We start off with Pinkie Pie bouncing on a trampoline, excited that The Grand Galloping Gala's tonight. She gets so excited she does a barrel roll Twilight Sparkle is slightly annoyed because Pinkie's distracting her from her concentration on a book. Rarity comes out of Carousel Boutique also annoyed with Pinkie. She doesn't want Pinkie Pie to continue bouncing on the trampoline because Pinkie may get sweaty on the dress Rarity gave her in Suited For Success. Pinkie Pie's slightly annoyed with Rarity but comes off. She sees Spike and asks him what's Twilight doing. Spike explains that she has this awesome spell she's been working on for the Gala. Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy show up and Twilight's ready for her spell. Spike puts an apple down but Pinkie thinks Twilight's making pie. Spike asks she be quiet and watch. Twilight manages to turn the apple into an apple-shaped carriage to bring them to the Gala.

Like a Boss!

The others are amazed but Twilight tells them that that's just the start. She asks Fluttershy if she brought her friends. Fluttershy says yes to her offer and asks if her mice friends are gonna be alright. Twilight gives Fluttershy her word and turns the mice into mice horses. The ponies are startled and confused. Twilight promises they'll be mice again at midnight. Suddenly, Opalescence comes and goes after the mice horses. Fluttershy is afraid. The mice horse gallop off and Twilight yells at them to come back. Ooo, kind of broke a promise there Twilight. Well atleast it wasn't a Pinkie Pie promise.

Twilight is worried now because there's noone to pull their carriage. Rarity takes this as a no-brainer and once again, uses hypnotism to get what she wants, just like in A Dog and Pony Show. She seduces two stallions into pulling their carriage and I have no idea why one of my favourite background ponies, Noteworthy, becomes a cyclops for a second.

Scene 1

The ponies are getting their hair ready with machines. Pinkie tries turning it on but gets blown away by it.

Cuteness Overload!

Spike's knocking to get in. Rainbow Dash and Applejack are about to open it but Rarity orders them not to because their getting dressed. Applejack answers Rarity's statement saying that they don't normally wear clothes.

Like a Boss!

Hidden Innuendos FTW!

Rarity let's Spike in, apologising saying that some of them have stantards. Spike is excited because they'll all get to spend time together. Rainbow Dash is unsure, Rarity tells him that they'll just have to wait and say, Applejack, while washing Fluttershy's hooves, tells him they'll be busy and Pinkie Pie tells bhim that they'll be busy having fun. Spike is dissapointed but Twilight promises that htey'll get to spend time together. Spike is happy to hear this.

Spike plans stuff while he pushes the stallions to Canterlot but none of the ponies seem to hear him> He thinks they do and gets ahead of himself by trying to make the stallions go faster. They threaten that if he wasn't friends with their neighbour Rarity, they'd hurt him. Spike gives off a sigh of relief.

They finally reach the gala and Spike opens the door for them. He's amazed about how all the ponies look.


And so we get to the song At the Gala. The song about the six ponies singing about what they're doing at the gala. Great song. It has so much amazing description in detail of what each pony wants to do. Whereas Winter Wrap Up may have had them all singing, this one has them with their own verse each, unlike in Winter Wrap Up when there was more than one character singing in each verse, except in Twilight's verse. Here, they all have their own screentime. I loved the singing voices from the six and the background singers and the background music. The visuals are also amazing. There's only two problems I have. Once again, this is a group song, yet Spike never sings in it. My second problem is something I'll get to later.

Scene 1 Part 2

Spike is excited that they're all gonna spend time together but then the other six seperate, causing Spike dissapointment.

Scene 2

The gala gets underway and in the background we see two of The Wonderbolts without glasses, one being Spitfire and the other unknown. Why in the name of Celestia does Spitfire look like she has brains for eyes.

Twilight runs up the stairs in the palace to meet Princess Celestia and spend time with her. Both are happy to see eachother and Twilight tells Celestia that they have so much to catch up on. The princess wants Twilight by her side the entire time. Twilight is happy to hear this.

Rarity is walking through the palace and sees Prince Blueblood. She tries to get near him and gets happier as she gets closer and outside the palace and into the garden.

Fluttershy, in the garden, sees a meadowlark, a bird. She hears a whistle and believes it's calling out to her. She calls for it whistles back at her. She's really happy.

Applejack, in the garden, sets up her cart and the Wonderbolt seen earlier shows up and she asks if he's hungry. He tells her that he's as hungry as a horse. Wait, that voice, it's... Matt Hill. He voiced Ed in Ed,Edd,n,Eddy. That's one of my favourite cartoons. Matt, you did the right choice.

Ed,Edd,n,Eddy + My Little Pony Friendship is Magic = 100% awesomeness.

The Wonderbolt gets a big apple pie and Applejack is thrilled that in the first minute, she made her first sale.

