The episode begins with Cheerilee taking her class on a field trip - well atleast the ones we know the names of at this point in the series. She starts it off by visiting the world famous Canterlot sculpture gardens. She shows them one that represents friendship. The CMC accidentaly bump into eachother when looking at it. They get slightly angry at eachother but then move on. Cheerilee shows them a statue that represents victory. Scootaloo imagines how cool it would be to have that for a cutie mark. Apple Bloom reminds her that it would be if she was actually victoryful at something. Sweetie Belle yels at Apple Bloom that that's not a word. Scootaloo asks if Sweetie Belle's a dictionary.

Uh-oh Overused Joke Has Begun!

Cheerilee shows her class a statue and says that it's a very interesting statue. She asks what they notice about it. Apple Bloom says that it has an eagle claw, Scootaloo says that it has a lion paw and Sweetie Belle says that it has a snake tail. Cheerilee says that the creature's called a dragoneques, which has the head of a pony and a body made up of all sorts of things. She asks what do they suppose that represents. Apple Bloom thinks confusion, Sweetie Belle thinks evil and Scootaloo thinks chaos. Sweetie Belle thinks Scootaloo's wrong and calls her a dodo. The CMC then begin to punch and kick eachother. Cheerilee stops the feud by telling them that in a way, their all right. She tells them that the creature represents Discord - which means lack of harmony between ponies. She thinks that the CMC did so well explaining the creature that they should write an essay explaining it. The whole class that are on the field trip laugh at them. And you know you're laughable when Twist laughs at you.

Cheerilee asks her class to move on and tells them that she doesn't want anymore fighting. As they walk off while the CMC whisper arguements, a light appears on the statue while it begins to crack.

Scene 1

Rainbow Dash is flying through Ponyville but sees a rather pink cloud. She flies ater it, only to get caught in it, discovering it's a cotton candy cloud. It's not supposed to rain until tomorrow but it rains today - rains chocolate milk.

Applejack sees Rainbow Dash go after chocolate milk rain filled cotton candy clouds and asks what's with all of it. Rainbow Dash explains about and tells Applejack that she's not leaving until she gets control of Ponyville. Applejack's corn turns into popcorn as she falls into it.

Pinkie Pie instead is swimming in the popcorn, wondering why they'd want to stop this.

Rarity comes along to Applejack with an umbrella and suit and asks if there's anything she can do without getting wet or dirty.

The apple trees, apples grow giant, causing the trees to lobside. Fluttershy's animal friends start to eat on the apples. Applejack asks Fluttershy to do something. Fluttershy tells Angel that her eally needs to stop but him and the other animals legs grow giant. Fluttershy is extremely surprised.

Twilight Sparkle and Spike come and see the problem. Twlight tells them that she has a spell to fix everything. Twilight tries to spell but the surreal disasters stay the same.

Twilight asks Spike what they'll do now. Spike suggests to give up but Rarity doesn't think they should and generously hands Twilight her umbrella. Twilight decides to try Plan B. Rainbow Dash is stuck to another cotton candy cloud with animals sucking out of it.

Hidden Innuendos FTW!

Twilight asks Rainbow to corral all the clouds in one place. Rainbow gives a loyal salute and follows orders. Pnkie Pie is eating out of the chocolate rain but one of the clouds is taken. Twilight asks to bring the clouds down to earth. Finally she whispers to Fluttershy to use reverse psychology on her animals to eat out of the clouds. Pinkie Pie is annoyed when the animals steal it. Twilight is about to say a moral but Spike barfs out a letter. Twilight takes this as urgent as Princess Celestia wants to meet them in Canterlot immediately.

Scene 2

Princess Celestia is waiting and Twilight and the five others come. Twilight tells the princess that they came as fast as they could. The princess thanks her and the others. Twilight asks if it's about the weather and the animals weird behaviour. She also asks why her magic isn't working. Celestia silences her asking them to follow her.

Inside, Celestia tells them that she called them for a matter of great importance. She tells them that an old foe of hers, someone she thought she defeated long ago has returned. She tells them that his name is Discord. Fluttershy sees a glass painting of him and hides behind the others frightened. Princess Celestia explains to them that Discord is the mischievious spirit of disharmony. Before her and Princess Luna stood up to him, he ruled Equestria in an eternal state of unrest and unhappiness. Luna and her saw how miserable life was for the ponies so after they discovered the elements of harmony, they combined their forces and rose up against him turning him to stone. Princess Celestia tells them that she thought the spell they cast on him would keep him contained forever. But since Luna and her are no longer connected to the elements, the spell has been broken. Twilight is slightly confused.

