As the episode begins, we see Pinkie Pie talking about an amazing thing Rainbow Dash did to Twilight Sparkle, who isn't really listening. Pinkie Pie notices Rainbow Dash and wants to talk to her about something. Rainbow Dash, believing that Pinkie Pie is just plain annoying, tries to avoid her. Pinkie is trying to tell her something, but Rainbow Dash doesn't want to hear it. That is until she crashes into a mountain and Pinkie says she was trying to tell her to look out for it. There's a certain problem I have here. It's not the characterization of Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie. That's captured pretty well. My problem is that the opening's redundant.

Scene 1

After the opening, we see the same thing happen. But hey, not all episodes can have perfect pacing. Pinkie comes up to Twilight again and asks her has she seen Rainbow Dash. Twilight says that she's up there, pointing to a cloud. What follows is one of my favourite scenes in the series. Pinkie chases Rainbow Dash but Rainbow gets away fast, while Pinkie Pie is hopping casually after her. Every time Dash thinks she gets away from Pinkie, we see Pinkie one step ahead of her. It's similiar to most scenes from Pepe Le Pew cartoons from Looney Tunes, where a female cat would run away from him and he would do the same as Pinkie Pie. Hop casually after her. Yet somehow, he would always be ahead of her. In the end, Pinkie meets Dash at a lake and says she has a favor. Rainbow Dash quits flying away and decides to help her.

It turns out Pinkie wanted Rainbow help her move a cloud. This is part of a prank, which is to scare Spike and give him the hiccups. This causes his letters he had worked on to be involuntary sent to Princess Celestia causing him to do spam after a load are sent at the same time. Rainbow Dash discovers that Pinkie likes to pull pranks just like her. The fun thing they did together at that moment gives them a closer bond as friends. This is one of my favourite parts of the episode. The friendship between Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie is something you don't expect. This is basically one of those episodes in the show where two characters, who seem opposite to one another, turn out to be best friends despite their differences. The two's friendship grows stronger and decide to pull pranks on others.

Scene 2

There's different reactions from the ponies they scare in their new prank to prank all of their friends individually. They surprisingly all take it well. They buy flowers but put powder in them which gives Rarity a slight cold when she gets them. Rarity's a good sport about the whole thing. Next, they change Twilight's ink. Twilight doesn't mind and decides to continue without dwelling on the subject. Finally, with Applejack, they paint all her apples. Applejack is initially annoyed with all of this but after seeing an apple go in the water and the paint going, she's okay with it. Wait what? The paint makes it all better. That doesn't get rid of the paint, it makes it watery. In the end, Rainbow Dash is looking through a telescope and tells Pinkie that their next victim is Fluttershy. Pinkie Pie disagrees with doing this because Fluttershy is so sensitive and that'd hurt her feelings. Rainbow agrees. Wait, a water squirt would harm Fluttershy? She may be sensitive but yeah, that's pretty harmless.

Gilda Part 1

After their bonding, Pinkie Pie is coming to Rainbow Dash's house but sees a houseguest. Rainbow Dash introduces the guest as Gilda, who is a griffon. Gilda's one of those characters I know that have crap written all over them. With Pinkie Pie asking about both of them doing a prank along with Gilda, I had a fear thought in my mind. That was "Okay the climax is obvious now. They're going to take a prank too far, hurt somepony's feeling and learn a lesson about friendship, something cliche and obvious." Those fears were dissolved though when Pinkie invites the two for a prank but Gilda turns down the offer and wants to hang out with Rainbow Dash for a flying session. Rainbow Dash says to Pinkie that Gilda just got here and that they'll catch up with Pinkie later. Pinkie Pie is easily upset about being left out but doesn't let it get her down. I'm gonna come out and say it. Gilda is possibly one of the worst characters in FiM. She comes off as forced in the story. The writers kept on trying to make her a convincing bad girl but instead she's pretentious and cringe-worthy. She makes everything awkard with her dialogue. Plus, she has outdated 90's phrases like awesome or cool or lame. The only thing I can say I like about her is her design. And even still, that doesn't make up for much.

Scene 3

It's been a while since Pinkie has seen Rainbow Dash and Gilda, so after the two reach a cloud, Pinkie is using a trampoline to keep up. Wait, how did she get a trampoline so fast? And how did she bounce so high off...

Pinkie Pie logic! Don't question it!

Gilda wants none of this and races Rainbow Dash to another cloud. They fight over who won. Gilda says she won with the dialogue of "As if, I won dude." Hey I'm Gilda and I'm rad. Aren't I hip dude.

After that, we see Pinkie catch up with helium balloons. Wait she needs 100s more of tho...

Pinkie Pie logic! Don't question it!

Gilda decides to race Rainbow Dash again but stays with Pinkie Pie and pops her balloons. When Gilda catches up with Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie catches up with a flying bicycle. When Pinkie tries to talk to them, Gilda tries to make Rainbow Dash go away by asking her if she has any new moves in her tricktionary.

Shut up Gilda! That's terrible slang.

Gilda tells Pinkie to make like a bee and buzz off as she drops Pinkie to the ground.In the end, it's clear to Pinkie that Gilda's a mean griffon as she drops Pinkie to the ground. Rainbow Dash asks Gilda where Pinkie Pie went. Gilda tells her that it was something about being as busy as a bee!

YEAHHHHHH Wait stop! Gilda doesn't deserve a CSI reputation.