We see that The Wonderbolt is entering The Wonderbolt V.I.P section and then we see what Spitfire's eyes look like, calling him as Soarin'. Unfortunately, Soarin's apple pie starts to fall in slow motion but luckily, Rainbow Dash, outside the Wonderbolt V.I.P. section, manages to save his pie. He thanks her and goes off with his pie. Spitfire recognises Rainbow Dash as the pony who saved them in Cloudsdale and won the best young fliers competition in Sonic Rainboom. Rainbow Dash introduces herself and Spitfire tells Rainbow Dash that it looks like her skilled saved Soarin's apple pie. Just then we see Soarin' chewing on his apple pie with Ed eating noises. Could this get any better? Spitfire asks Rainbow Dash if she wants to hang out with them and Rainbow Dash agrees. She walks with them and lets out a fangirl scream to herself.

Cuteness Overload!

Pinkie Pie comes into the palace and sees the music, pretty ponies and shiny floor and gets really excited.

Song #2

And so we get our second song of the episode I'm at the Grand Galloping Gala. Another random 10 second Pinkie Pie song. She sings how excited she has and how the Gala is all she's ever dreamed. Like alot of Pinkie Pie episodes, okay, but nothing special. My only problem is again something I'll get to in a second.

Scene 2 Part 2

After Pinkie's song, she seems worried and sad because these ponies seem not to like Pinkie because of how rambunctious she is. Well that's saddening.

Scene 3

Prince Blueblood and Rarity introduce eachother and Rarity tells him that that's a lovely rose. It looks at first like he's about to give it to him but instead, he puts it on himself telling her that it goes well with his eyes. Rarity's worried and sad. Well, yeah, I was kind of expecting Blueblood to be a jerk, but Rarity's best pony. Usually when she's sad, it's funny because of her over-dramatic nature. Here, gosh it's sad.

Fluttershy's calling to find where the meadowlark is and follows it's direction. Unfortunately, it turns out to be Mr. Greenhooves, who whistles while he works. Fluttershy is about to leave but luckily, she sees all sorts of creatures. Unfortunately, they run off and Fluttershy even blames herself for being a loudmouth. Wow, way to make the sweetest pony in Ponyville upset.

Spitfire and Soarin' are talking to a few ponies and Rainbow Dash is trying to push through the crowd. She tries to talk to both individually but neither can here her and now she's angry. Damnit, these are Rainbow Dash's idols. Why are they doing this?

Twilight's trying to talk to her idol, teacher and mentor but it's hard for both to interact with all of the guests coming in. Twilight sadly says to herself that it looks like talking to the Princess will be a magic trick in itself. That's heartbreaking.

Applejack waits 60 minutes for a second customer and still nothing.

All of the ponies are now upset as we the six of them upset. I presume Spike is aswell.

The ponies refuse to be upset and all grow determination to make this the best night ever. Hurray for determination.

Scene 4

Fluttershy, in the garden, sets up a trap; a carrot under a box with string attached to the box. She pretends to leave and then hears a bite for the carrot. She thinks it's an animal but unfortunately it's Mr. Greenhooves again.

Rainbow Dash, inside the palace, tries to think fast to impress The Wonderbolts. She decides to knock a colt in the air and then catches him. Unfortunately The Wonderbolts don't see this.

Rarity, in the palace, decides to be patient with Blueblood. He stops her in her tracks when she nearly walks into a puddle. She thinks at first that he's going to put a cloak over the puddle but instead, Rarity has to.

Pinkie Pie tries to think what to do inside the palace with the msic. She whispers requests into the band's ears.

Song #3

And so we get the final song of the episode, and the season, Pony Pokey. Pinkie Pie sings a spoof on Hokey Pokey. The lyrics she sings matches perfectly with how Twilight, Applejack, Rainbow, Rarity and Fluttershy are doing with each lyric while they happen. So Pinkie's able to do that which is pretty funny. But still, this song's premise is just the others suffering. Nevertheless, atleast here it's shown in a comedic fashion. The scariest part is Fluttershy yelling "Come out" at the animals. Fluttershy, I've seen you angry in Dragonshy and Stare Master. You don't need to prove your anger.

Scene 4 Part 2

The posh ponies are annoyed at Pinkie telling her that it isn't "that kind of party" signalling that it isn't as rambunctious. Pinkie Pie takes this more as that the posh ponies want an even bigger party.

Scene 5

Applejack is bored at her counter but sees Rarity and Blueblood. Rarity asks for two apple fritters and Applejack asks for four bits. Rarity and Blueblood both hint eachother to pay but Applejack let's her off and Rarity thanks her. Prince Blueblood eats one of the apple fritter but hates it saying that he's going inside to eat food at the palace. Rarity angrily follows him. Appljack now realises why she's gotten no sales. The two reasons being that she's not in the area where their selling food and these ponies are posh. Applejack decides to go inside the palace for her food and to customize her food to suit these ponies. Oh so Applejack isn't going to show what her honest foods are by being loyal to these posh ponies by suiting the apple products to their standards.

Applejack: The Element of Honesty.

Fluttershy sets up another trap with a net too, slightly going insane, twitching her eyes. Umm...

Unfortunately, she gets caught in her trap after she falls over by her evil laugh. Okay?

Inside the palace, Pinkie Pie does wild dances around the stage. Applejack comes into the palace with an apple cake she has for the fancy ponies. Pinkie Pie does a stage jump, causing the cake to go in the air. Rarity and Prince Blueblood come into the palace and Rarity has to open the door for him. The cake starts falling on them but the prince defends himself by using Rarity as a shield.