Celestia shows them Canterlot Towers, saying that this is where the elements are kept inside, since all of them recovered them. She asks them to wield the elements of harmony and stop Discord before he thrusts all of Equestria into eternal chaos. Twilight asks why them but Pinkie sees a glass painting of the six of them defeating Nightmare Moon. She explains that they defeated a mighty foe using their friendship. She explains that although her and Luna once wielded the elements, it's them that now control their power and it's them who must defeat Discord.

The ponies get a little bit overwelmed but Twilgiht recovers and tells the princess that she can count on them but is interrupted by Pinkie Pie, who tells them that eternal chaos equals chocolate rain.

Wait, chocolate rain?

Brony Nods Ahoy!

Twilight asks Princess Celestia to ignore her and they'd be happy to help. Celestia opens the door that the elements are inside with a magic burst. Unfortunately, after the princess' awesome magic skill, it turns out the elements are gone. All seven are shocked, except Pinkie Pie who decides to go outside with a giant sizzle straw. Oh hell yea!

Scene 3

The six are shocked that the elements are gone and Princess Celestia tells them that that chamber is protected by a powerful spell that only she can break. She doesn't think this makes any sense. Just then, we hear an eery laugh coming from the walls laughing at making sense. It turns out to be Discord with a familiar voice actor. Discord asks Celestia if she missed him and turns his glass painting of himself to life. Not that he's going to show himself, he simply travels through each pane of glass. He tells the princess that he missed her. He also says that it's quite lonely being improsined in stone but she wouldn't know that because he doesn't turn ponies into stone. Princess Celestia angrily asks him what he did with the elements of harmony. Discord goes on to say that he just borrrowed them for a while and makes the painting of the elements dissapear. Princess Celestia angrily tells him that he'll never get away with this. Discord, relaxing inside the painting, notifies Celestia that he forgot how grim she was. Rainbow Dash immediately gets angry at Discord insulting the princess and flies at the painting. Discord dodges her attack by dissapearing and then appears inside the same painting, his painting now bigger. He realises she's Rainbow Dash, the element of loyalty. Rainbow confirms this as she'll always be loyal to the princess. Discord tells her that they'll just see about that. Rarity complains that he's talking to them through a tacky window. Discord realises she's Rarity, the element of generosity. Applejack doesn't think it's a big deal that Discord knows who they are. Discord then grows bigger, telling Honest Applejack that he knows more than that. Twilight adds on that he seems to know their strengths too. Discord teleports back to normal size, lying on Fluttershy's head in the painting, agreeing with Twilight Sparkle, also saying that she has the most elusive element, Magic. He also says that Fluttershy's is kindness, causing her to become shocked and slightly scared, and Pinkie Pie's is his personal favourite, Laughter. Pinkie Pie starts laughing. Twilight asks her to stop but Pinkie says to Twilight that Discord's standing on Twilight's head in the painting. And what dance does Discord do? The shuffle of course.

Like a Boss!

Brony Nods Ahoy!

Celestia has enough of Discord's stalling and wants him to explain. Discord is bored and decides to tell her, his way. He gives them a riddle:

"Twists and Turns are my master plan"

"Then find the elements back where you began"

He dissapears from the painting and the ponies wonder what his riddle means. Twilight considers it the Canterlot labyrinth because that has twists and turns. The princess nods to this and wishes them luck. Twilight thanks her and promises they won't let her down. Inside Celestia's palace, you can still hear a laugh. Dangit, who voices Discord? This is so familiar.

The ponies reach the labyrinth but the entrance is huge. Fluttershy is terrified but Rainbow Dash takes this as no sweat and she'll just fly over and get the elements. Unfortunately, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy's wings dissapear, Twilight and Rarity's horns dissapear and Applejack and Pinkie's... what have you dissapear.

Discord finally shows his face with thunder in the background. He maniacally laughs, but really just laughs at their reactions to him. Twilight is quickly angry, demanding he give their wings and horns back. Discord replies that they'll get them back in good time. He teleports to Applejack, telling them that he simply took them to insure there's no cheating. He tells them the first rule of their game and flies over to Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy, telling them that there's no flying and then flies over to Twilight, saying that there's also no magic. Rainbow Dash is confused. Discod flies behind her, saying that the second rule is that everypony has to play or the game's over and he wins. He wishes them luck, maniacally laughs and then dissapears. I got it, John DeLancie. Just after we get Matt Hill from Ed,Edd,n,Eddy, we get John DeLancie from Star Trek: Generations? This is amazing. MLP is getting so much amazing voice actors. Who will get next? Richard Newman from Dragon Ball Z and other animes? No, that's a step too far.

