We start off in Ponyville where we cut to Twilight's library where she's reading, when suddenly, she hears a knock at the door.


It turns out to be Pinkie Pie singing another one of her random songs, inviting Twilight, Rarity, Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy respectively to her pet alligator Gummy's one year old birthday. As the song goes on though, Pinkie Pie grows tired from having to sing the song five times, her voice starts giving out. The song is pretty catchy, I will admit. But yet it's another random unneccasary Pinkie Pie song.

Introduction Part 2

Finally back at Sugarcube Corner, Pinkie Pie decides that next time she'll hand out written invitations and falls to the floor.

Hmm, guess this must be her mental breakdown. She can't possibly have a bigger one. I mean, she's Pinkie Pie, she's the happiest pony in Ponyville. So her simply passing out as a mental breakdown is understandable. I mean, Applejack is the most mature and her mental breakdown was just passing out. I can't possibly imagine Pinkie Pie having a bigger mental breakdown. It's not like she'll go insane or anything.

Unfortunately, with the song at hand, this introuction is way too short. I was expecting another dragged on introduction like the past episodes before this. This is luckily not too long but is definitely too short. This is a Pinkie Pie episode, I thought they'd make the opening a little bit longer.

Scene 1

Finally, at Pinkie Pie's party, Twilight and Pinkie Pie are dancing, Applejack and Rainbow Dash are applebobbing and Rarity and Fluttershy are having a conversation.

Rainbow Dash is impressed by Applejack's bobbing but then tries to show off too but is interrupted by Pinkie Pie who greets Applejack and Rainbow Dash. They do the same and Pinkie Pie extends how happy she is they came. They both tell her they wouldn't have missed it for the world. Rainbow Dash gets an apple and Pinkie Pie surprises them that there's other stuff. This causes Applejack and Rainbow Dash to become curious. Applejack gets an apple that springs her in, yet she doesn't suffocate stuck in the bowl. Guess Pinkie Pie lent her Pinkie Pie logic to Applejack. Rainbow Dash on the other hand gets Gummy who has his gums stuck to her face. She gets rid of him but Applejack laughs. Rainbow Dash on the other hand, looks like she's about to declare war on the toothless alligator. Oh please be in Fighting is Magic Gummy.

Rarity is sipping punch and Pinkie pours out more for her. Rarity loves it and asks if this is the same stuff she used for her Spring has Sprung party. Pinkie Pie instead tells her that it's a new recipe and Rarity discovers that Gummy's sipping out of it. Pinkie Pie tells her that it's Gummy's favourite with a smile on her face. Rarity spits it out on Pinkie's face and Pinkie's face is still smiling. I wonder how she'd react to her G3 version. Probably fine. infact, she's already hurt one of her friends in this episode. I wonder if she'll hurt all of them.

Pinkie Pie is dancing with Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy with the three of them doing cute dance moves.


However, Pinkie Pie precedes to butt slam Twilight and Fluttershy into walls making the wood appear in the walls. Twilight and Fluttershy are badly injured. Okay, that's three ponies Pinkie's injured.

The ponies leave the party late at night and compliment Pinkie's party work. She asks Twilight if she wants to stay because there's still some cake left. Twilight passes the offer but still compliments Pinkie, telling her that they should do this again soon. Pinkie Pie sparks an idea to host yet another party. Only good can come of this.

Scene 2

The next morning, a knock comes early at Twilight's door and once again, it turns out to be Pinkie Pie, inviting Twilight to Gummy's after-birthday party. Twilight then supposedly lies to Pinkie Pie that she has studies to catch up on.

Pinkie Pie goes to Applejack next, who's bringing in apples into one of the Sweet Apple Acres barns. She gives the invitation and then Applejack lies saying she has to pick apples. Suddenly, we hear eery music with Pinkie Pie eerily staring into Applejack's eyes with a look of anger. Luckily though she isn't and moves on.

Next, we cut to Rarity who sees Spike bringing out a rubbish bin for her. After she says how horrible he smells, he floats in the air and she pushes him, while he's in the air. Her hoof manages to make him still float. I sense Pinkie pie approaching. Pinkie Pie does. Rarity, with her love of giant hats, loves Pinkie's one and Pinkie invites her to Gummy's after birthday party. Rarity lies too declining because she has to wash her hair. Pinkie considers her hair not dirty so to prove it, Rarity dumps her head into the rubbish bin to prove it. Wow, that's technically not lieing.

Next she tries Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy who lie saying they have to houses it in a cave that looks like a big house for a bear named Harry going on vacation.

Pinkie thinks something fishy's going on while Gummy rolls a ball of yarn. She suspects that the others are lieing to her and avoiding her.

She looks out the window and sees Twilight sneaking around crawling. This will be the first of:

Solid Twilight

Twilight goes into Sugarcube Corner where Pinkie Pie is.

