We start off with Spike packing supples for Twilight for a meteor shower. Twilight thinks it'll be amazing and tells him that the shower only happens every 100 years. All the supplies are about to be packed and Twilight calls Spike her No. 1 assistant. Before they leave, Twilight asks Spike to find her book "Astronomer's Almanac to All Things Astromony." Spike manages to get it, but accidentaly sneezes fire on it, burning the pages. Worried that Twilight will find out, he puts the book back.

Scene 1

The meteor shower is about to start and Twilight thinks that the book is gone. Spike tells her that she's already smart enough. Twilight thanks him for this and calls him a flatterer. He lays out the food and Rainbow Dash eats an apple. She tells Twilight that she's lucky she has such a rad assistant and wishes she had someone to do everything she told them. Scootaloo tells Rainbow Dash that she'll do everything she wants.Rainbow Dash asks her to take out the trash. Rarity, with Sweetie Belle, also compliments on Spike and so does everyone else. Pinkie Pie calls him cutesy-wutesy and Rarity tells him that she made a bow tie for him. Spike loves it and looks pretty awesome in it.


Sweetie Belle tells them that the show's starting and the ponies are amazed at this scenery of meteors.

Afterwards, Pinkie Pie loves the cookies and Twilight tells her that Spike made them. She calls for Spike but it turns out he's asleep and Pinkie Pie makes a drug reference.

Spike is asleep and Twilight gives him a silent goodnight. She's about to write about comets but is interrupted by a noise at the window. After looking out, she sees nothing. She tries to continue but hears the noise again. She opens the window but now sees her paper fly out the window. It turns out it's an owl, who returns her paper. She asks if he wants to keep her company and he does.

The next morning, Spike discovers he slept in and apologises to Twilight and tries to catch up on his daily chores. Twilight thinks it's okay because the new junior assistant Owlowiscious is helping. Spike questions this, thinking that they don't need a junior assistant. Twilight asks he don't worry as Owlowiscious is only helping a little. Twilight asks Spike he introduce himself to Owlowiscious and don't be worried. Spike sweats nervously, saying he isn't worried. He goes upstairs to meet Owlowiscious but a scary look scares him. Spike tries to introduce himself but Owlowiscious resorts to the cliche Hoo joke. Spike leaves and vows vengeance against Owlowiscious.

Scene 2

Spike is reading a book on owl's and sees all the ponies crowded around Owlowiscious. Considering Pinkie Pie made that drug joke earlier, I can't wait to see her joke here. She says how she's HOOked. Lame.

Fluttershy thinks Owlowiscious is wonderful and Spike impersonates her but tries to hide this by trying to compliment Owlowiscious. Rarity makes a bow tie for Owliscious, angering Spike ven more and loudly shuts the window. Applejack asks what Spike's so angry about. Rainbow Dash thinks he's jealous. Fluttershy thinks that maybe he feels threatened. Twilight considers this silly because she thinks Spike knows he'll never be replaced.

Spike however, does think he's being replaced. He plans to step up so Twilight and Owlowiscious know he's No. 1. Twilight asks Spike to get the book Two-Headed Mythological Monsters. Unfortunately, Owlowiscious already got the book, angrying Spike more. Twilight asks him to find Ferrets of Fairyland. Spike is already standing on it and Owlowiscious gets it. Spike is about to fall and Twilight, not even seeing him about to fall, somehow knows and asks he come down.

Twilight's quill breaks and Spike tries to find it. He doesn't see it in the library and runs off. Twilight yells at him to come back.

At the store "quills and sofas," they run out.

Spike goes to Pinkie Pie and she thought that she saw one. She finds a quince, quail, quilt, quesadilla and a quiche, but no quill.

Spike tries to get a chickens feather and after a painful attempt, finally gets a feather quill.

When he comes back however, it turns out that Owlowiscious used one of his own feathers. Spike gets soa ngry, he burns the chicken feather and decides to get to his chores, but falls asleep.

Scene 3

The next morning, it turns out that Twilight, with the help of Owlowiscious discovered about the burnt booka nd tells Spike how dissapointed she is. Spike vows to Owlowiscious that he'll try to make him look bad and Owlowiscious tries the hoo cliche.

Rarity is seen leaving her home with Opalescence, getting ready for Fluttershy's tea party. Spike is in a cheesy black and white villian with a moustache. He grabs one of Opal's toys - a mouse - and decides to tear it up when he brings it back to Twilight's.

Spike tears the toy mouse up and covers ketchup over it. He then grabs a pillow and tries feathers out, until he sees Twilight and Owlowiscious, trying to act innocent for the mouse. Spike thinks Owlowiscious should be punished. Twilight instead, is now even more dissapointed than before. She informs Spike that he is not the assistant she knows and loves and leaves with Owlowiscious Spike feels upset that Twilight thinks this, while tears go slightly down his face.