Twilight looks on the bright side that they have eachother. Rainbow Dash agrees with Twilight, saying that there's nothing they can't overcome if they all stick together. The others are now less frightened. they all go in a horizontal line and put one hoof forward at the same time. Suddenly, the bushes grow, seperating the six from eachother. Twilight quickly has the idea from them to all meet at the centre. The others are now determined to meet up, except Fluttershy. Seperated and on her own from her friends, she becomes incredibly scared.

Applejack is running through the maze but sees apples on the ground moving. Applejack is surprised and runs after the apples. She gets into the area where many apples circle around her. She asks who they are and they come to life, saying that they're the keepers of the grove of the truth. She's allowed to ask them one question, future or present. They warn her that the truth might not always be pleasant. She decides to ask them what will happen after their adventure. The talking apples take her to a mount of water, showing a reflection of the other five getting an arguement an seperating from one another. Applejack is shocked to see this vision. Up above, we see Discord, using the apples as string puppets.

Like a Boss!

Applejack is dissapointed and doesn't believe this can be true at all.

Scene 4

The apples laugh at Applejack, telling her that the truth makes your heart ache. Discord puts himself inside the green apples, telling her that sometimes a lie's easier to take, hypnotising her, causing her to turn strangely grey.

Twilight is running and the maze area that leads into Applejack opens. Twilight sees Applejack, relieved. She tells her that she thought she heard voices and curiously asks who Applejack was talking to. Applejack tells her that she was talking to nopony, lputting on a poker face. Twilight at first, thinks Applejack's lieing but then disregards this. This makes Applejack, Applelie.

Pinkie Pie is bouncing around and finds an area full of balloons. She loves it but one balloon trips her and she falls into mud. All the balloons laugh at her. Pinkie asks what gives. Discord appears and asks her what's the matter. He thought she appreciated a good laugh. Pinkie thinks this situation is different because their laughing at her. Discord removes his head and makes it one of the balloons.

Like a Boss!

Discord considers it hardly different, thinking that Pinkie's friends laugh at her all the time. Still seeing him with his head inside a balloon, headless on his body, Pinkie, instead of being incredibly frightened, answers to him that her friends laugh with her. Discord having his head balloon floating around her, disagrees and quickly circles around her, laughing with the other balloons, causing her to be put in a slight trance. She recovers quickly but orders the balloons to stop laughing at her. An illusion is created by Discord of the other fives heads as balloons, laughing at her. Pinkie Pie hunches down, covering her eyes in fear. Discord's balloon flies down to her level and hypnotises her, telling her that he thought laughter made her happy. Pinkie Pie, now grey doesn't think so. All the balloons pop and Twilight and Applelie find Pinkie Pie. Twilight tells her that their glad to see her but Applelie has her poker face on. Pinkie's angry, saying that they just needed a good laugh and walks past them. Twilight asks Applelie what's wrong with Pinkie because it isn't like her to be like this. Applelie tells Twilight that she didn't notice anything strange about Pinkie and makes her poker face. Pinkie Pie is then turned into Meanie Pie and we see the Discord balloon follow them.

Scene 5

Meanwhile, Rarity on her way, is dissapointed about seperation, as she would've preferred an audience with the princess over outdoor sport. She crashes into a wall with diamonds. Discord appears in the reflection, telling her that this is her lucky day as she found the one thing that could rival his beauty.

Like a Boss!

He asks if she likes the diamonds and she becomes hypnotised and walks towards the diamonds. She gets over it though and refuses to succumb to it. She tries her best to walk away to find the others but can't resist enough to leave and tries her best to open the diamonds out of the rock and she turns grey.

Finally finished with her work, she sees the diamond and decides to take it home. She puts the diamond on her back and the rocks collapse, making the others find her. Twilight is about to say how glad she is to see Rarity but sees that the object she's carrying isn't a diamond, but a boulder. She asks why Rarity's carrying the boulder. Rarity's confused, aggresively saying that it's a diamond. She orders them not to take or touch her diamond as she found it fair and square. She carries it, it being extremely heavy. This turns her into Greedity. Twilight is confused and even sees Meanie Pie not walk the way but crouch the way.