Rarity finally loses her patience with Blueblood and starts humiliating him by getting him dirty with her line "Afraid to get dirty?

Like a Boss!

After he gets dirty, Blueblood falls down, tipping a statue, causing it to start falling over. Rainbow Dash considers this as her chance and sucessfully catches the statue. Unfortunately, it's too heavy for her and she tips into mantelpiece after mantelpiece with all of them falling and breaking and afterwards, thes tatue she's holding breaks.

Twilight and the princess come in and see the huge mess. Twilight Sparkle doesn't think it can get any worse but just then many animals break into the palace, along with Fluttershy, yelling at the animals that they're going to love her.

Like a Boss!

Geez, the mental breakdowns get worse as they go along. This tops them. Hopefully, there'll be none in Season 2, right?

And so, an animal rampage happens in a palace with a huge mess. Twilight is speechless but Celestia ask she run. Twilight calls the others and Fluttershy has a squirrel in her mouth. What?! The most biggest animal lover is so angry with animals, she nearly eats a squirrel?

Like a Boss!

The six run down the stairs. Pinkie Pie sees that Rarity dropped one of her glass slippers so now her prince is sure to find her. Rarity, terrified, breaks her slipper. She hates Blueblood so much, she breaks her own stuff. This shows that Rarity must really hate Prince Blueblood.

Finally, back with Spike, he asks a donut seller named Joe, called here as Pony Joe for another donut. Joe asks if he's had enough but Spike demands for another donut, extra sprinkles.

Like a Boss!

The six show up at the donut shop and Spike asks how the Gala went. They tell him how terrible it was but laugh about it. Twilight tells them that she just hopes Princess Celestia isn't upset with them for ruining the Gala. Suddenly, Princess Celestia comes in saying that was the best Grand Galloping Gala. The seven are happy to see her but Twilight asks why she thinks this because tonight was awful. Princess Celestia admits that The Grand Galloping Gala's always awful, which was the reason she invited Twilight and her friends because she knew that they could liven things up a bit. She tells them that while the evening mightn't have went as they planned, she's sure it didn't turn out so bad for this group of friends.


Twilight, for once, admits someone else is right, saying that the princess is right. Twilight learns that friends can make some of the worst of times pretty great. Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie give the ideas of hanging with friends, talking and laughing.

Scene 5 Part 2

Spike asks if they mean what he was talking about the entire time and just a few seconds after Twilight admitted the princess was right, she asdmits someone else is right and what's worse, it's someone at a lower class than her like Spike. The ponies admit that hanging out with eachother is what made it the best night ever and the season closes with the eight of them laughing with eachother.

Prince Blueblood

Prince Blueblood worked as the side antagonist. And boy was he a bad one. From The Ticket Master, I knew straight away he'd be a jerk. But who knew he'd be so uninteresting. He's a selfish jerk who only cares about himself. I know this is the personality of Trixie but atleast she was interesting with even some signs that she's homeless. Prince Blueblood got no development. And you could argue that this is because he's a side antagonist. Well why didn't, for the short time he was around, they didn't develop him. He appears in three episodes and still no development.

Final Thoughts

So how does the Season 1 Finale hold up? Hard to tell. I mean, not in the hard to tell way like in Owl's Well That Ends Well. It's not that confusing. But still, pretty confusing to give a rating. I mean, we get all this build-up from The Ticket Master and Suited For Success. I was kind of guessing that they wouldn't get what they want but they never resolved it. We just get this bad moral that brings no resolution to the plot. It just makes them happy that the only good thing is that they're together. That's not cheering up. That's just a bad moral. This brings me to the problem I have with the three songs in this episode. It's all the same problem. The songs become kind of pointless when you think of it. Nonetheless, I can give that it has good songs. I was also happy that we see new characters. From Joe, to Soarin'. We also get the speaking role of Mr. Greenhooves and the first appearance of one of the most fan favourite background ponies, Octavia. I loved Joe's bartender accent, Mr. Greenhooves slight naivety and Soarins comic relief nature. Not to mention him being voiced by the legendary Matt Hill. Fluttershy also has her emotional breakdown.


-Fluttershy slowly loses sanity.

-New great characters (except for Blueblood)

-Matt Hill's a Wonderbolt

-Great build-up in The Ticket Master and Suited For Success.

-At the Gala

-I'm at the Grand Galloping Gala

-Pony Pokey

-Twilight is a boss

-Pinkie Pie cuteness overload

-Applejack's a boss

-Hidden Innuendo With Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Rarity

-Rainbow Dash cuteness overload

-Rarity's a boss

-Fluttershy's a boss twice

-Spike's a boss


-Bad Moral with no resolution

-Most of the episode is just the Mane 6 and Spike suffering

-Songs become pointless because of the premise

-Spike's underused

Elements of Episode

Characterization: B-

Entertainment: B+

Pacing: B

Introduction: A

Humour: A-

Premise: C+

Story: B+

Moral: C-

Final Score: B

Tomorrow: The Return of Harmony: Season 2 Premiere