Scene 4

Spike runs away from home, upset about Twilight not loving him anymore. He says to himself how he's cold, hungry and lonely. To make it worse, it rains. Luckily, Spike sees a cave and doesn't hear anyone inside so goes in. But he does see gems, which makes him never want to go home.

Scene 5

Spike has finished eating his feed of gems but still feels empty because he misses the others because Twilight doesn't love him anymore. Unfortunately, he discovers the gems belong to a huge green dragon who Spike tries to reason with but the dragon attacks. Spike runs off while the dragon breathes it's fire at him. Neither are giving up. The green dragon nearly even eats Spike. The dragon has Spike against a corner but suddenly Owlowiscious swoops in and attacks the dragon. Twilight yells at Spike to run to her and get on her back. Spike is glad to see her. When running away from the dragon, Twilight can't see. Luckily, Owlowiscious guides her out and they escape, causing the green dragon to breath a load of fire in the air.

Outside the forest, Twilight announces to Spike that they, mostly her, was so worried about him and asks why he ran away. Spike answers her that he thought she didn't need him anymore and didn't love him anymore. Twilight tells Spike that she may have been dissapointed, but he's her No. 1 assistant and friend, and always will be.

Nope, not gonna cry.

Twilight tells Spike that she just needs help during the night. She tells him that she can't ask him to stay up late because he's a baby dragon but owls like Owlowiscious are nocturnal, so she asked Owlowiscious to help her but not to take Spike's place. Twilight finishes off that noone could ever replace him, not even when he's being a jealous numbskull.

Damnit, I cried.

Spike apologises and hugs Twilight, saying that he should never have been so jealous. Twilight apologises too because she should have been more sensitive.

Spike apologises to Owlowiscious and asks if he forgive him but Owlowiscious once again, does that stupid cliche. Spike asks how Twilight even found him and Twilight tells him that it was his ketchup covered footprints. Spike asks if the ketchup looked like real blood but Twilight glares at him again as Spike laughs nervously.


Back at Twilight's library, Twilight is writing the letter but asks Spike if he wants to take it. Spike learns that being jealous and lieing gets you nowhere in friendship.

Moral #2

He also learns that there's plenty of love for every friend to share. Before he can finish his letter, he falls asleep.

Scene 5 Part 2

Owlowiscious once again pulls off that unfunny, overused cliche "Hoo" joke at Twilight and the episode ends.

Green Dragon

So, the short lived antagonist. He's okay. He definitely never gives up when he tries to kill Spike. After all, Spike ate his food. He definitely also offers great visuals and a great design on him.

Final Thoughts

So how does this episode hold up? I don't know. This episode is so confusing for me to even give an opinion on. There are some really good stuff here and there but also really bad stuff. It's definitely one of the most "meh" episodes for me, maybe not as much as A Bird in the Hoof. I guess I can start with the good stuff. The meteor shower at the beginning with The Mane 6, Spike and the CMC is incredible and extraordinary. I hope these 10 appear together at the end of the series. I liked the shortlived antagonist too. I also really loved how it shows what Spike's flaw is - jealousy. It also shows exactly what kind of relationship Twilight and Spike have. This is the best episode to show that. They may have their trips along their way and their arguements but they definitely respect eachother on both terms. That's probably the best part of the episode. But then you have the negatives. To start, the whole pacing of Spike just running away out of nowhere felt forced. The humour is pretty bland. Not too much funny stuff. not much unpredictable jokes like usual in MLP FiM. Pinkie's humour was mixed for me aswell. She had some good, funny lines, most notably the only unpredictable joke, her drug reference, but then she resorted to the same formula of comedy this episode did. As for Owlowiscious, I didn't like the guy. The whole character was a Mary Sue who always helped out, was always the innocent one and never did anything bad. With Spike, he always helped out and was innocent but he's done many things bad, because he's a kid. Apart from Owlowiscious being a perfect character with no flaws, the running gag with him was the worst joke of the episode and maybe even the series. As for the two morals, yeah, okay I guess. So, with all that good stuff and all that bad stuff, this is a hard one for me to rate.


-Twilight and Spike interaction much further developed

-Spike's flaw established

-Amazing meteor shower with the 10 primary characters

-Good Shortlived Antagonist

-Chase Scene

-Pinkie Pie's drug reference


-Owlowiscious is a Mary Sue

-Annoying Running Gag that's never funny

-Spike running away is forced

-Bland Humour with a bad formula to follow

Elements of Episode

Characterization: C+

Entertainment: C

Pacing: C-

Introduction: A-

Humour: D+

Premise: B

Story: B-

Moral: B+

Final Score: C

Tomorrow: Party of One