We start the episode off with the CMC trying their hand at something they're not good at - ziplining. Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle are unsure but Scootaloo is ready to do it because Spike told her it's awesome. Obviously, they all fall through trees and mud. Instead of getting a cutie mark, they get tree sap and pine needles all over them. Sweetie Belle asks for Plan B but Scootaloo is so focused on searching for a cutie mark, her idea is a cannon. Scootaloo takes away her idea and tells them that they try all the time to get their cutie mark and always fail. Sweetie Belle asks they do something less dangerous but Apple Bloom passes buckets of water to both of them and cleans herself, saying that the town of Ponyville is full of ponies who got their cutie mark, and asks if they should ask others how they got their cutie mark. Sweetie Belle likes this, because of how safe the idea sounds. Scootaloo also likes the idea and suggests they start with the coolest pony in Ponyville. Apple Bloom thinks Applejack and Sweetie Belle thinks Rarity. Scootaloo drops both those ideas and tells them that the pony is cool, fast, tough and isn't afraid of anything. Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle think of Pinkie Pie. Scootaloo disregards that and tells them that the pony is the greatest flyer to come out of Cloudsdale. Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle think of Fluttershy but Scootaloo finally tells them that it's Rainbow Dash. Scootaloo proposes they ask Rainbow Dash how she got her cutie mark. Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle agreea nd do a hoofbump with Scootaloo but get their hooves stuck to her.

Scene 1

Scootaloo's driving her scooter with Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle being wheeled by her. Suddenly, they see some bunnies and nearly crash into them but luckily, Scootaloo stops in time. It turns out that the bunnies are being chased by Applejack because they stole her apples. She accidentaly crashes into the CMC. Apple Bloom, seeing that her sister has a cutie mark, asks Applejack how she got her cutie mark. Applejack asks if she hasn't told that story yet. Scootaloo thought that they were asking Rainbow Dash but Apple Bloom tells her that they need allt he help they can get.

Applejack tells her story when she was even smaller than the CMC as we see Filly Applejack leaving home as we see Filly Applejack for the first time.


It turns out she ran away from home when she was smaller, as we see Granny Smith and the filly version of Big Macintosh watch her leave as Filly Big Mac sheds a slight tear. Applejack tells them that she wanted to live the sophisticated life, more than the country life and she decided to live with her Aunt and Uncle Orange in Manehatten. Yeah, sending a young child to a huge city on her own is completley safe.

Filly Applejack finally meets up with Aunt Orange and Uncle Orange. We also hear Filly Applejack's voice for the first time.


Aunt Orange and Uncle Orange laugh at how Filly Applejack says y'all and plan to make her a huge Manehatten citizen.

At a dinner with other fancy ponies, one of them ask how she's doing with her stay. Filly Applejack calls it simply divine and Aunt Orange compliments what she says. Filly Applejack admits that the city's taking some getting used to because where she's from, the rooster wakes her up. This creates awkardness.


Food comes but it's a pretty short supply, saddening Filly Applejack.


In her bedroom Filly Applejack misses home and sadly looks out the window, even shedding a tear.


Suddenly a rainbow appears in front of Filly Applejack pointing home and she ran back, realising what her real speciality was - apple work, earning her her cutie mark.

Applejack is now finished her story, sees the bunnies and runs after them. Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle loved the story but Scootaloo thinks it was too sappy and asks they look for Rainbow Dash now.

They are once again driving looking for Rainbow Dash but nearly crash into Fluttershy who's leading some ducks. She tells them that they really need to be more careful and asks why they're in such a hurry. Scootaloo tells Fluttershy how they're trying to look for Rainbow Dash to find out how she got her cutie mark. Fluttershy tells them that she would never have gotten her cutie mark if it wasn't for Rainbow Dash. Scootaloo is excited to hear this. Fluttershy decides to tell her story of how she got her cutie mark.

We see Filly Fluttershy for the first time trying to make it over a cloud. This is where we see Filly Fluttershy for the first time.


Filly Fluttershy tries to make it over a cloud ring but can't make it.


Dumb-bell and Hoops are teasing Filly Fluttershy, calling her Clutzershy but we see Filly Rainbow Dash come in, defending Filly Fluttershy.


We also hear Filly Rainbow Dash's voice crack.


They ask her to prove how great she is and the three turn out to race eachother. Filly Fluttershy is starting the race up, making them go, but cause her to fall.

Scene 2

Filly Fluttershy is falling through the clouds, down to the ground, luckily though, she's saved by a swarm of butterflies. Fluttershyt ells themt hat this is the first time, she ever saw these creatures, because she was never near the ground before.


We hear Filly Fluttershy's voice for the first time, singing too.


Filly Fluttershy basically sings about her discovery of animals and creatures alike and thanking the pegasus race for it. It's basically an improv song but it's supposed to be. It's pretty good for improv too.

Scene 2 Part 2

Filly Fluttershy's song ends though, when a huge rainbow blast appears, causing the animals too run in fright. Filly Fluttershy however, manages to help all the creatures get out of hiding and becomes friends with all of them, earning her her cutie mark.

