We start the episode with Fluttershy healing a mice's leg when suddenly Angel bursts in with a stopwatch and waves it in front of Fluttershy. She thinks that what he means is that he found a watch. Angel does a watch sign and Fluttershy thinks that he wants to be a watch. Angel starts running on the spot. Fluttershy thinks he's running out of time but then he points to the watch and Fluttershy thinks he's running late. He nods his head and points to the clock, making Fluttershy realise that she's late for a very important brunch for Princess Celestia at Sugarcube Corner. Fluttershy considers not going but realises that it's starting. She runs away. Angel gives a sigh of relief but Fluttershy runs back thanking Angel. She runs off again but runs back saying to Angel how great it was that he reminded her but then he reminds Fluttershy to go and she does. And just to be sure that she doesn't come back, Angel locks the door.

Scene 1

We see the Royal guards outside Sugarcube Corner. Rainbow Dash appears to also be inside Celestia's brunch. She pulls off a Mr. Bean on the guards but sees that they're not moving. Fluttershy manages to make it but the guards stop her in her tracks. Twilight Sparkle is also there and tells the guards that they can let her in. Fluttershy thanks Twilight for letting her come in and Twilight is glad that Fluttershy could make it.

Spike is seen heating food and giving it to Mr. Cake. Mr and Mrs. Cake are catering to Celestia and ask if she wants anything else. She declines.

Fluttershy apologises for being late to Twilight as she had to cater to animals. Twilight thinks of Fluttershy's tender loving care and knows that Princess Celestia will love that about Fluttershy but then nervously tells Fluttershy that she hopes she does and nervously thinks that she will. Fluttershy easily sees how nervous Twilight is. Fluttershy thought she was the only one nervous at social gatherings. Twilight says that it's not that, she just wants the princess to approve of her friends. Fluttershy questions this, considering the fact that she met all of them before. Twilight even adds on that she read about them in her letters. Twilight still is nervous though because this is the first time she'll actually hang around with them. Fluttershy doesn't think she has anything to worry about because it's just a casual get-together. Unfortunately, Rarity has a huge dress design on her but doesn't really want anything to stain on her. Meanwhile, Applejack doesn't know what food to eat first and disregards the food as she's not hungry. Yeah, don't exactly see how this is embarassing. Well, except for the manners like Fluttershy says but Applejack isn't hungry. That's not bad manners. Rarity also doesn't really have bad manners here. Infact, she's acting the most fancy and considering how up in class Celestia is, I'd say that this is a good thing. No, the bad manners is Pinkie Pie jumping around and eating every food in sight, even eating Celestia's food. This may be bad manners, but Celestia is smiling at Pinkie's spirit. The Cakes don't see this and push her away. Wait, Celestia probably liked Pinkie the most at the party. She smiled when Pinkie ate her food. She wasn't angry with her. She didn't order anyone to kick her out. So why is this shown as a bad thing? The Cakes do something bad by continually refilling Celestia's tea for her. She doesn't even take this too well because she tricks the Cakes by pretending to drink the tea, causing them to pour out more, spilling it over the cup. See? Celestia has a bit of a party spirit inside her. It may be subtle here, but she enjoyed Pinkie's company. Nevertheless, Twilight looks worried. Celestia sees Fluttershy and asks if she likes animals. Fluttershy tells her that she loves them. Celestia agrees as she shows a cage of her pet bird, Philomena who continues to cough and lose her wings. Fluttershy looks worried at the sick creature. Celestia asks if she's a sight and Fluttershy thinks that she hasn't seen anything like it. Celestia gets a whisper from one of her guards and she realises that she has to cut the party short because she has an audience with the Mayor. She leaves, but without Philomena. Fluttershy sees Philomena on her own. Applejack, seeing that she doesn't have to show manners now that Celestia's gone, decides to eat but the food is taken away, saddening her.

Pinkie Pie leaves the party first, stumbling into a few ponies. Rarity's next but demands that noone move and the dress won't get hurt. Applejack leaves next, with a load of food on her nose. Twilight is talking to Spike saying that she doesn't know how it went with the princess but atleast no disasters happened. Just then we see that Philomena's gone.

Scene 2

It turns out that Philomena's with Fluttershy and Fluttershy tries to nurse Philomena back to health because Celestia's not able to because of how busy she is. Philomena is on a couch but turns her head, turns it sideways and puts it on the couch. Fluttershy is sure that the princess will appreciate Fluttershy taking care of the animal. Philomena puts her head on another side of the couch and Fluttershy decides to put the creature to bed right away.

So she puts it in a bed because a basket is obviously not an option. She puts covers over Philomena and puts a temperature on her. Philomena's boiling hot so Fluttershy puts the covers down, puts an ice pack on Philomena and tries her temperature. Philomena's frozen. So rather than just remove the covers and try the temperature then, Fluttershy repeats the same process over and over again. Fluttershy tries a new method.

