We start our episode off with a team of stallions pulling a train with overall seven carriages. Applejack is at the back one reading a story to her tree Bloomberg about a littlest tree becoming bigger. Woah. Of all the ponies who'd lose some of their sanity by reading to trees, Applejack would probably be my first guess. Rarity comes in, confused as to why Applejack's reading to a tree and Applejack tells her that replanting in a whole new place is very upsetting for a tree and Bloomberg's one of her favourites. I rest my case. Rarity is angry at Applejack for sharing a room with a tree this bed while she has to have a small one with the others. Rarity wonders how she's going to get her beauty sleep. Applejack reminds her that Bloomberg's the whole reason they went on this trip because Applejack has to give it to her relatives in Appleloosa. Rarity tells Applejack that she treats the tree as if it's a baby. Applejack is insulted by this and hugs Bloomberg, calling it a big strong apple tree. I rest my case.

Scene 1

Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle are incredibly excited about the trip. Rarity is trying to sleep but isn't able to. Spike too, as he complains about he how he had to get up early to pop their popcorn with his breath. They don't really care as Rainbow Dash tells him that he forgot to pop somepony else's popcorn, referring to herself. Spike is fed up of assisting with just about everything with no thanks, that he burns Rainbow Dash's popcorn and makes one piece of it which hits off her head.


Twilight takes sleeping into account and reminds them that they have a big day tomorrow and turns off the light.

Rainbow Dash whispers to Pinkie Pie if she's asleep yet. Pinkie isn't and asks if Rainbow Dash is asleep yet but Rainbow Dash asks if she was sleeping how could she have asked Pinkie Pie this. She asks Pinkie Pie that when they get to Applelossa, will they have to carry that heavy tree out. Pinkie Pie asks if she means Bloomberg but Rainbow Dash, indicating a yes, sarcastically says "No, Fluttershy." Pinkie Pie takes this literally and tells Rainbow Dash that Fluttershy's not a tree. Twilight asks what's going on. Pinkie Pie tells her that Rainbow Dash thinks Fluttershy's a tree. Rainbow Dash replies that she doesn't think she's a tree. Twilight asks if she said she was a tree. Rainbow Dash declines but then says yes but not exactly. Twilight asks he rif she knows that Fluttershy's not a tree as Fluttershy comes along saying that she'd like to be a tree.


Spike is annoyed by this and goes to a different room. Twilight calls this huffy and Fluttershy relates Spike to "Puff the Magic Dragon," calling him "Huffy the Magic Dragon." Twilight, Rainbow and Pinkie laugh along with Fluttershy, when suddenly, Rarity yells they be quiet, scaring them, as they go back to sleep.

Spike decides to sleep with Bloomberg for the night, telling it that he tends to snore alot. Man, and I thought Appplejack had problems.

The next day, five of the ponies are woken up by a stampede of buffalos, captivating them. Unfortunately, the buffalos slam the train and the stallions knocking the ponies up and down. The stallions overpower the buffalos but they get back up and knock the stallions. Pinkie Pie sees them doing tricks. One buffalo goes on top of the other and than the smallest one, who's a bison, goes on top. She jumps on top of the train and Rainbow Dash goes after her. She goes on top of the train aswell and goes in front of the bison and asks her where she's headed in such a hurry. The bison doesn't listen and gets past Rainbow Dash. Rainbow Dash compliments her on being quick for someone so bulky, not meaning any offense. She gets in front of the bison again. Rainbow Dash tries to talk to her but the bison gets past her. Rainbow Dash tries again but the bison jumps over her. Rainbow Dash dashes up to her but the bison is clever enough to jump down, causing Rainbow Dash to bump into a train crossing, seperating her from the others. The bison seperates the last carriage from the others and calls the buffalo who now run with her. Applejack manages not to be on the last carriage and yells that they have Bloomberg. They also now see Spike on the carriage as Twilight yells that they also have Spike.

Rainbow Dash goes after the bison to save Bloomberg and Spike.