Scootaloo tells Fluttershy though about what happened with Rainbow Dash and the race. Fluttershy doesn't know because she wasn't there. Scootaloo proposes Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle follow her to find Rainbow Dash, because she can't take anymore singing. Sweetie Belle suggests they go to Rarity, as she might know where Rainbow Dash is.

Scene 3

Unfortunately, they get stuck at Rarity's and she decides to tell her story. She tells them that she knows how they feel because for a long time, she herself couldn't figure out why she didn't have hers.

We see a design for outfits Filly Rarity had for a school play. This is where we see Filly Rarity for the first time.


Her teacher compliments her work, saying the designs look very nice. Filly Rarity wants them to be spectacular and is worried because the performance is tomorrow.


Filly Rarity's making designs but isn't quite able to make a perfect one and wonders if she should even be part of fashion at all.


Suddenly her horn glows, taking her a long way to all sorts of places for a long time. She was thinking that this would be her destiny. When Filly Rarity finally gets to the place though, all she sees is a rock. Filly Rarity becomes agitated and critisizes the rock being her destiny.


Suddenly, the rock opens up from a rainbow blast and Filly Rarity sees the rock open up, revealing gems. Filly Rarity is thrilled to see this.


The designs now perfect, Filly Rartity earns her cutie mark.

Scootaloo is annoyed because the last three stories have been about finding who you are. Rarity tries to tell them that that's exactly how you get a cutie mark but Scootaloo drags Apple BLoom and Sweetie Belle to look for Rainbow Dash.

Unfortunately, they get to Twilight instead who tells them that as a young filly, she always wanted to attend the Summer Sun Celebration, where Princess Celestia raises the sun.

We see the ceremony and Filly Twilight going to it.


She tries to get into the crowd, nervously smiling at two beside her.


We see Princess Celestia raise the sun, awesomely.


Filly Twilight tries her best to study as much magic as possible, as we see her read a book.


After reading from one page, she practises magic to turn the page and successfully does it.


She gets back into the book and ends up learning alot about magic. Her parents decided to enrol her in Princess Celestia's School of Gifted Unicorns. Filyl Twilight jigs a little in excitement, hearing this.


Unfortunately, to get in, Filly Twilight had to pass an entrance exam, shocking her, seeing judges look at her.


Her test was to hatch a dragon egg. She is nervous about trying to hatch the egg and sweats down her face in nervousness.


Scene 4

The judges look at her impatiently and Filly Twilight tries to hatch the egg, with so many methods.


She apologises for wasting the judges time.


Suddenly, a rainbow blast appears, shocking Twilight into hatching the egg, creating Baby Spike.


Suddenly, a magic circle makes Filly Twilgiht's eyes glow and she levitates with the magic. She also levitates the judges, turns her parents into a plant and a cactus and makes Baby Spike grow huge. Princess Celestia luckily manages to come in and helps Twilgiht turn back to normal and everyone else. Baby Spike, back to normal, sucks on his tail.


Filly Twilight apologises.


Princess Celestia instead, believes that Filly Twilight has a very special gift. Filly Twilight is confused. Princess Celestia tells Filly Twilight that she needs to tame these abilities and focus study. Filly Twilight is confused. Princess Celestia asks that Filly Twilgiht become her prodige at the school. Filly Twilight is confused. Her parents nudge her forward to take the offer. Filly Twilight takes it, screaming yes too.


Princess Celestia tells her that there's one other thing and shows Filly Twilight her cutie mark. Filly Twilight jumps around, screaming yes many many times.


Back to the real Twilight, she screams yes many times.


Scootaloo suggests they get out of here while they still can. Twilight is continually saying yes many times but some citizens look confusingly at her. One asks if she's okay and Twilight says yes.


In town, Scootaloo is annoyed because they still haven't found Rainbow Dash. Pinkie Pie's with them now saying that if she was Rainbow Dash, she'd be at Sugarcube Corner but then again, if she was anyone, she'd be at Sugarcube Corner and suggests they go there. SHe nearly falls off but Apple Bloom saves ehr. Theys ay how they're looking for Rainbow Dash to find out how she got her cutie mark. Pinkie Pie tells them that if they come with her, she'll tell them how she got hers. Scootaloo reluctantly agrees.

Pinkie Pie tells them how her sisters and her were raised on a rock farm outside of Ponyville, harvesting rocks. There was no talking, no smiling and there were only rocks. We see Filly Pinkie Pie for the first time.


She has a sad look on her face from harvesting rocks. They were harvesting the rocks from the west field to the east field when suddenly a rainbow blast happened, making Filly Pinkie's hair change.


She also smiled widely for the first time.


Filly Pinkie wanted to spread smiles to her family but realised that rainbows don't come in their area very often and thought of ways to spread smiles.

The next morning, the family came out and hear noises in another area. Her mother aks Pinkamena Diane Pie if that's her and Filly Pinkie tells them that she needs to show them something. When her family came in, Filly Pinkie shown them a party. At first, she thought they didn't like the party but it turns out they do and celebrate with their daughter and Filly Pinkie says how happy she is.


