Hi guys. Sorry that this is a little overdue but now I'm pretty free so here's my review of Friendship is Magic, Part 2. Two more things out of the way. I'm not going over the introduction of the second part of any two-parter as they are just recaps which aren't really in place of being judged. The other is that I've done some calculations and I'll still have alot of episodes to review when Season 3 comes so these will come more often. Now, without further ado, here's the review.

Scene 1

We start off with the Mayor ordering the Royal guards to attack Nightmare Moon. She stops them with her thunder and escapes. Applejack tries to hold off Rainbow Dash as she chases after Nightmare but can't catch her. She then sees Twilight Sparkle running off to the library.

When she gets back, she puts Spike into bed and looks for a book on the Elements to help her. Rainbow Dash accuses her of being a spy because she knows so much but Applejack and the others disregard this as Twilight tells them that she read all about the Elements but this doesn't know what they are, where to find them and what they even do. Which gives me the first problem of the episode. The other five come in to hear Twilight but the rest of the town don't. Ponyville's pretty big, you'd except atleast a few others aswell. Next, we see Pinkie Pie finding a reference guide and hops around like Pepe Le Pew. Seriously. When she jumps up and down, it's just like Pepe. But we'll get to that in a different review. So Twilight opens the book and reads what the Elements are. She discovers that there are six elements but only five known. The Elements being Kindness, Laughter, Generosity, Honesty and Loyalty but the sixth being a complete mystery. The last known location of the Elements is in the ancient castle ruins of the sisters located in The Everfree Forest.

The ponies seem afraid but Pinkie Pie still decides to go in. Twilight stops her and the others saying that she'd rather go alone but Applejack stops her because they're not going to let any friend of theirs go into such a scary place. Then we hear that guitar riff again which in my opinion, never gets old.

Scene 2

So the ponies are walking into the forest as Rainbow Dash scares Fluttershy, Rarity and Pinkie Pie about how anypony who's ever come in as never come out. Just as she says this, the mountain suddenly collapses and Rainbow and Fluttershy swoop down to save them. Fluttershy saves Rarity and Rainbow Dash saves Pinkie. Applejack then holds on to a stick and sees Twilight hanging from a cliff and holds on. She tells Twilight to let go and Twilight doesn't believe her. Heck, I agree. If I was hanging from a cliff and someone told me to let go I'd call them crazy like Twilight did here. But Applejack says it's the honest truth and Twilight lets go, falling to her death but is rescued by Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy. So that's my problem. I know Applejack saved Twilight and was technically telling the truth but Twilight just believing a pony she's only known for a few hours is a crazy plot twist. There's no reason for Twilight to just believe Applejack. Applejack says how Twilight will be safe if she lets go, when in truth, Twilight woould likely die. Another problem I have is that Twilight could simply teleport. However, at this point I'm thinking she hasn't mastered teleporting yet.

Next we see Rainbow boast about her and Fluttershy saving Twilight and the others lives. Just then, a Manticore appears and attacks them, it swoops to Rarity but she kicks it before it attacks. And this is one of the things I like about Rarity. She may be arguably the girliest of the Mane 6 but she is a top-class fighter that takes dirt from noone. Back to the story, the Mane 6 fight the Manticore. All except Fluttershy who keeps on stopping them. Due to her low-vice, none of them can hear her. But when they charge towards the Manticore, she yells at them and sees that the Manticore as a thorn in his paw. Fluttershy pulls it out and the Manticore warms up to her. Twilight asks Fluttershy- who gets Mozart hair - how she knew about the paw and Fluttershy responds saying she didn't and everyone just needs a little kindness.


So the ponies go into a darker part of the forest and come across scary trees put there by Nightmare Moon presumably. We then go into a song by Pinkie Pie who sings about facing fears. Twilight and Rarity use the words of any brony who first saw this song. So what do I think of the song. It's okay. It's not one of my absolute favourites but it's definitely not close to any bad ones either. It has a very good message. The problem comes from what they're afraid of. It's trees with scary faces. Big deal. Walk past them. Twilight's afraid. Applejack's afraid. Fluttershy's afraid. Rarity's afraid. Even Rainbow Dash is afraid of trees with scary faces. It's not hard. Walk past them.

Scene 3

After getting past the dark part of the forest, the ponies reach raging waters which can't be crossed according to them. Um, yeah, are you forgetting that there are two Pegasus ponies with you? Just get Rainbow Dash or Fluttershy to fly you over one by one. And I know this is to show Rarity more but they easily could have had a different situation to use this. Next, we come across a Sea serpent who tries to cover a plothole. So he says how the other side of his mustache is gone and Rarity replaces it with some of her mane. The serpent is overjoyed and Rarity says he looks smashing. Which makes this another plothole. He doesn't look nice. You can't have an orange mustache one side and a purple one the other. Rarity says her tail will grow back and we get one of the smartest lines from Rainbow Dash I've ever heard. "So would the mustache." So yeah, I didn't really like the way they shown Rarity's personality. She is shown to be generous and the Sea serpent seems like a great character but this part does have some plotholes. And so does the next.