Scene 2

They reach Appleloosa as they run out of the train. Just like Rainbow Dash and Spike, Pinkie Pie is now seperated. They meet Braeburn, Applejack's cousin, welcoming them to Appleloosa. Applejack tries to warn him about the Bloomberg disaster, but Braeburn instead, wants to meet Applejack's friends. Applejack tries to warn him more saying something terrible's happened. Braeburn agrees but thinks it's terrible that their train is seven minutes late, which means that they have seven minutes less soaking in the wonders of Appleloosa. he shows them the town, and tells them that they made this town in the last year. He also shows them horse-drawn carriages and horse drawn horse drawn carriages. Applejack tries again to warn him, but instead he shows them the watering hole, the salt block, as a man is thrown out for eating too much salt. Braeburn shows them the office of Sherriff Silverstar. He also shows them where they have the Wild West Dances and the Mild West Dances. He finally shows them the apple orchard and Applejack yells at him to listen. He decides to this time. They tell him about the buffalo and Spike, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie gone. Braeburn reveals to them that the buffalos want the settler ponies to take all the trees off their land as they put alot of hard work into the apple trees so they could feed their town.

Meanwhile, Rainbow Dash is using stealth precision to hide behind rocks. It turns out that Rainbow Dash got a headache from the train crossing. Suddenly Pinkie Pie sees her and it turns out that she's trying to get Spike aswell. Unfortunately, Pinkie and Dash are caught by the buffalo, about to attack and Rainbow Dash asks PInkie to run as she'll hold them off, when suddenly, it turns out that Spike is now the one leading the buffalo stampede, asking them that they don't need to go after Rainbow and Pinkie.


Scene 3

Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie and Spike are around a bonfire and Spike explains to them that they accidentaly took Spike and feel awful about it as it turns out that the buffalos really respect dragons, but still not ponies. This is shown when Rainbow and Pinkie are given bad food that only buffalos like. Rainbow Dash still doesn't trust them and decides to bail. Pinkie Pie manages to eat the buffalo's food and disagrees with Rainbow Dash. The bison returns and Pinkie asks if they have more of that food and the bison decides to give her more and feeds Spike his food - turquoise gemstones. Spike introduces the bison as Little Strongheart. Rainbow Dash sees her and becomes angry and leaves, Pinkie Pie making a baby squee.


But wait, why is Rainbow Dash leaving? Didn't she want to defeat Little Strongheart?

Little Strongheart tries to explain that her and the buffalo didn't mean any harm but Rinbow Dash doesn't believe it and continues walking. Little Strongheart tries to explain that they only wanted the tree because the settler ponies have taken the land and have planted an orchard over it and from Little Stronghearts point of view, their thoughtlessness, they can't do their traditional stampeding grounds. Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie are confused. Spike thinks it's time they met Chief Thunderhooves.

Scene 4

They meet Chief Thunderhooves and he explans that they have a long and winding stampeding trail that they've done for generations. He explains that his father stampeded through the grounds, and his father before his, and his father before his, and his father before his,a nd his father before his, and his father before his. He's interrupted by Little Strongheart, who tells him that she thinks that the others get the idea. Chief Thunderhooves continues that it's a sacred tradition to run the path every year. Little Strongheart finishes that the Appleloosians planted apple trees without the buffalos permission. Pinkie Pie doesn't think that that's nice and asks what Rainbow Dash thinks. Rainbow Dash is still enemies with the buffalo and Little Strongheart says that the buffalo have to stay here and it isn't fair. Spike tries to reason with Rainbow Dash saying that the Appleloosians had a good reason and Rainbow Dash flies up, warming up to the herd saying that they should go to talk to those Appleloosans.

Meanwhile in Appleoosa, the four ponies pack up to save Pinkie, Rainbow and Spike when they suddenly see the three. Fluttershy is relieved to see Pinkie and they ask how they escaped. Pinkie says that they didn't, showing Little Strongheart, shocking them. Rainbow Dash tells them that they promised to let the buffalo talk. Applejack is unsure about this but Braeburn is happy to hear this. Applejack interrupts him saying that he needs to explain why they're planting the trees. Little Strongheart thinks this is useful but Rainbow Dash interrupts her saying that the land is theirs. Rainbow Dash that he made a mistake of planting the trees and now he just has to move them. Applejack interrupts him saying that the Appleloosians busted their rumps to make the trees and asks why they should do it again for some buffalo. Rainbow Dash asks that they plant the trees someplace else. Applejack asks where as that's the only land around these parts. Rainbow Dash argues that the buffalo had the land first. Applejack argues that the settler ponies need it to leave. The two continue to argue but Twilight interrupts them and argues that both the buffalo's and the settler ponies need the land for good reasons and there must be something they can do. Pinkie Pie has an idea.


And so we get into our song You Got to Share, You Got to Care. Spike plays the piano while Pinkie Pie sings a song with the song's message being about sharing and caring. Unfortunately, the song is pretty bad. But whereas the previous song Cutie Mark Crusaders Song is bad with no upside. Here, the upside is Pinkie's singing, the background music, Pinkie's cheesy outfit and the dancing.