Scene 5

Pinkie Pie tells them that that's how Equestria was made. Scootaloo's reaction "Wha-huh?!" is just about any fans reaction. When they get to Sugarcube Corner, Pinkie tells them that she could say the story on the way home of how she got her cutie mark. This is so strange but it doesn't matter. Like Sweetie Belle said, "She's just being Pinkie Pie." Or is she?

Inside Sugarcube Corner, they see all the ponies including Rainbow Dash. She tells them that she heard they're looking for a cutie mark story. Scootaloo tells her that she has no idea what she's been through to hear that story. Rainbow Dash is flattered and tells them that it all started at Flight Camp, when she tried to defend Fluttershy's honor. Dumb-bell crashed, leaving Filly Rainbow Dash against Hoops. She never felt such thrills and liked it alot. She remembered how much of a jerk Hoops was though and it turns out that the only thing she loved more than flying fast was winning fast. And so, we see Filly Rainbow Dash create a sonic rainboom and she also earned her cutie mark too.

She's finished her story and all of the CMC are amazed. Fluttershy realizes that she heard that explosion and saw the rainbow too. She thinks that if Rainbow Dash hadn't scared the animals, she would've never been able to communicate with them and earn her cutie mark. Pinkie Pie realizes that there was an amazing rainbow that thought her to smile. Applejack tells them that when she got her cutie mark, she saw a rainbow that pointed her home and thinks that it may have been Dash's sonic rainboom. Rarity tells them that there was a huge explosion she couldn't explain when she got her cutie mark. Twilight thinks that this is uncanny because if that explosion didn't happen, she would've never passed her entrance exam and thinks that Rainbow Dash helped her earn her cutie mark too. Pinkie Pie friendily slams Rainbow to the ground telling her that they own all their cutie marks to her. Fluttershy asks if Dash she realizes what this means and says that they all had a special connection before they even met. Rarity tells her that they've been BFF's forever and they didn't even know it. The six exchange a group hug.


Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle D'AWWW, but Scootaloo is sick seeing this and asks they try ziplining again. Instead of following orders, Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle group hug with Scootaloo.


Fluttershy suggests they sing a song and Scootaloo screams a loud, long "NO!"


Twilight is writing to the princess via Spike saying that today she learnt something amazing. That everypony everywhere has a special magical connection with her friends: maybe before she's met them. She says that if you're feeling lonely and still looking for friends, just look up in the sky. Who knows? Maybe you and your future best friends are looking at the same rainbow.

Scene 5 Part 2

Spike thinks of this moral as gross and asks when Twilight became so cheesy. Twilight asks he just write it.

Final Thoughts

I can honestly say that I love this episode. How can I not? It brings all the characters closer with eachother - even the CMC. The stories are told on a great perspective and we see filly versions of the characters. We learn about all their childhoods and all their cutie mark origins. I've wanted to know how they got their cutie marks since Call of the Cutie. This episode has so much build-up with the way they lead up to Rainbow Dash's story. Surprsises with each story too. In Applejack's, we see her aunt and uncle for the first time. In Fluttershy's we see what her fillyhood was like - something more touched on later in Hurricane Fluttershy. In Rarity's we see that Cheerilee was in her class. In Twilight's we see how she got Spike and how Celestia raises the sun. In Pinkie's, her full name is revealed and we see who her family were. And in Rainbow Dash's we see how she got into flying and how she first did the sonic rainboom. The humour is shown but not too much. This is a more story episode. I have problems but small ones. In Applejack's story, she went to a big city, without supervision of Big Macintosh or Granny Smith. The CMC have a problem at the beginning. They learnt in The Show Stoppers to only try the stuff they're good at. Well, if they learnt this, why are they still doing random stuff? And also, in Rainbow Dash's story, where was Gilda? They were Flight Camp friends, so why wasn't she seen watching the race? And the moral is kind of cheesy and doesn't really teach much, but atleast Spike critisized it. But even with those minor problems, I still loved the episode. I'd even call it my favourite of Season 1.


-Mane 6 are brought closer together

-Perfect Story

-Cutie Mark origins of Mane 6 revealed

-Perfect Build-up

-Applejack's aunt and uncle revealed

-Fluttershy's fillyhood

-It turns out Cheerilee was in Rarity's class

-The way Twilight got Spike is revealed

-Princess Celestia is a boss

-Filly Applejack cuteness overload five times!

-Big Mac cuteness overload!

-Filly Fluttershy cuteness overload three times

-Filly Rainbow Dash cuteness overload

-Filly Rarity cuteness overload five times

-Filly Twilight cuteness overload thirteen times

-Baby Spike cuteness overload twice

-Twilight Sparkle cuteness overload twice

-Filly Pinkie cuteness overload four times

-Pinkie Pie's family revealed

-Pinkie Pie's full name revealed

-How Rainbow Dash got into flying

-Rainbow Dash's sonic rainboom for the first time in her life


-Filly Applejack goes to big city without supervision

-The Show Stoppers is shown to be pointless in this episode

-Flight Camp = No Gilda.

Elements of Episode

Characterization: A+

Entertainment: A+

Pacing: A-

Introduction: B

Humour: B

Premise: A+

Story: A+

Moral: B-

Final Score: A+

Tomorrow: Owl's Well That Ends Well