The ponies come across a bridge that leads them to the Ancient Castle. Dash says she can just fly over but then comes across spirits formed by Nightmare Moon who call themselves the Shadowblots and ask Rainbow Dash to be their captain. Rainbow Dash submits just as soon as she opens the bridge for her friends. They stop her though and say it's either them or the others. And obviously, Rainbow Dash picks her friends and opens up the bridge, leaving Nightmare Moon no choice but to ... move her spirit again?

Nightmare Moon Part 1

Why? Okay. More plotholes. Firstly, Rainbow Dash only knows these spirits for a few seconds, of course she'd pick her friends. And finally, Nightmare Moon/The Shadowbolts could have just cut the bridge off. Nightmare Moon sucks as a villian. She's doesn't use logical thinking. I know it's a kids show but when you make one, you're gonna have a lot of plotholes in the show. She isn't even that special of a villian.

Scene 4

Twilight studies the Elements with her magic and Applejack says to the others to give her privacy. Suddenly, the Elements get teleported and the ponies see a white flash in another area. So Twilight charges towards Nightmare Moon, who now has the Elements. What follows is one of the only lines I liked from Nightmare Moon. "You're kidding. You're kidding right?" It's pretty funny Twilight teleports to the Elements when Nightmare Moon attacks. And so, the way Applejack's element is presented is pointless. Atleast the others had some redeeming qualities. She focuses more on the Elements to cause the spark to make the sixth Element. Nightmare Moon tosses her back before she can finish but then the Elements start to static a little but nothing happens. Nightmare Moon continues her plan but Twilight hears the others come in.

We get this speech from Twilight that the spirits from the Elements are right there. Something that was foreshadowed. So Twilight goes over how each pony helped her and the Element they represent.Nightmare Moon says that she still doesn't have the sixth element however, Twilight informs her that a different kind of spark has happened and thus, the sixth Element, Magic, is created. So after that, we see the ponies get necklaces representing their Element. Except Twilight, who gets a crown. Now, the ponies attack with their Elements and defeat Nightmare. The effect used reminds me of one effect I once heard in Star Trek.

Scene 5

So Nightmare Moon's spirit is shattered and we finally see the debut of Princess Celestia who sees her now revealed sister, Princess Luna. It is revealed that the two of them were the ones who raised the sun and moon. Two things bothers me though. Luna turned evil out of nowhere. There's no evil power making her evil. They could have approached this a little better. So the ponies throw a party in celebration -along with Star Wars Episode 1 music - and Celestia and Luna decide to work together again. Twilight looks glum however, and she tells Celestia that now she has to return to Ponyville and leave ponies she befriended. Hearing this, Celestia decrees that Twilight stay in Ponyville and report studies on friendship. So the ponies rejoice with their party and the episode ends.

Nightmare Moon Part 2

Okay, final thoughts on this villian. Nightmare Moon starts off to show suspense with her entrance in the first episode, but brings nothing. She's an unoriginal cliche villian with her only redeeming line being "You're kidding. You're kidding right? Like I said before, the way Luna transforms into Nightmare Moon is a bad way of approaching it. Nightmare's background is forced because of this. With upcoming villians, they had alot more going for them and brought something new to the table, unlike Nightmare Moon.

Final Thoughts

So what did I think? The episode is okay. For a pilot, it's tolerable. There's alot of plotholes. On the bright side, The song is alright and surprisingly catchy. I didn't really care for Nightmare Moon except maybe her line of "You're kidding. You're kidding right?" when Twilight was about to attack her. The fight scenes were a nice niche and made this look like it was a little more than just a girl's show. But then there's the softness that is overused here and makes it the teeniest bit unbearable at times with the way they don't take much risks.


-The adventure in the episode

-Pinkie Pie is Pepe Le Pew

-Imagery of Everfree Forest

-Giggle at the Ghosties

-The fight scenes

-Great introduction to characters

-Way Elements get formed

-Star Trek effect

-Star Wars-type ending


-Sea serpent


-Nightmare Moon

-Town not showing up when Twilight reads about Elements


-Plotholes with Applejack part

-Plotholes with Pinkie Pie part

-Plotholes with Rarity part

-Plotholes with Rainbow Dash part

-Concept of how Luna transforms into NMM is forced.

Elements of Episode

Entertainment: A

Introduction: A-

Premise: C+

Story: B-

Writing: D

Final Score: C

Tomorrow: The Ticket Master