Fluttershy is behind a bush, scared. She notices butterflies and runs after them because she doesn't want to be alone. She follows them to an area. Discord takes over the butterflies and brings them to life. He tells her that it looks like she's been left behind by her so-called friends. Fluttershy disagrees with this, saying that she's sure that their doing their best to find her. The Discord butterflies tell her that it must be so upsetting to know how weakless they thinks she is. Fluttershy disagrees and puts on her troll face, saying that she is weak and helpless and appreciates their understanding.

Cuteness Overload!

Like a Boss!

The Discord butterflies ask if their always pointing out their flaws. Fluttershy disagrees, saying that she thinks she's lucky to have friends who want her to be the best she can be.

Cuteness Overload!

Discord has enough and transforms back to himself and just puts his finger on Fluttershy to turn her grey. A few bushes dissapear and Twilight is glad to see a friendly face as the labyrinth's getting to the others. Greedity, Meanie Pie and Applelie glare at her. Fluttershy seems to be grey too, shocking Twilight. She asks Twilight why doesn't she just wave her horn and fix everything. Twilight's confused. Fluttershy says that that's right. She doesn't have one and tail slaps Twilight.

Like a Boss!

This turns Fluttershy into Flutter*****.

Twilight is confused about what happened to her friends and Flutter***** slaps Meanie Pie into a bush.

Like a Boss!

Applelie laughs and Meanie Pie asks what she's laughing at. Applelie tells her that it's chocolate milk and puts on her poker face.

Greedity is still strugling with the so-called gem and Twilight helps her. Greedity thanks her, nearly turning her back to Rarity. Twilight is about to say she's welcome but Rarity turns back to Greedity threatening Twilight not to get any ideas because she knows where she lives.

Rainbow Dash is flying by and sees a cloud with rainbow thunder. She follows it but sees Discord with sunglasses on.

Like a Boss!

He's relaxingly lying on a cloud,

Like a Boss!

and tells Raibow Dash that he can see why she likes these clouds so much as their very plush.

Like a Boss!

Rainbow Dash is angry and wants to fight Discord. Discord tells her that he's just giving a message but Rainbow Dash still wants to fight. He asks her to listen closely because what he's about to say is very important. He gives her a riddle:

"A weighty choice is yours to make"

"The right selection or a big mistake"

"If a wrong choice you choose to pursue,"

"The foundations of home will crumble without you"

He creates a vision inside the rainbow thunder cloud of Cloudsdale crumbling without her. She's frightened by this. Discord shows her a box that contains her wings. She can either take them and leave the game or continue wandering around. He hypnotises her.

Meanwhile, Twilight is now carrying the boulder for Greedity. Twilight tries her best to think how great it'll be when they find Rainbow Dash and reunite. Applelie looks up, telling them that Rainbow Dash is flying away without meeting up with them and she's offending them. Twilight considers this a lie but no it actually happens. Rainbow Dash leaves without them. The maze suddenly crumbles and Discord appears. And because Rainbow Dash cheated the game's over. The wings and horns appear and it looks like Discord wins. He has an umbrella upside down telling them that they might be in for a big 'ol storm of chaos and maniacally laughs.

Like a Boss!

And so we get a To Be Continued...

Scene 6

In the next episode, Discord's laughing on the floor. Meanie Pie angrily asks him what he's laughing at. Discord tells her that her and the others are the most fun he's had in aeons. Meanie Pie angrily asks him to quit it, telling him that he better think before he laughs at the pie. Flutter***** takes this opportunity to continually laugh at Meanie Pie.

Like a Boss!

Applelie sees Greedity and lies to Greedity that Twilight says that they have to split it six ways since they found it together. Greedity karate chops Applelie and tries fighting her as Applelie slowly steps away. Twilight doesn't like this at all saying that they need to stick together. Discord's eating popcorn, saying that it's just too entertaining.

Like a Boss!

Twilight asks him to stop because he's not playing fair. Discord reminds her that he's Discord, the spirit of chaos and disharmony.

Like a Boss!

Twilight asks him how their supposed to find the elements when he took away the labyrinth. Discord laughs that Twilight thought they were in the labyrinth and takes her back in time, showing her his riddle. Back in the present, he tells her that he never actually said they were in the labyrinth. Twilight is speechless. Discord tells her sarcastically that maybe the magic of friendship can stop him. He teleports off and chocolate rain from the cotton candy clouds reappears. But unlike before, Meanie Pie hates it.