Scene 3

Solid Sparkle goes into the lower floor of Sugarcube Corner. Mrs. Cake sees her and asks if she's hear for something but is interrupted by Solid Sparkle asking if Pinkie Pie's here. Mrs. Cake doesn't think so. Solid Sparkle doesn't want her to know anything about this. Pinkie Pie, on the upper floor drops a can being held by a rope that connects to a can. Pinkie Pie asks to herself why Solid Sparkle wouldn't want her to know about something. In the background, we see Gummy rolling on a ball of yarn, able to balance himself.


She hears Solid Sparkle reminding Mrs. Cake not to say a word to Pinkie Pie. Suddenly, Solid Sparkle sees the can and Pinkie Pie quickly takes it up but it disconnects from the other can, causing the other can to hit Solid Sparkle. Solid Sparkle even gets a real horse face from it.

Solid Sparkle is sneaking again and Solid Pie follows her with Gummy on her head. She also gets the old glasses and moustache disguise.

Solid Pie follows Solid Sparkle with a new disguise. Solid Sparkle follows the box on her head onto Rarity. Rarity asks if Solid Pie saw Solid Sparkle at the sweet shop. Solid Sparkle doesn't think so. Rarity is relieved because she'd hate for Solid Pie to ruin things. Solid Sparkle agrees and Rarity takes the box sneakily and holds it on with her tail. Solid Pie gets a new disguise of a cardboard box I mean lump of hay and follows Solid Rarity.

Solid Rarity sneaks by to Fluttershy asking if she saw Solid Pie this morning. Fluttershy doesn't think so. Solid Rarity and Fluttershy are glad and say how happy they are that they could give an excuse. Solid Pie now with an added on cap and jacket disguise, is sad to hear this. Solid Rarity passes the box onto Fluttershy.

Solid Fluttershy sneaks and Solid Pie quickly hops off so she won't get caught. Unfortunately, she bumps into Solid Fluttershy causing Solid Fluttershy to run away. Solid Pie says to herself that she thought everypony loved her parties.

Just then, she sees Rainbow Dash and runs after her. This will be the first of;

Metal Gear Rainbow.

Solid Dash flies as fast as she can away from Pinkie. Solid Dash gets to where barrels are but Pinkie jumps out angrily asking her where she's going. Solid Dash now flies faster away from Pinkie and hides in the school bell but Pinkie turns out to have made herself in the shape of a jingle and asks Solid Dash the real reason she didn't come to the party. Solid Dash now flies faster and flies up to the summit of a mountain. She can't fully reach it and starts to lose her energy but a hoof is reached out to help her out but it turns out to be Pinkie, asking what's in the bags. Solid Dash flies fast to Applejack's barn and Pinkie pursues her just as fast creating a pink trail instead of a rainbow one. Wait, so a normal earth pony with no wings and not too much focus on excersise has the same amount of speed as a pegasus who's performed a myth of an event at this point in the series, twice, who's done many exercise and is the most used to flying.


Pinkie angrily knocks on Applejack's barn, warning her that she knows they're in there. Applejack slightly opens the door, nervously greeting Pinkie. Pinkie suspiciously asks if Applejack mind she take a look inside the barn. Applejack hesitates, telling Pinkie that she can't come in. Pinkie Pie is suspicious because Rainbow Dash just went in there. Applejack is nervous but says to Pinkie that Rainbow Dash is gathering supplies for renovation. PInkie Pie suspiciously looks at Applejack and Applejack yells into her barn that there's lots of construction going on in there. The others make construction noises. Pinkie Pie comes close to Applejack, suspicious. She tries to see what's inside but Applejack Engienope's her by closing the door on Pinkie, kind of hurting her. Pinkie is now incredibly suspicious, reluctantly leaving. That's four Pinkie.

Scene 4

Pinkie Pie decides to get someone on the inside to tell her everything.

She has Spike on a chair, who sees a spread of gems. He loves the spread and Pinkie promises to give it to him if he talks. Spike takes this as to talk normally, complimenting the weather. Pinkie tells him instead, to talk about their friends. Spike takes this as just describing them. Pinkie yells at him that he doesn't understand her and that he needs to confess. Spike admits that he's the one who accidentaly spilled juice on Twilight's coffee at Magical Mysteries and Practical Potions. Pinkie Pie asks what else. Spike admits that he's the one who used up all the water in Ponyville when he took a 7 hour bubblebath. Pinkie Pie asks what else and Spike demonstrates that sometimes he looks in a mirror saying how good he looks. Spike is ashamed. Okay, Pinkie that's four ponies you've hurt in one episode.

Pinkie Pie loses her temper and Spike asks her to tell him what to say and he'll say it. Pinkie asks him to tell her that her friends are all lying to her and avoiding her because they don't like her parties and don't want to be her friend anymore. Pinkie Pie says that she knew it but her hair goes back to the way it was when she was a filly and is now really upset about what her friends think of her. Okay, so I assume Spike will comfort her because he only said it because she told him to. Wait, he doesn't? He just eats the gems. Well, looks like the first retaliation from someone Pinkie hurt unintentionally.

