twilight and Rarity use the words of anybrony who first saw this song. So what do I think of the song? It's nice. Not one of my all-time favourites but definitely not any of my least favourite. It also has a very good message to laugh when your fears come around. The problem stems from what the ponies are afraid of. Scary trees. Big deal. Walk past them. Apart from Pinkie, allt he ponies are scared, even Rainbow Dash. You don't really know why Nightmare Moon did this. Do they eat you? No because in Pinkie's song she goes inside one of their mouths. It may be Pinkie Pie logic, but what if there was a different goal witht he trees. I'll never know.

Part 2: Scene 3

After getting past the dark part of the forest, the ponies reach raging waters which can't be crossed according to them. Um, do you realise that there's two pegasus ponies with you. Just get Rainbow Dash or Fluttershy to fly you over. And I know this is to showcase the personality of Rarity, but create a different situation. Next, we come across a Sea serpent who tries to cover up a plothole. So he complains that one half of his mustache is gone and that he's hideous. Rarity generously replaces it with some of her mane much to the delight of the sea serpent. The serpent is overjoyed with Rarity's gesture.

The ponies come across the bridge that leads to the Ancient Castle. Unfortunately, the bridge is closed and is on the ther side. Pinkie asks what they should do. Rainbow responds by showing her wings and decides to open the bridge for them but then comes across spirits put there by Nightmare Moon called The Shadowbolts, clones of The Wonderbolts. They say that she can become their captain. Rainbow Dash submits and tells them that she just needs to open the bridge for her friends. They stop her though and say that it's either them or the others. And of course, Dash picks the obvious choice, her friends, leaving Nightmare Moon no choice but to... go the castle.

Nightmare Moon Part 1

Nightmare Moon started off suspenseful, but here, she's an idiot.

Nightmare Moon: Scary trees will surely stop them. I'll create different versions of Rainbow Dash's idols. She'll only know them for a few seconds and if she doesn't accept, then why should I fight back.

Seriously. Villians like Discord and Queen Chrysalis brought so much more.

Part 2: Scene 4

Twilight studies the Elements with her magic and Applejack says to the others to give her privacy. Unfortunately, Nightmare Moon transports the Elements. The ponies see a white flash in another area and Twilight goes there. Her and Nightmare Moon battle it out and Twilight escapes this by teleporting to the Elements. Great. Now the whole Applejack part is pointless. Atleast the others had some redeeming qualities. Twilight focuses more on the Elements to make the spark appear to make the sixth element. Nightmare Moon tosses Twilight back and sees that a static has come up on the Elements. Unfortunately, nothing happens after that and Nightmare Moon destroys the Elements. Just then, Twilight hears the ponies come in and gets an idea.

Twilight makes a speech that the ponies representing the Elements are right here. She says what each pony represents. Wait. AApplejack is the Element of Honesty? Shouldn't she be the Elementof Loyalty considering she was the one who stopped Dash from accusing Twilight of being a spy and then soon after, saves Twilight's life. Ugh, never mind. Twilight says how the spark happened because the others are her friends and the Element of Magic is created. After this, the ponies get necklaces representing their Elements. Except Twilight, who gets a crown. Now, the ponies take on Nightmare and defeat her, while making a Star Tre-type sound effect.

Part 2: Scene 5

So Nightmare Moon's spirit is shattered and we see the debut of Princess Celestia who sees her sister Princess Luna. Twilight and the others discover that Celestia and Luna were the two sisters in the book. Two things bother me though. Luna turns into Nightmare Moon out of nowhere. There's no evil power making her evil. So the ponies throw a celebration - along with Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace music. Celestia and Luna decide to now work together. Twilight looks glum however and tells Celestia that she has to leave Ponyville and all of her new friends. Hearing this, Celestia decrees that Twilight stay in Ponyville and report her studies on friendship every week.

Final Thoughts

So how does this two-parter introduction hold up? Well, the introduction to the characters was well put together. Apple Bloom and Fluttershy have cuteness overload. The gasp is a great sound effect from Andrea Libman. Derpy Hooves makes her debut. The suspense at the end of the first half was really good. The adventure theme was exciting too. Pinkie Pie as Pepe LePew is beyond awesome. The imagery of The Everfree Forest is well-crafted. The song is great. The fight scenes are really awesome. The way the Elements get formed was great. I loved the Manticore and Sea serpent. And the Star Trek effect and Star Wars ending go without saying. There's alot of plotholes though. Fluttershy and Spike's friendship is never touched on much after Part 1. The town doesn't show up when Twilight reads from the Elements and I have alot of problems with most of the ways the ponies show their Elements. They also don't showcase Twilight in Canterlot enough. Nightmare Moon is a disaster of a villian and the way Luna turns into her is forced. I also think that this two-parter at times was too girly. One thing I forget to mention in this is the humour. While there are funny moments like Twilight impersonating Spike, the gasps, the running gag or Pinkie coming up with nicknames for Night Mare, compared to other episodes the humour isn't as good.


- The introduction to the other characters.

- The whole backstory with Night Mare Moon.

- The adorableness of Apple Bloom and Fluttershy.

-The first few uses of the gasp.

- Derpy Hooves' debut.

- Suspense at the end of first half.

-Adventure theme

-Pinkie Pie is Pepe LePew

-Imagery of Everfree Forest

-Giggle at the Ghosties

-The fight scenes

-Great introduction to characters

-Way Elements Get Formed

-Star Trek effect

-Star Wars-type Ending


-Sea serpent


-Not enough detail of Twilight in Canterlot

-Fluttershy and Spike's friendship not touched on in too many episodes

-The humour's not as top-notch as episodes after

-Nightmare Moon starts off as suspenseful and then turns into a bad villian concept

-Town not showing up when Twilight reads from the Elements


-Plotholes With Applejack part

-Plotholes With Pinkie Pie Part

-Plotholes With Rarity Part

-Plotholes With Rainbow Dash Part

-Concept of how Luna transforms into NMM is forced.

Elements of Episode

Characterization: C+ Entertainment: A

Pacing: B-

Introduction: B-

Humour: C

Premise: C+

Story: B-

Writing: B-

Final Score: B-

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