Twilight is thinking hard about where to find the elements and Greedity is carrying her boulder. Applelie tries to steal it but Greedity threatens her not to touch her gem. Flutter***** tells her that she's touching her gem and laughs. Meanie Pie yells at Flutter*****. Twilight says that all she wants to do now is go home. This makes her realise that the elements must be in Ponyville.

Twilight marches there with the others reluctantly following her, minus Rainbow Dash. Twilight tells them that she thinks this is what Discord's riddle really meant and she thinks that their should be a book they can use to find the elements but is trampled by the rabbits with long legs. Flutter***** says good boy to Angel, saying that mamma's so proud, referring to herself.

Like a Boss!

The sun goes out and Applelie sarcastically says that walking feels so much better now. Suddenly, she slides on the ground and crashes into Greedity, Flutter***** and Twilight. Applelie looks at Twilight and lies that she meant to do that. Twilight tries to get up but falls over again.

The sun comes out again and it turns out Discord's turned the roads into salt. Discord ice skates on it, remarking how beautiful Ponyville is.

Like a Boss!

He shows them the new Ponyville and that these are only his first of changes. Meanie Pie is skating like an ice skater, telling Twilight that this may look like fun but it's not.

Discord picks Twilight up and asks her to picture Ponyville's new title, The Chaos Capital of the World. The sun goes out again and Twilight says that she can't picture anything because it's too dark.

Like a Boss!

Discord asks her to wait a few minutes and she'll see it in the beautiful light of day - or not.

Like a Boss!

He jumps up and teleports. Twilight says that Ponyville is the chaos capital of the world but it won't be if she says anything about it. Flutter***** tells her not to worry because she won't.

Like a Boss!

Scene 7

The five finally reach the library and Twilight begs them to come in. Applelie refuses and goes in, turning greyer. Flutter***** goes in but destroys Twilight's flowers in the process, turning her more grey.

Like a Boss!

Meanie Pie goes in but angrily says that she hates libraries. Greedity tries to go in but wants to bring in her boulder too. Twilight begs her to come in because their in a hurry. Greedity refuses saying that she thinks that the second she goes in, Twilight will get Spike to take her boulder called Tom. Twilight reluctantly takes the boulder in for Greedity and Greedity turns even more greyer.

Inside, Spike is asleep after cleaning up but is woken up when he gets wet from a bucket of water Flutter***** had. He asks why she poured water on him. She tells him that it's because he looked so peaceful.

Like a Boss!

Twilight and Greedity come in and Spike asks Twilight what's with everyone. Twilight asks him not to ask and she needs him to find something. Flutter***** asks Twilight what's soaking wet and clueless. Twilight is about to say how tired she is of everything but Flutter***** pours water over Twilight revealing that it's her face and then precedes to dump the bucket on Twilight's face.

Like a Boss!

Spike asks again what happened and Applelie lies that he just thinks the worst of them. Twilight tells him that there's no time to explain and tells them that they need to find the reference guide to the elements before she does something she'll regret. Spike realises that he knows exactly where the book is. He finds it but Flutter***** steals it from him after she hits him with one of the letters.

Like a Boss!

Twilight orders Flutter***** to give her the book. Flutter***** instead plays keep away by passing it onto Applelie and Meanie Pie. Flutter***** is about to get the book again but Spike pushes her down, stopping her.

Like a Boss!

Please be in Fighting is Magic!

The book flies down and Greedity takes it. Twilight goes after her but Greedity runs too pushing down Twilight's horse mantel down. Twilight jumps over it. Greedity continues running but Flutter***** lifts her up, causing Twilight to crash into Tom. Twilight sees Applelie and Meanie Pie and asks where Greedity is. Applelie lies that she doesn't know and Twilight starts punching and kicking Applelie and Meanie Pie. Luckily, Twilight successfully gets the book nearly going as greedy as Greedity. Spike uses one of the letters as a sword defending Twilight.

Like a Boss!

Twilight finally finds the elements inside the book.

Scene 8

Twilight is joyful to see this and so is Spike. Twilight tells the others but is reminded that none of them care. Twilight is angry with her friends and puts necklaces over them and puts over herself her big crown thingy. Spike asks her if she's forgetting somepony but Twilight doesn't think so but Spike thinks that Rainbow Dash is missing and Twilight congratulates him, gives him the loyalty necklace and tells him he's the new Rainbow Dash.