She gives Philomena medicine but Philomena refuses to have it. Fluttershy - now Dr. Fluttershy, expects this and decides to put bird seed over it. Philomena chows down on the bird seed and Dr. Fluttershy believes that it always works. Unfortunately, Philomena still hasn't eaten the medicine.

Dr. Fluttershy tries homemade soup for Philomena. Philomena refuses to eat it. Dr. Fluttershy eats some saying how great it is and tries giving it to Philomena. Philomena still refuses. Dr. Fluttershy tries to treat Philomena like a baby, treating the soup like a choo-choo train. Philomena turns her head so much that she spins and falls into the soup. Dr. Fluttershy asks Philomena to wait there and she'll get her something.

Philomena's eating... mice food? and sees Dr. Fluttershy with a humming bird. Dr. Fluttershy tells him that this humming bird called Hummingway was sick once too but Dr. Fluttershy nursed Hummingway back to health. Philomena and Hummingway appear to get along. Dr. Fluttershy sings the beginning of the MLP theme song without words and Hummingway goes along with her.


Dr. Fluttershy asks Philomena to try singing but Philomena coughs food in her face.

Dr. Fluttershy brings Philomena into the bathroom and decides to use a huminifier to help Philomena. It's starting to work and Dr. Fluttershy has a huge zoomed in smile for this.


Unfortunately, that doesn't work and Philomena coughs in Dr. Fluttershy's face again.

Dr. Fluttershy tries aromatherapy, a warm bath and ointment. None of them work.

Dr. Fluttershy's operating on Philomena with a scalpel, surgical tape and new feathers. This does not work.

Suddenly a knock is at the door and it turns out to be Twilight, who discovers about Philomena missing. Dr. Fluttershy tells Twilight that she couldn't just leave Philomena like that and she has to nurse her back to health. Twilight thinks this is bad. Dr. Fluttershy argues how she couldn't have done nothing. Twilight argues that Philomena doesn't even belong to her. Dr. Fluttershy argues that she had to do something. Twilight argues how Dr. Fluttershy went without asking for anyone's permission. Twilight tells Dr. Fluttershy that she's aware she had good intentions but has to return the pet. Dr. Fluttershy sees how sick Philomena is and realises Twilight's right and helps her return Philomena. They pack him in a basket and head off. Unfortunately, the Royal guards are outside the door.

Scene 3

The Royal guards tell Twilight that they heard she was here and tell her that the bird is missing. Twilight acts surprised. The Royal guards hear a cough and Twilight and Fluttershy start coughing and Twilight tells the guards they better get going.

The guards leave and Twilight is relieved. She sees Fluttershy and asks her what she's doing. Fluttershy tells her that she's returning Philomena but Twilight tells her that they can't now. Fluttershy asks why and Twilight asks her if she knows what the princess will do when she finds out that Fluttershy took her pet, indicating something bad will happen. Fluttershy asks if Twilight does and Twilight nervously says "No."


Twilight imagines that the princess could banish Fluttershy from Equestria, or she could throw Fluttershy in a dungeon, or banish her then throw her in a dungeon in the place that she banished her to. Fluttershy asks if the princess really would do that to her. Fluttershy asks Twilight if she really thinks the princess would do that. Twilight grants that that probably won't happen but does Fluttershy even want to take chances. Fluttershy tells her that all that matters to her is that poor Philomena gets well. Twilight considers this noble and decides that if Fluttershy get banished, Twilight will write to her. But then Twilight thinks if she gets banished to a place with no post office then Fluttershy write to her. Fluttershy asks Twilight to help her nurse Philomena back to health and then take it back to Celestia. Twilight asks if Fluttershy used any medicine and Fluttershy responds that she tried to but Philomena won't eat it. Twilight tells Fluttershy that she can't be a pushover all the time and she has to make Philomena eat it so she can fly right. Fluttershy excuses herself by saying that Philomena can't fly. Twilight takes no excuses and pushes the medicine down Philomena's throat. Twilight asks what's next and Fluttershy tells her that Philomena keeps pulling her feathers out. Twilight puts a dog cone over Philomena. Philomena rolls on the floor hurt by it. Fluttershy doesn't think Philomena likes it but Twilight tells her that it's tough love and asks what's next. Fluttershy tells her that Philomena won't sleep. Twilight knocks Philomena down on her cone and tries the next method.

Scene 4

Philomena has covers over her in a cage and Fluttershy tells her that it's for her own good. Twilight's tasting the food and asks what it is and she says that it smells delicious. Fluttershy tells her that she tried giving it to Philomena but she won't eat it. Twilight tries shock methods by putting it down Philomena's throat, but Philomena hates the soup so much that she pulls off a Benny Hill, all the while doing cartoon antics, like tightroping through the ribbons above the Royal guards, disguising herself with a fake moustache, a Scooby Doo and drawing a moustache on her picture with her gone missing.