Scene 5

Pinkie thanks a piece of dust, a bag of flour, a bucket of rocks and a bucket of turnips. The objects she calls Sir Lincelot, Madame LeFlour, Rocky and Mr. Turnip. Her eyes start twitching brightly and she impersonates her objects. To make matters worse, she derps her eyes. Not cutely, but insanely, with eery music playing in the background. Wait, so the breakdown at the opening wasn't the mental breakdown? But she's Pinkie Pie. Does this mean her sillyness is her being...creepy?

Pinkie's inanimate objects convinve her not to speak to the others again.

A knock comes at the door and it's Rainbow Dash, who apologises for being in a rush. Pinkie Pie bottles up her anger. Rainbow Dash suggests Pinkie come with her to Sweet Apple Acres. Pinkie Pie rather wants to spend time with her objects. Rainbow Dash is slightly creeped out and is slightly more when she sees Gummy bouncing on a balloon across the room.


Rainbow Dash suggests they leave Creepytown and go to Applejack's. Mr. Turnip defends Pinkie, saying she isn't going anywhere. Rainbow Dash nearly loses insanity but then Rocky calls Rainbow Dash a chump. Rainbow Dash nearly loses insanity but instead, tries to force Pinkie Pie out by pushing her tail. Pinkie Pie crushes Rainbow Dash with her ass.


This is also five ponies that Pinkie Pie has hurt. Rainbow Dash decides to try and do this the hard way.


Rainbow Dash drags Pinkie the whole way to Sweet Apple Acres by her tail, with Gummy on Pinkie's head.

The door opens and we see Twilight, Fluttershy, Applejack and Rarity yelling "Surprise." Pinkie Pie is angry and Flutterashy tells them that she thought she'd be more excited. Pinkie Pie is confused because she thinks they're throwing a farewell party for her. That they wanted to throw her out of the group because they don't like her anymore and wanted to have a grand party to celebrate. Pinkie Pie is sad but Applejack asks why she thought they didn't like her anymore. Pinkie Pie angrily responds that it's because they've been lying to her and avoiding her all day. Rainbow Dash grins to Applejack, explaining to Pinkie that it's because they wanted her party to be a surprise. Rarity explains that they've been plaaning the party for such a long time, that they had to come up with reasons to not attend Gummy's party so they could plan Pinkie's party. Twilight asked that if this is a fareewell party, why does the cake she ordered from Sugarcube Corner say Happy Birthday Pinkie Pie.

Pinkie looks around seeing the party equipment and quickly returns back to her partygoing self and becomes happy again. The ponies are relieved and Pinkie drops all of them. That's six. Pinkie says how great her friends are and feels guilty about how she was. Twilight tells Pinkie that it's okay because it could've happened to any of them.

Twilight, I believe you're correct.

Rainbow Dash is glad that she wasn't replaced by a bucket of trnips. Twilight is confused and Rainbow Dash tells her she doesn't want to know, as Pinkie looks awkward. Applejack sets up the recorder and all the ponies dance.


Twilight learns that you should always expect the best from friends and never assume the worst. Rest assured that a good friend always has your best interests at heart.

Scene 5 Part 2

Pinkie asks the others if they wouldn't mind if they celebrated Gummy's after-party. The ponies agree to do so while Gummy teeths on a balloon.


Final Thoughts

So after a meh episode like Owl's Well That Ends Well, how is this episode? Incredible. It's the first ever Pinkie Pie episode. Considering the last half Pinkie episode was horrible, this episode really makes up for it. The build-up is amazing and we get some funny stuff, mostly from Pinkie Pie. The moral's okay but isn't too much of an impact. Gummy has a better introduction than he did in Feeling Pinkie Keen. The best part though is we see another side of Pinkie Pie. She shows how much insecurity she has. If she isn't happy, she loses insanity. It shows that she's more than a developed character, even if they show it in a weird and creepy way. The only minor problem I have is when Pinkie's questioning Spike. He only said about the others because Pinkie told him to. I can let him off though because he's a child, but when he sees Pinkie Pie upset, he does nothing about it. Slightly out of character for Spike. Also, the introduction's too short.


-Build-up to climax

-Another developed side of Pinkie

-Pinkie's flaw established

-Pinkie Pie breakdown

-Creepy Pinkie Pie

-Good Song

-Inanimate objects

-Metal Gear Twilight

-Metal Gear Dash

-Twilight cuteness overload

-Pinkie Pie cuteness overload

-Fluttershy cuteness overload

-Gummy's a boss three times

-Pinkie Pie's a boss twice

-Hidden Innuendo between Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie twice


-Spike does nothing to help Pinkie Pie

-Intro's too short

Elements of Episode

Characterization: B+

Entertainment: A

Pacing: A

Introduction: A-

Humour: A+

Premise: A

Story: A+

Moral: B

Final Score: A

Tomorrow: Season 1 Finale: The Best Night Ever