Hi guys. So, you're probably wondering why I have a new title. Well, I've discovered recently that one of my favourite reviewers on ThatGuyWithTheGlasses, CR, who did an MLP G 4 retrospect, has reviewed some episodes. So far, he's reviewed Swarm of the Century, The Mysterious Mare Do Well and The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000. Unfortunately, the names of these reviews are Reviews Are Magic. I am technically plagarising him with the title Reviewing is Magic. I've decided to rename these titles to avoid copyright. However, my reviews of the first three episodes, while renamed, are still redirected. I'm sorry for accidental plagiarism. Now, with all that copyright business out of the way, here's my review of Applebuck Season.


We start off with Applejack and Big Macintosh looking over a crop of apples to buck for Applebuck Season. Unfortunately, Big Mac, who usually works with Applebuck Season, has hurt his back. Applejack volunteers to do the Applebucking herself but Big Mac says that it's too big for her to handle on their own. Applejack argues with him that she can do it all on her own. I really love this scene. Big Mac is just so calm and collective. Have an argument with him and you will always lose. Big Mac's a badass. This scene really shows that Big Mac should have more lines. He seems interesting but needs development. He's already a fan-favourite character for mostly just saying two words.

Scene 1

Applejack starts off her work when an apple suddenly falls on her head. It turns out that a bunch of cows are rampaging through Ponyville. Rainbow Dash screams out that it's a stampede. All the ponies are screaming in terror. All except Pinkie Pie who says that the stampede makes her voice sound silly.

All of a sudden, we see Applejack rounding up the cattle along with her dog Winona. And I really like this scene. The way the rampage goes on and Applejack and Winona's ways of rounding them up has such a great feel to it. It turns out, according to the cow, Daisy Jo, that a snake scared them. The Mayor, now seeing what Applejack's done, proposes that they commemorate Applejack's achievement.

Scene 2

The celebration for Applejack is about to happen.Twilight Sparkle asks are they ready. Rarity says that they are. Twilight's next question is where Applejack is. Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie say that they haven't seen her since the stampede, which was about a week ago. Rainbow Dash doubts Applejack will miss the celebration.

The party is starting and all the ponies are there. Twilight prepares a speech the size of a dictionary but is interrupted by Rainbow Dash who says how Applejack is going to help her with her flying and says how awesome it will be while opening up one of the first funny facial expressions in the show. Twilight continues her speech but is interrupted by Pinkie Pie who says how for the first time she gets to run Sugarcube Corner for the first time and Applejack is helping her. Twilight is about to continue her speech but Fluttershy interrupts her and says how Applejack is going to help her round up baby bunnies. Twilight, now thinking that she won't be interrupted now but is by The Mayor, storms off slightly annoyed. Applejack appears after an awkard silence and comes in incredibly drowsy, working her cutie mark off to buck apples. All this stuff with Applejack is hilarious. Her drowziness fits perfectly into the episode. I especially liked when her and Pinkie were looking into the trophy for Applejack. Applejack takes the trophy and the ponies notice something strange going on.

Scene 3

Twilight goes to Applejack and sees her with the apples. Twilight asks her why she's doing this alone and Applejack says it's because Big Mac hurt himself. After that, Twilight asks the obvious question about the other Apple family members but Applejack says that they were just there for the family reunion. I like the continuity here. It's an obvious question and is answered naturally. Twilight says that she still thinks Applejack needs help from Twilight and the others and Applejack asks if that's a challenge. Twilight says it isn't. Okay Twilight, technically it is. You said that you don't think Applejack can do it on her own. I'm sorry, but the show treats this part as the beginning of Applejack's stubborn behaviour when in actuality it isn't. Twilight making it a challenge for someone as competitive as Applejack only makes things worse. Another complain is that throughout this entire part of the episode, Twilight is teleporting when Applejack walks away. She could easily walk that way and catch up with Applejack. Just show her teleport once. Going right in front of Applejack at the end of this part would have been neccessary. Twilight showing her teleportation magic is showing off.

Applejack goes to Rainbow Dash and is practising a contraption with her. Basically, Applejack jumps on one end making Rainbow Dash fly in the air. Kind of like a see-saw. Unfortunately, due to Applejack's drowziness she keeps on missing. Dash is annoyed with this and tells Applejack to work harder. When Applejack comes off the contraption, she accidentaly drops Rainbow Dash on her legs. After, we see Applejack jump with another one of my favourite facial expressions in the show. She causes Rainbow to fly up in the air, Team Rocket style. Rainbow Dash crashes into Twilight's library, leaving Twilight with another attempt at trying to help Applejack.

Twilight goes to Applejack and asks could she talk to her. Unfortunately, Applejack is hearing different things, which is also pretty funny, especially when they go into Applejack's conscience. Applejack goes on to say that she needs to help Pinkie Pie with baking.