Scene 4 Part 2

Unfortunately, the song is so horrible that a war breaks out between the two tribes scheduled at noon tomorrow and Spike is the only one who even liked the song.

Applejack tells the others that she doesn't like the look of the war and Twilight thinks that they should try asking other townspeople to reconsider. No luck though as none will listen.Infact, when Twilight goes to try and ask a colt, he gets angry at her.

Supply catapults are being made ready and inside, apple pies are being made. Okay, I guess that'll be the supplies incase a fighter gets injured.

Meanwhile, the buffalosa re getting ready and Spike asks Little Strongheart if there's any way that the battle can be cancelled but Little Strongheart doesn't think so, unless they move the trees and gives Spike gems to cheer him up. Rainbow Dash tells Chief Thunderhooves tat she knows he doesn't want to do this. Chief Thunderhooves says that they've taken their land and asks Rainbow Dash what she'd make him do and Rainbow Dash is unsure but tells him that it's never too late to think of something. Chief Thunderhooves thinks it is and gets ready for battle. Wow. So this battle goes through huh?

Scene 5

The buffalo see Appleloosa, ready for the war. It's nearly noon and the ponies are getting ready with apple pies. Rainbow Dash tries to think but it's too late. Noon reaches and as soon as the bel stops ringing the war starts. Luckily, Little Strongheart stops Chief Thunderhooves and he decides to stop the war. The others are relieved but Pinkie Pie sings her bad song again, causing the buffalo to charge. They pierce through the defenses and Sherriff Silverstone orders the Appleloosians to throw pie. Wait, that's the result. We had the build up for this? Later in the battle, two Appleloosians hypnotise a buffalo to crash into an anvil. Chief Thunderhooves charges towards Sherriff Silverstone but Chief Thunderhooves is knocked down by a pie and it looks like he's dead. The buffalo and Appleloosians are upset and Spike even cries. Why? It's because apple pies can kill easily. And obviously after eating some apple pie and seeing that ti's not even a threat, Chief Thunderhooves is fine. Chief Thunderhooves has an idea.

In the end, one path of the trees are knocked down and the buffalo allow the rest to stay so they can stampede through this path but also get apple - related products from the chopped down trees. Bloomberg is sent on a hill and Applejack once again acts like his mother. Rainbow Dash and Applejack decide to hang out with Little Strongheart before the seven go back.


Twilight learns that even the worst of enemies can become friends and it takes sompromise and understanding and in other words, You Got to Share, You got to Care. Pinkie Pie breaks the fourth wall again, saying that that's what she said.

Final Thoughts

Wow, this episode was awesome. This is one of the only episodes that features all the main characters prominently and they all share the same amount of screen time. They all have a shining moment in the episode. I also liked how they made a wild west story to appeal to more of an open crowd.| They succeed really well. We're also introduced to Little Strongheart, Baeburn, Sheriff Silverstone and Chief Thunderhooves. The adventure was also well put together as well as the humour. I really loved the build up to the war and how they actually did go on with it. This is why I hate the battle. Don't get me wrong, it started off really good. But why were the Appleloosians fighting with Apple pies. i know it's a kids show but they don't make it epic in the slightest. In future episodes and even episodes before this, the characters were really good at fighting. What happened here? Also, why did it look like they were trying to make us believe that Chief Thunderhooves was dead at first? Even younger audiences would know that he doesn't die here. I also had mixed feelings on the song. But the moral is probably my third favourite. The other two I'll get to later. Whereas the previous had possibly the worst moral of the series, this one is a real slice of life. Also, while the stories been done a million times, which makes this mediocre, it's a good attempt nevertheless.


-Main Characters are all showcased

-Applejack is a tree mother

-Angry Rarity

-Fluttershy dreams of being a tree

-Some aspects of Pinkie Pie's song

-Twilight speaks the truth

-Spike's a boss twice

-Rainbow Dash shows her complete personality

-Fluttershy cuteness overload

-Pinkie Pie cuteness overload

-Introduced to new characters

-Build up to battle


-Story's been done many times

-Pies are used as weapon

-Chief Thunderhooves nearly dies from apple pies

Elements of Episode

Characteristics: A+

Entertainment: B-

Pacing: B-

Introduction: A+

Humour: A+

Premise: C+

Story: C+

Moral: A+

Final Score: A

Tomorrow: A Bird in the Hoof