Scene 5

Twilight and Fluttershy are running and Rainbow Dash sees them, thinking they're racing and joins in by dashing away.

Applejack, Rarity and Pinkie Pie are at the town square. Fluttershy picks Pinkie Pie up as she is slightly annoyed while her mouth is stuffed with apples. Twilight lifts Rarity and Rarity orders she put her down. Wow, Twilight and Fluttershy must've took some weightlifting from the G5 ponies. Suddenly, the Royal guards see Philomena on top of the statue in the fountain. Fluttershy orders Philomena come down before she hurts herself but Philomena loses all her wings and has an over-dramatic death and bursts into flames when Fluttershy tries to catch her. This shocks the five others as Fluttershy mourns over the death.


Princess Celestia comes as the ponies bow to her, except Fluttershy, still weeping. Celestia asks Twilight what's going on and Twilight says the news about to blame herself but Fluttershy takes the blame instead. Fluttershy admits to Celestia that she was trying to help and was honestly going to return Philomena after. Fluttershy's about to take the punishment, but it turns out that Philomena isn't dead and becomes a phoenix. Okay, that transformation was pretty awesome. Fluttershy asks what happened to Philomena but Celestia tells Fluttershy that this is Philomena. Celestia tells her that when a phoenix loses all it's wings, it bursts into flames. Celestia asks Philomena to apologise and she does. I don't forgive you. I mean, Fluttershy helped you through the whole way and you abused her and all you can say is sorry?

Fluttershy asks Celestia if she'll banish her and Celestia asks how Fluttershy could even say that. Fluttershy looks at Twilight and takes the blame saying that "She has some imagination." See? Sometimes you have to be dishonest to get through Something that should have been touched on two episodes ago.


Twilight tells the princess that Fluttershy really did everything to take care of Philomena. Princess Celestia appreciates this and tells Fluttershy that she still could've asked her permission. Fluttershy knows this now and tells Princess Celestia that next time she'll ask before taking manners into her own hooves. Twilight asks Princess Celestia if she should write that to her and Princess Celestia tells her that she thinks she'll remember.

Scene 5 Part 2

Philomena flies off and to show more apology, gives one of her feathers to Fluttershy. Fluttershy really forgives her now. I forgive you but I'll get to my thoughts on you in a minute. Rainbow Dash, seeing this, whispers to Philomena to go to the guards and tickle 'em. Philomena does making everyone laugh about this.

Final Thoughts

This episode was okay. It's a good episode but nothing really stood out to me too much. In a way, it's probably the most mediocre episode of MLP. I didn't like it but I had nothing against it. I guess some good stuff that stands out to me is all the subtle good stuff. e.g. Rainbow Dash trying to make the Royal guards move a muscle is like London guards, Rainbow Dash whispering to Philomena is actual words "You know what you should do? You should go over there and tickle 'em." There are some stand out good things though. Me watching Twilight torture an animal abusively because she's in a rush is something I could watch all day. Twilight's flaw is also shown here - paranoia. I also really loved the facial expressions shown alot in the episode. But other than that, not much else. I have some problems though. For starters, none of Twilight's friends had bad manners at Sugarcube Corner and in Rarity's defense, she wouldn't look important for Celestia if something spilled on her. If she wore an outfit to it, it shows she cares about the princess the most - besides Twilight. The other five, for them appearing, don't do much else after until the end. Rainbow Dash, while comedic, was slightly, and I mean this term to a huge extent, out of character. She kind of acted like a naive curious little kid. Rainbow Dash, while not the most mature, doesn't want to act like that. My biggest complaint is Philomena though. Sure, she apologised and even gave Fluttershy one feather of a rare animal like her, but even with all that, Fluttershy tried taking care of her and tried her best to heal her - even if she didn't need healing. It would be a good prank but considering Fluttershy tried to help her, it makes her seem unlikeabale to me.


-Rainbow Dash's subplot with the Royal guards

-Royal guards are like London guards

-Rainbow Dash whispers real words to Philomena

-Fluttershy cuteness overload twice

-Fluttershy is a boss

-Twilight tortures a helpless animal

-Hilarious Facial Expressions

-Philomena, despite the horrible stuff she does, tries her best to heal the problem


-All of Twilight's friends, apart from Fluttershy, are shown to have bad manners, even though they don't, at the party

-Other five are underused, despite all of them appearing

-Rainbow Dash is SLIGHTLY out of character

-Most of the Philomena prank

Elements of Episode

Characterization: B

Entertainment: A

Pacing: B-

Introduction: B+

Humour: B+

Premise: C+

Story: C

Moral: B+

Final Score: C+

Tomorrow: The Cutie Mark Chronicles

Expect to see something big.