On to the next episode. It's been a little longer than it should be since I reviewed the second episode but now here's the my review of The Ticket Master.


As we start off we see Twilight helping Applejack bring in apples while Spike is checking for a really delicious apple. Applejack says that her and Big Macintosh bet that if she can get all the apples in by lunchtime, he's going to walk down Stirrup Street in one of Granny Smith's gurdles. I think I just got an awful mental picture in my head that I don't think I can get out. Ouch. Suddenly, Twilight gets a letter via Spike mail about Princess Celestia inviting Twilight to an event called The Grand Galloping Gala plus one guest.

Scene 1

Two tickets arrive and Twilight asks Spike if he's ever been to the Gala to which Spike responds with no and he plans to keep it that way. Applejack says that it would be more than nice and that she can drum up business and replace the roof, Big Mac's plow and Granny Smith's hip. Twilight is about to ask her if she wants to come when she is suddenly interrupted by Rainbow Dash who asks are they talking about the Gala. Applejack interrupts her and says that she was supposed to help her harvest apples. Rainbow responds by saying she was busy napping as she shows a blanket on a tree.


Rainbow Dash says how The Wonderbolts perform every year and she could come into their performance and show her moves. Rainbow then asks for the ticket but Applejack stops her and says that she asked first, so they decide to settle it with a hoof-wrassle.

My Little Pony: Incorporating arm-wrestling since October 29, 2010

Twilight stops the hoof-wrassle and says that these are her tickets and whoever has the best reasons should go. So what are the reasons? Rainbow Dash says about that she could have a chance with The Wonderbolts while Applejack says to get Money to fix Granny Smith's hip. Rainbow Dash says about living her dream. So, a chance to audition for your idols or helping someone in terrible shape. So Twilight picks Applejack right? No?! Why? I guess Twilight is deciding it over lunch. Twilight, you're really smart. Picking Applejack is the easier choice.


So Twilight and Spike look for lunch when Pinkie Pie suddenly bumps into them and sees tickets to The Grand Galloping Gala. Then we cut into a song. This will affect the plot just like her song in Episode 2 right? Not much. Maybe a little because of her reason but the song isn't really that good. Maybe the first verse but for the most part, not very catchy or memorable. It just has the bad girly tone that the first few episodes sometimes have.

Scene 2

So Pinkie's reason is partying. So I guess she wants to go. So let's see. Join your idols, join the party or raise money for your business and to fix your relatives hip. Pick Applejack. Next, we see Rarity pop up who wants to go the Gala too. So Rarity's reason is to meet Celestia's nephew, Prince Blueblood who Celestia introduces Rarity to and how she thinks she's destined to be with him. Okay, that's stupid. Why would Celestia introduce Blueblood to Rarity in the first place. On top of that, I don't think Blueblood even knows who Rarity is.

Finally, we see Fluttershy who wants to see all the animals there. That's good though because that's her profession. All of a sudden, all the ponies now appear fighting over the ticket. Twilight is annoyed with all this stress on an empty stomach and decides to continue her plans of deciding over lunch. And you know what? Maybe it's just making the others upset if she takes the ticket so I guess I can forgive Applejack or Fluttershy being the most useful

Scene 3

Eating lunch, Twilight and Spike order their food. Her food comes while Spike waits for his. The Waiter asks her why she's eating in the rain. Twilight notices that rain happened and Rainbow Dash is protecting Twilight from it to obviously get the ticket. Twilight says she's not taking persuasion. RD replies by closing the cloud as rain goes on Twilight. Rarity appears and brings Twilight in out of the rain.

Rarity tries fixing up Twilight with makeovers and even puts something on Spike too even calling him a "dashing gent." Blueblood eh? Twilight notices her persuasion too and just wants lunch. I see where this is going.

Speaking of lunch, Applejack appears with many apple treats for lunch. Twilight is sick of all this though and still doesn't know who to bring. Applejack asks if it's a maybe? And technically it is.

Next is Fluttershy who cleans up Twilight's library while even singing the MLP theme song. Heck, she even admits she's doing it for the ticket. So wait? If Fluttershy's admitting to this, why didn't Applejack? Isn't she The Element of Honesty? People say ponies have broke their Elements but there is other way's around it. I'll get to that in a different review. Applejack breaks her Element here and in another episode but I'll get to that later. It's a mere observation not any complain. I mean, Celestia gives Twilight lessons to do for a reason. None of them are perfect. It's all natural for them to break their Element.

Song #2

Well, another Pinkie Pie song. Her about singing how Twilight is her bestest friend and how she'll give her a ticket. This song is... better than the last one. Pinkie Pie is, in my opinion, best pony, but her random songs her hit and miss. This one's okay.

Scene 4

Twilight doesn't accept Pinkie's offer and other ponies around her are know trying to persuade Twilight. Twilight is sick of this and her and Spike run for their lives. I love this part. It's a chase scene with a rendition of Benny Hill. I'm glad they even continue doing renditions of this in the show. I'd love to see one in Season 3.

Scene 5

Twilight locks her doors from all those ponies but now see's the others and is really irrated. She can't take it anymore and Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie and Rarity apologise for everything. Rainbow Dash is incredibly happy now because she has the ticket. That's a little bad characterisatiom for Rainbow Dash. She's really selfish here.In the end, the ponies reconcile.


In the end, Twilight learns about sharing and how you should always make your friends equal. Which is a really good lesson to start with. Twilight returns the tickets asif not all her friends aren't going, she's not going either. But Celestia responds by giving six tickets.

With Twilight's stomach still rumbling, Pinkie Pie throws a party. Spike is dissapointed that he doesn't get a ticket but does in the end. Applejack overhears his joy and looks at him happily but Spike then pretends that he's angry to go.

Final Thoughts

So, my thoughts. The episode was okay. There was a few problems I had but they weren't that big. The episode isn't too spectacular though. One more thing I'd like to address is the direction they took with this episode. We get to know these characters just after the first two episodes and they start off by fighting. It would be a little easier to save this later into the season. The premise is also a little forced though. It was still enjoyable to watch nonetheless.


- Hoof-wrassle

- Pinkie Pie's songs

- Benny Hill rendition

- Enjoyable to watch

- The incredible moral

-Spike's inner feminity


-Bad Characterisation with Rainbow Dash

-Forced premise

-Not saving episode for later on

Elements of Episode

Entertainment: A-

Introduction: A

Premise: C-

Story: B

Writing: B+

Moral: A

Final Score: B-

Tomorrow: Applebuck Season