With my new way of doing reviews, these will come out quicker. I figured that I might aswell go over Season 2 before 3 ends. With that said, here's my long awaited review of Lesson Zero


Twilight and Spike go around Ponyville to do some errands until Twilight discovers from Spike that it's been a whole week and she hasn't sent a letter to Princess Celestia. Twilight tries to look for a problem but with not too much luck.

Twilight eventually starts going insane and even starts to try and make a friendship problem. This episode is easily taken from the idea of insane Twilight like in Swarm of the Century and A Bird in the Hoof. Here, she's worse than both of those instances, and I don't know whether to be roaring laughing or generally creeped out. Twilight stoops to the level of Gollum of all movie characters.


This is a Twilight centered episode but for a Twilight episode, everypony shines here. This will be hard.

Main Characters

7. Pinkie Pie. Unfortunately, she doesn't appear until later on.

6. Applejack. Is only a part of other ponies spotlight.

5. Fluttershy. Sure she made a bear her own, which was freaking amazing, I just wish they'd stop switching her between shy and vicious.

4. Rainbow Dash. Three words; Rainbow.Dash.Sunglasses.

3. Rarity. Her overreactions nearly steal the show.

2. Twilight Sparkle. She does not shine the biggest? You're probably saying. Sure, Twilight's breakdown is one of the series highlights, along with her being completely in character, but my problem with her is with the moral which I'll get to in a minute.

1. Spike. The way he was the only one worrying about Twilight was a really good and subtle moment. Spike was the only one taking Twilight seriously and even helped with the dilemma in the end.

Supporting Characters

Princess Celestia: I appreciate what they did with Celestia here. Before this, she was just a teacher to Twilight. Here, it shows the two appear to be really good friends as both develop towards eachother.

CMC: The CMC are the ones Twilight makes a friendship problem with. I loved Scootaloo's derp eyes and Sweetie Belle's loving of manes

Big Macintosh: Big Macintosh = Brony

Animation & Visuals

Twilight's facial expressions was really good expressions and was probably the best animation in the episode. I liked the background animation too. Overall decent.


The humour was outstanding with the Twilight scenes and without the Twilight scenes. Although, with the Twilight scenes, I was slightly creeped out


Twilight's friends are the ones who learn the moral, learning that they should take eachother more seriously with worries. Wasn't this learnt in Swarm of the Century? This is my only real problem here. Twilight has an incredibly bad issue and she doesn't even learn hwo to control it. That could've been a good lesson. It's important not to worry too much about anything and you just need confidence.

Also, from this episode on, Celestia wants the other 6 to write to her about something they learnt about friendship.

Other Upsides

I loved the use of the characters here. Spike even broke the fourth wall before Pinkie Pie. The show takes a more subtle turn with this episode. I found more things I noticed another time I watched the episode that I didn't see before.


This is an excellent episode. Aside from that one minor problem with the moral, this episode was perfect. Nearly all of the characters develop.


-Twilight has been watching too much Lord of the Rings

-Twilight and Spike friendship improves

-Twilight and Celestia friendship improves

-Big Mac is the stallion equivalant to a brony

-Spike takes lessons from Pinkie Pie

-Scootaloo has been spending too much time with Derpy

-Sweetie Belle loves manes

-Humour is funny and a little creepy

-The episode is by far, not The.Worst.Possible.Thing

-Fluttershy makes a bear come to her

-Rainbow Dash is badass


-Twilight still hasemotional, mental, physical, studying and writing issues

Final Score: A

Next Week: One Bad Apple