Rainbow Spike doesn't think this well and thinks Rainbowe Dash might beat him up but Twilight doesn't care and tells the others to come with her so they don't ever have to speak to eachother again. The others cheer and run, flattening Spike. Greedity's about to do the same with Tom but Twilight yells at her to move. Greedity levitates Tom and Twilight calls to the others to look out, here comes Tom. Tom flies through the window, nearly crushing Meanie Pie.

Like a Boss!

Like a Boss!

Twilight tells Discord that she figured out his riddle and he's in for it now. Discord sarcastically is sad and puts on his sunglasses.

Like a Boss!

He tells them for them to fire when ready, putting a target on his body.

Like a Boss!

Twilight yells at the others to get in formation and they reluctantly do. She yells at Rainbow Spike to get over there and he reluctantly does.

The battle starts and it almost looks like Discord may surprisingly be defeated but obviously they fail. Twilight asks what's going on. Applelie replies that her's is working andlis that there must be something wrong with Twilight's.

Meanie Pie remarks that she hates the elements of harmony and Flutter***** throws her element away. Greedity selfishly takes it. Rainbow Spike apologises to Twilight and puts down the loyalty necklace. He tells her that he needs to get upstairs and fix the library. He wishes her luck but Flutter***** trips him and apologises to him, calling him Rainbow Crash.

Like a Boss!

Discord claps to them, telling them harmony is officialy dead, saying that Discord rules, Celestia drools.

Like a Boss!

Discord happily slides off with no hands.

Like a Boss!

Meanie Pie says that it's his/her fault it didn't work. Twilight asks who she's talking to and Meaie Pie says all of them and angrily runs off. Applelie decides to go to, saying she has better friends at the farm. Greedity and Tom leave and Fluttter***** tells them that she's leaving too and she's sick of them, calling them losers.

Like a Boss!

Twilight is about to get angry, saying that with friends like them, who needs enemies. She becomes sad however and now becomes grey herself, even shedding a tear with two half heart shapes.


Twilight is sadly walking off with a small chocolate cotton candy raincloud pours chocolate milk on her. Wow, for once it's not funny. In the foreground, we see the rabbit stampede, buffallo in tutus, a pony going on the top of the screen and then the left, pies flying upwards and the fan named pony Screwball. Discord is laughing at all of this and says to Twilight that she has to see what he just did. He shows Berryshine sneezing from salt besides houses, destroying them too. Discord creates a cotton candy cone from the cloud and tells her that she really must get into the spirit of things because this is her new home. Twilight decides not to live in Ponyville anymore and Discord laughs to himself.

It turns dark and Twilight comes in to ask Spike to pack his things because their leaving. Spike seems sick and it turns out that the princess has been sending him many letters since he came back upstairs.He begs the pain to stop.

Twilight realises that the letters are all the ones she sent to the princess. She now realises that it's all so clear. She tells Spike this and levitates him up. She realises that Discord's trying to distract them from seeing what's important. He knows how powerful their friendships are and he's trying to stop them from seeing it. She accidentaly spins Spike around and he nearly throws up. She asks him if he remembers the thing she said when they arrived in Ponyville the first day. Uh, yeah, you said all the ponies in this town are crazy.

Well no, it was also that the future of Equestria didn't rest on her making friends but the opposite is true. She throws Spike away, saying that the friendships she made is what helped her stop Nightmare Moon and now she has to use it against Discord. Spike is in bed and nearly is about to get sick. Twilight doesn't listen to his pain and announces that she needs to fight for her friendships, for them, herself and Equestria. Spiek continues to want to get sick so Twilight decides to do it herself. Spike barfs out one last letter as Twilight leaves. Wow, she didn't care about Spike's illness too much.

Spike is Zoidberg

Scene 9

At Sweet Apple Acres, pigs are flying, Big Macintosh starts acting like a dog and Granny Smith is dancing with her walking stick. Applelie is eating an apple and when she eats a bite, it grows back. She throws it away and lies to Granny Smith that she was fighting Discord but none of her friends helped her.