Scene 4

At Sugarcube Corner, we see Mr. Cake and Mrs. Cake asking Pinkie is she trustworthy enough to fill up the order. Pinkie Pie says that she is because she has Applejack. So first Pinkie asks for Chocolate chips. Applejack hears this wrong and goes with Tater chips. Alright, now because Applejack put the wrong food in, Pinkie will see it right? Wrong. Well, maybe she'll get it with the next ingredient, which is baking soda. Applejack hears this wrong and goes with Soda. So now will Pinkie see a mix of Tater chips and Soda. No?! Oh come on! Maybe... next ingredient, which is a cup of flour. Applejack hears this wrong as a cup of sour and gets lemons. Okay, this is a monstrosity. Pinkie has to see it. No?! For the love of Celestia why not? It's awful. Well, Pinkie just said there's one more ingredient, which is wheat germ. Applejack hears this wrong as Wheat worms, fancy talk for Earthworms. So now she puts Earthworms in. So all the ingredients in place. Pinkie will finally see won't she? No. She says that it will be delicious. Okay, this is awful. I can understand Pinkie being too busy reading from a cookbook to notice the wrong ingredients but Applejack says what she hears out loud. How can Pinkie not notice? This is my problem with episodes written by Amy Keating Rogers. Not all of them range from mediocre to bad, but the ones she writes that do have plotholes that would seem pobvious in real life. So Pinkie serves Muffins to customers and then we hear, Derpy? That's right. This is the first time we hear her talk. You could say she spoke in Mare in the Moon but you can't really here her there. You see her lips move perfectly with the word "Muffin" in this scene so yay, Derpy's first time talking.

So all the ponies turn sick and Twilight and Spike come there. Nurse Redheart tells them that the ponies that ate the baked goods are ill. Twilight can't stand this and goes to Applejack.

Twilight goes to Applejack and sees her beating a dead tree. Twilight says she came back from urgent care and really thinks Applejack needs help. Applejack is still stubborn about the whole thing and refuses help. Seeing her walk away, Twilight says to herself how Applejack is as stubborn as a Mule. She sees a Mule standing beside her and says no offense. I really like this guy. He only appears in two episodes but I like him.

Scene 5

Applejack is now helping the last pony in need of help. Fluttershy. As mentioned before, Applejack is helping Fluttershy round up rabbits, with help from Winona. Wait what? Okay, so I assume Fluttershy will see Winona with Applejack and say, "I'm really sorry Applejack but a dog might scare this cute and innocent little bunnies." It sounds like something Fluttershy would say. But no. Fluttershy gives her directions but Applejack argues that she needs none. So, she is rounding them up with Winona? Look, Fluttershy is an expert at taming animals. She knows the right things to do and the wrong things to do. So, due to Applejack's different methods, the bunnies stampede through the town. No surprise there. Here, it uses similiar shots. I even noticed a reference to The Lion King where Lily faints upon seeing the bunnies. Then the bunnies run around her. Sound familiar. It's just like Mufasa's death in The LIon King. So Twilight is coming through town but sees Daisy, Lily, and Rose on the ground. Twilight has had enough and is going to Applejack once more.

Applejack is bucking a tree when Twilight is questioning Applejack's motives, needs a rest and needs others to help. Applejack disagrees again showing that she harvested every apple. She asks Twilight how does she like them apples giving off OWNAGE. Big Macintosh is beside Applejack and asks her how does she like them apples, pointing to hundreds of other trees.


This causes Applejack to get the first mental breakdown of the series. Twilight wakes her up and says that Applejack needs help and Twilight isn't taking no for an answer. Applejack finally lets go of her pride and agrees for Twilight and the others to help.


In the end, Twilight learns that while friendship is about giving yourself to friends, it's also about accepting what our friends have to offer. This is a decent moral. One of the problems with Amy Keating Rogers episodes is that some have morales that don't really serve much to do with the plot. Here, it's established well. So the ponies help Applejack and Applebuck Season is finished. And that's the episode.

Final Thoughts

So my thoughts on the episode is that it's okay. There is some plotholes that are either little or affect the episode alot. Big Mac's ownage line of "How do you like them apples?" makes my really wish for more Big Mac lines. Overall, the episode is good and is far from a bad one. It was enjoyable to watch but it definitely isn't one of my all-time favourite episodes. For the first Applejack episode, they show her really dishonest here and it's out of character for her. And most of the humour is just ponies getting hurt. It's mean-spirited the more you think about it.


-Introduction to Big Macintosh

-Cow Stampede

-Party Scene

-Facial Expressions from Rainbow Dash and Applejack

-Drowzy Applejack

-Continuity with Apple Family

-Rainbow Dash zooms away Team Rocket style

-Derpy's short speaking role


-Lion King reference

-Big Macintosh is a boss


-Applejack out of character most of the episode

-Most of humour/episode is mean-spirited

-Twilight making Applejack worse with the challenge

-Twilight's teleportation

-Pinkie Pie not seeing Applejack's ingredients

- Fluttershy's slight inexperience with Baby bunnies

Elements of Episode

Characteristics: D+

Entertainment: A+

Pacing: D+

Introduction: B

Humour: D

Premise: C

Story: D

Writing: D

Moral: B+

Final Score: C-

Tomorrow: Griffon the Brush-Off