Before I start, let me say that I can understand the appeal in this episode and I can see why people would like this episode. I thought it was entertaining but I didn't personally enjoy it too much. Agan, I understand the appeal and clones of Pinkie Pie is an interesting premise but this is not a personal favourite of mine. It's not bad either but I do have some problems.


The episode begins with Twilight and Spike practising a spell of turning an apple into an orange. Twilight struggles it. This breaks continuity, considering the fact that Twilight learnt something as powerful as dark magic previously. Anyways, Pinkie Pie crashes into Twilight out of nowhere and hugs her as Twilight fires off the spell that instead because of PInkie's hug, hits a blue jay. This could have easily been one of Fluttershy's that became an orange but we can exclude it maybe. Twilight asks Pinkie why she did that and Pinkie's reason is that hugs are funnerific. She discovers Twilight's spell and wants to be turned into an orange too. She could lose her eyesight, sense of taste and sense of hearing though. Has anyone notced that since the Season 3 two-parter, Pinkie Pie has been nothing more than a little kid?

Pinkie hops away but discovers Rarity and tells her about the orange but discover rs Rarity made a new dress for herself. Pinkie Pie is unhappy because she missed out on something fun to contribute to as she hops away.

She goes to Rainbow Dash and Applejack, running around to find both of them. She comes to Fluttershy and asks if she's doing anything special. Fluttershy does not think so as Pinkie collapses on the ground with exhaustion. If you haven't guessed yet, the storyline appears to be pointing way too much on it's source. That whole opening was 2 minutes long no less.

After the opening, Pinkie is resting in Fluttershy's butterfly grove and thanks her. Fluttershy asks what are friends for but Pinkie brings up the dilemma that her friends are all doing something fun, and she's missing out. This is Pinkie's dilemma, ladies and gentlemen. A dilemma for Pinkie that could've happened many times before and Pinkie only reacts now to missing out on one event.

Fluttershy promises not to do anything and Pinkie thanks her. Applejack comes along and tells Pinkie that she has a new barn raising this afternoon and asks PInkie if she wants to join her. Pinkie feels happy to do so but then Rainbow Dash comes along and says that she's going to be at the swimming hole relaxing and asks Pinkie if she wants to join her. Pinkie is now worried about who to choose to go with.

Twilight practising the spell again, still not perfected, even though she changed a blue jay, gets jumped on by Pinkie Pie and turns a frog into an orange now. Twilight now wonders what Pinkie's doing as Pinkie tells Twilight that she's pacing herself between the swimming hole and Sweet Apple Acres. Twilight tells her that this will only work if there's more Pinkie's to go around. This Pinkie the idea of something calleed The Legend of the Miracle. Something Twilight's never even heard of.

Pinkie walks into a forest and says to herself about her Nana PInkie's rhymes to a legend but just then, Pinkie falls down a hole and hits herself the hole way down and discovers a shiny pit. Pinkie realises this is the miracle she was talking about and recites the spell her nana taught her. Geez, how many more times will Freindship is Witchcraft be right? Pinkie creates a clone of herself and after telling her clone everything to know about Ponyville the two go off to two different places. It successfully works but unfortunately, on the real Pinkie's way, she finds Fluttershy and Fluttershy reveals that she is having a party with her animals and asks Pinkie if she wants to join her. PInkie is worried again as the too meeet up to make more clones. They do but the clones haywire and start taking over the town. Noone knows who the real Pinkie is though.

I have mixed feelings on this. You could say that the whole clone plot has been done in other shows but here it was interesting. It's just that Pinkie's dilemma isn't such a big deal. I know it's in her character to overreact as she's the most childish of the geoup because she never got a proper education, but why wouldn't she react to something like this earlier?


Noone really shines here except Pinkie but let's see.

7. Twilight Sparkle: Like I said, the orange spell makes nos ense and she never takes any blame for the unfortunate misdeed Pinkie done.

6. Rarity: She wasn't bad here, she just didn't contribute as much as others.

5. Rainbow Dash. Yeah, she helped just not as much as others.

4. Fluttershy. Found a place for all the hide in and also had the bear from Lesson Zero as one of her woodland friends. Fanservice, much?

3. Applejack. She contributed alot and was the one chasing the Pinkie's in.

2. Spike. For not appearing too long, he was pretty entertaining. H e was even right about who the real Pinkie was.

1. Pinkie Pie. Sure, there were some minor issues, but towards the end, you actually find yourself feeling bad for Pinkie. I just wish they made her a tad less childish.

Animation & Visuals

Again, this animation was perfect and the magic visuals when getting rid of the Pinkie's was good too. I also loved with the clones, they used poses Pinkie had in past episodes. I loved when he paused and saw a load of Pinkie's with different poses.


Pinkie learns that it's great to have fun but greater to have great friends and having good friends makes you wonder who the spend the most time with in a situation like hers, because the one you pick can still give you good fun. So even if you're missing out, it won't be for long. This is great, but again, Pinkie could've learnt this alot earlier with how common the situation is.

Other Upsides

This is easily a fanservice episode. The premise itself of a load of Pinkie's is too. We see the bear from Lesson Zero back and we finally see Tank again. But the idea of Pinkie clones running around the place isedefinite fanservice, and pretty good one. Oh and one Pinkie clone making a face of a G3 Pinkie Pie was freaking hilarious. I think Hasbro just made fun of themselves.

Other Downsides

Another problem I had is the way they try ot find the real Pinkie. They make them all watch paint dry to see who survives the longest, because anyone knows that Pinkie prefers her friends over fun. My problem though is that they could have easily gotten rid of the real Pinkie. Remember, Pinkie can be easily distracted. This probably is the real Pinkie, but it easily could've been a fake one.


Like I said, the episode isn't bad, I just think it could've been done earlier as it would make more sense. Who even wrote this farfetchd Pinkie episode. Dave Polsky? Your not seriously telling me that the writer of Feeling Pinkie Keen has returned? Dave Polsky isn't too bad because of his writing on Over a Barrel but he was gone for a reason. Oh well. Atleast this episode isn't at the below average standards of Feeling Pinkie Keen. Watching it more it's grown on me a little. But this is only worthy of being in the B's


-Sympathy for Pinkie Pie

-Pinkie Pie becomes more mature

-Pinkie clones

-Lesson Zero bear


-Animation is more improved

-G3 PInkie Pie mocking

-Great humour

-Pinkie has stooped to Fluttershy's adorableness level

-Gypsy Pinkie is best Pinkie


-Orange Frog and Orange Bird

-Pinkie survival makes near no sense

-Pacing is kind of off

-Episode should've been made much earlier

-Lesson in MMMystery on the Friendship Express is now kind of pointless

-Maturity in Baby Cakes is now kind of pointless.

-Maturity in A Friend in Deed is now kind of pointless.

Final Score: B+

Later: Lesson Zero