Twilight appears and announces to Applelie that she's here to fight for their friendship. Big Mac licks her like a dog and Applelie lies to Twilight by asking her where she was when she was battling Discord. Twilight dives onto Applelie and uses a memory spell. Applelie remembers all the good times they had and turns back to Applejack. Applejack tells Twilight that she had a vision of them feuding and fighting and asks if Twilight forgives her. Twilight tells Applejack that she already has. The two run off.

So they turn four of the others back to normal and they all feel bad. Heck, Rarity even asks them to never speak of this again. The only one who doens't feel guilty is Pinkie Pie who laughs about her vision.

Fluttershy checks inside Rainbow Dash's home and they see she's not there. The ponies start to lose hope but Pinkie sees Rainbow Dash lying on a cloud. She greets them and Twilight tells her that they've been looking everywhere for her. She thinks this as nice but stays on the cloud. Twilight tells her that she needs to help defeat Discord with her element of loyalty. Rainbow Dash refuses, calling loyalty shmoyalty, saying she's staying in Cloudsdale, even though the cloud she's on isn't Cloudsdale. This makes her Shmoyalty Dash, I got nothing. Rarity asks how in Equestria does Shmoyalty Dash think that that one cloud is Cloudsdale. Applejack reminds her of the Tom incident.

Like a Boss!

Twilight decides to use Plan B.

Schmoyalty Dash is asleep and Twilight and the others are in a hot air balloon. Fluttershy's flying, Twilight, Rarity and Pinkie are inside the hot air balloon and Applejack's on top. Twilight gives the plan to Fluttershy that she's going to hold Rainbow Dash down while Applejack lowers the rope down to pull her and then Twilight will use the memory spell. Fluttershy flies down and is about to strike Shmoyalty Dash but instead wakes her up and asks her if she can hold her down against her will for a little bit.

Hidden Innuendos FTW!

Shmoyalty Dash realises what their doing, holds onto her cloud and speeds off on it. Twilight throws a rope down to Fluttershy to catch Shmoyalty Dash with. Shmoyalty Dash speeds in circles and Applejack is thrown a rope from Twilight. She throws it at Shmoyalty Dash and slows her down. Unfortunately, the rope catches Rarity and Pinkie causing them to be stuck in the rope in the air. Rarity tells Pinkie that she was supposed to secure the rope and Pinkie says oops. Applejack asks Rarity and Pinkie to hold on because they're slowing her down. Rarity politely/angrily asks Fluttershy to fly faster. Fluttershy is too tearful to concentrate.


Twilight reminds Fluttershy that if she doesn't catch Shmoyalty Dash, Discord wins. Fluttershy calls Discord a big dumb meanie and dashes at the speed of Shmoyalty Dash.

Like a Boss!

Applejack is given one last rope and catches Shmoyalty Dash with it. Shmoyalty Dash tries to escape but can't.

On the ground, Pinkie, Rarity, Applejack and Fluttershy hold onto Shmoyalty Dash four ways and Twilight uses the memory spell. Rainbow Dash is back to normal and the six are now reunited and ready to fight Discord.

Scene 10

We see Discord sitting on his chair, laughing at all the chaos. He grabs a glass and gets chocolate milk, regarding how wonderful chaos is. Twilight and the others appear and Twilight tells him that it's not as wonderful as friendship.

Like a Boss!

Like a Boss! Like a Boss!

Like a Boss!

Like a Boss!

Like a Boss!

Discord is slightly annoyed by this and drinks all his chocolate milk and throws it away, creating an explosion too.

Like a Boss!

Applejack tells Discord that he could never break apart their friendship for long but he hoists her and the other five up to turn them grey again but Twilight teleports and creates a forcefield for them.


Twilight tells Discord that they've learnt that friendship isn't always easy but there's no doubt it's worth fighting for. Okay moral. Great way to end the season. Oh wait, this is the season premiere.

Scene 10 Part 2

Discord doesn't care for this moral and asks them to try quickly because he's missing his chaos.

Twilight and the others finally face off against him and their elements attack. Wow, all this build up for a big fight scene right? No. 30 seconds. Okay?

So Discord's finally turned to stone once again.

The episode ends at the palace where Princess Leia, I mean Celestia honors Luke Skywalker, I mean Twilight Sparkle and her friends. Han Solo, I mean Applejack winks at Leia, I mean Celestia and Luke, I mean Twilight sees R2-D2, I mean Spike waving at her and it shows a painting of the ponies defeating Discord.