Pinkie goes to tell Twilight about the problem and Twilight thinks the other way and think's Pinkie's jealous of Gilda. Wait what? Twilight, you've never talked to Gilda or learnt much about her. You've been with Pinkie Pie longer so why are you on Gilda's side. How could it be jealousy? Pinkie Pie is one of your best friends and she's in need. Don't you think that maybe for a second, you could admit someone else is right? Pinkie Pie is walking into Ponyville and is down in the dumps. All of a sudden, she sees Rainbow Dash and Gilda come to town. Rainbow Dash says how she has some weather jobs to do and says that Gilda can relax in Ponyville. Gilda tells Rainbow Dash that she's gonna chow down.

Damnit Gilda, shut up!

Gilda uses her tail to scare Granny Smith. Pinkie still goes against herself because of what Twilight said. Gilda steals apples. Pinkie thinks of Gilda as a thief but realises she could give it back. Wait, how could Gilda give it back? She ate it Pinkie. Look Pinkie Pie, I know it's in your character to break logic and trust me it's hilarious, but do you have any common sense. and the worst part is when Fluttershy is bringing baby ducks, Gilda accuses her of not watching where she sees going and roars in her face causing Fluttershy to fly away crying. We then get a really realistic line from Pinkie Pie.

Pinkie Pie: She's a grump and a thief and a bully! The meanest kind of mean meany-pants there is! I can take it, but noone treats Fluttershy like that. No... one! This calls for extreme measures, Pinkie Pie-style!

Oh Pinkie I couldn't agree with you more.

Scene 4

Pinkie Pie throws a party for Gilda and welcomes guests. Fluttershy asks Pinkie if it's such a good idea to which Pinkie says that she has it taken care of. This leads to speculation from viewers that Pinkie's going to have revenge on Gilda by pulling pranks, Gilda will snap, Rainbow Dash will see and Gilda will leave. What follows is pranks. Pinkie holds her hoof out for Gilda for a hoof-shake. When Gilda shakes her hoof, she's electrocuted by a hoof-buzzer. What follows is a great thing about the episode. That's the suspicions Gilda has of Pinkie. I'll get to that later. Pinkie says to all the guests to cheer for Gilda. Pinkie says for Gilda to help herself with some Vanilla Lemondrops. Unfortunately, there's pepper in them. Rainbow Dash says for her to get the punch only for it to be a dribble glass forcing Gilda to run to a drink of water. Rainbow Dash shows Gilda presents causing Gilda to be overjoyed. There's fake snakes in there though. Gilda is annoyed with all of this.

Scene 5

We see candles for Gilda. She blows them out only for them to continually light again. Gilda talks to Pinkie Pie in private telling her she's watching her like a hawk. Pinkie asks why can't she just watch her like a griffon. Okay, that's the funniest part of the episode. Next, there's pin the tail on the pony. Gilda decides to play and Spike blindfolds her. Pinkie tells her to walk ahead and pin the tail. Gilda doesn't believe this and thinks it's another prank. She goes the other way but slips on cake. After it all, she finally snaps. Gilda believes what the whole audience does that Pinkie set up the pranks and calls Pinkie Queen Lame-o.


In the end, it tuns out Rainbow Dash set them up and Pinkie made the celebration to improve Gilda's attidude. In the end, Rainbow Dash discovers how mean Gilda is and Gilda leaves. Rainbow Dash apologises to Pinkie for everything and Twilight apologises to Pinkie for not believing her about Gilda. Pinkie tells Twilight that even she can't be a super smart smarty-pants all the time. No because in another episode Twilight has to be the stupidest pony in Ponyville.


In the end, Twilight learns that though it's impossible to control who you're friends hang out with, it is possible to control your own behaviour. Just continue to be a good friend and in the end, the difference between a false friend and one who is true will surely come to light. As she's sending it, you can see Spike doing something really strange to a pony. It's a definite WTF moment. Princess Celestia even trolls herself.

Gilda Part 3

I hate Gilda with a passion. Her dialogue is awkward and outdated. Her dialogue is just uncomfortable to listen to. I can understand if the writers were trying to make a point that bullies aren't as cool as they think they are but it's poorly executed here and there's better ways to approach it. And of course, Gilda makes Fluttershy cry.

Final Thoughts

Before this episode, I didn't really like Rainbow Dash. I thought she was too mean, but this episode shows that while she sometimes has a light fuse, she does mean well towards her friends and is nice. She just approaches in a different way. Another thing is that the episode is really unpredictable. You may think you have something figured out about it but then it turns the other way. I also liked that the animation had alot of variety in it. But the writing was incredibly awkward and lazy. While there was some great Pinkie Pie logic and a Pepe LePew tribute. But there's not making sense for comedic purposes and there's just not making sense. *cough* painted apples in water *cough*.


-Unique Kind of Animation -Pinkie Pie pulls off a Pepe Le Pew

-Closer bond with Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie

-Unpredictable twists and turns

-Spike's WTF moment

-Hawk and Griffon difference

-A likeability for Rainbow Dash

-Extreme Use of Pinkie Pie logic


-Poor pacing at beginning


-Fluttershy crying

-Extremely Bad Dialogue

-Painted Apples automatically clean up with water

-Awkward Writing

-Twilight can't admit she's wrong here

-Poorly Executed Moral

Elements of Episode

Characterization: D- Entertainment: D

Introduction: D

Humour: B+

Premise: C-

Story: C-

Moral: C-

Final Score: D

Tomorrow: Boast Busters