Oh boy do I love Discord. He brings so much joy as a villian. He turns all of reality around whenever he wants because it amuses him. Most of his lines are clever. Infact, he's clever himself. He doesn't fear Twilight and her friends at all until the end because when you think about it, nothing can stop him. Princess Celestia and Princess Luna turned him to stone and then he escaped. So the most powerful beings couldn't fully defeat him? If that's the case, then he'll probably escape again. He escaped from chaos and who knows, something chaotic could happen in Ponyville. After all, disaster always strikes there. Not only is Discord close to unstoppable, but he is a boss in this two-parter seventeen times. That's the highest record so far.

Final Thoughts

This episode was amazing to say the least. This episode starts up the more intimadation MLP brought. Season 1 had some of this but they toned down intimidation sometimes in episodes, most notably Over a Barrel. Here however, this episode brings in the stepping sone of more of the action involved. The storyline provides great build-up and we get history on Discord. Not to mention him being amazing. Some people may complain about Discord's history because of the play in Hearth's Warming Eve because Discord is never brought up, not even before or after the play but that's the point. He must have caused so much damage that Celestia and Luna decidd to keep it out of history. Celestia only brought him up because the Mane 6 held the Elements of Harmony and needed to stop him. Infact, not all of Discord is explained like where he came from but again, they can't mention this because they don't want to talk to talk about him. Some people also may complain about Discord's hypnotism towards the ponies because how after Fluttershy out-trolled him, he just put his finger on her and she turned Discorded. But see, this is Discord's character. He just did it there with his finger straight away because he failed. He'd rather corrupt the others as much as possible before turning them discorded. That's how Discord works. It may hint that Celestia is just as guilty as Discord though. Keep in mind, Discord said that Celestia doesn't know how lonely he was in stone because he doesn't turn others to stone. This may hint that Discord may not have violently hurt others but rather went too far with his pranks. And maybe Celestia just couldn't take it. So Discord isn't exactly evil, he's just the biggest meanie in existance. It's also cool that John DeLancie voiced him. Some people relate Discord to John DeLancie's character in Star Trek: Generations Q. And while there is similiarity, I think Discord's more of The Joker from the Batman franchise. Both are manipulative and unstoppable and do bad stuff just because it amuses them. I loved the Discorded ponies and my favourite part is the ending with Star Wars. It's just so clever and so well-fitting. That's two season premiere's of MLP FiM that ended with a Star Wars ending. Hope this happens in Season 3. But with all of this good stuff in mind, I have a few tiny complaints. My main one is that after Twilight re-reads all her letters and she realises that her not making friends is the opposite, they did this again in this episode. If they already made her learn this in Season 1, it's pretty redundant. I also have to say that with an episode where Luna's mentioned during the first half, you'd expect her to help Twilight and her friends learn about Discord. I know she may have been sleeping because she sleeps during the day but it was a matter of great importance. Maybe she mightn't have to come to help Celestia teach Twilight and her friends about Discord because well, maybe only one pony would do but what about the ceremony for the Mane 6? Luna could've easily stood by Celestia. Although it is the Star Wars feel but still. And finally, Discord's defeat was just a bit too easy. He noticed the power of the elements starting to work so why didn't he fight back. And you could argue that they had to use this time for the ponies to chase Rainbow Dash because she became the opposite of loyal but couldn't they have shortened it a little bit?


-Sympathy For Twilight Sparkle

-Discord = The Joker With Q's Powers

-Discorded Ponies

-Rainbow Dash chase scene

-Chocolate Rain

-Discord does the shuffle

-Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope ending

-Discord's a boss seventeen times

-Fluttershy's a boss three times

-Hidden Innuendo With Rainbow Dash, cotton candy cloud and animals

-Fluttershy cuteness overload twice

-Sympathy For Fluttershy

-Flutter***** is a boss eleven times

-Spike is a boss twice

-Tom is a boss

-Twilight's a boss twice

-Applejack's a boss twice

-Rainbow Dash is a boss

-Rarity is a boss

-Pinkie Pie is a boss


-Twilight learns the same lesson as in the other Season Premiere before

-Awards Ceremony for Elements of Harmony that went to The Mane 6 but were previously with Celestia and Luna = No Luna

-Discord fight scene could've been longer

-Spike is Zoidberg

Elements of Episode

Characterization: B-

Entertainment: A+

Pacing: A-

Introduction: B-

Humour: A-

Premise: A+

Story: A-

Moral: B

Final Score: A

Tomorrow: Lesson Zero (I don't think anything crazy will happen)