Today we are reviewing Boast Busters, the episode that caused a certain character to become incredibly popular. This is one of those characters in the show that don't appear very long yet get so much praise. Onto the review.


Twilight Sparkle is practising her magic on Spike, who counts that as the 25th spell. And considering magicians can only learn two or three spells, this is quite impressive. What I don't get is how Twilight deleted the mustache only for practise. I mean, it's not like there's some mustache for a situation so what's the alternative? Plus, why would Twilight need to practise a mustache spell anyhow.

Episode Stupid Decision No 1

Scene 1

Spike is saying to Twilight how she now knows 25 different spells. He thinks that he always thought that a unicorn's magic only relies on their special talent. Twilight agrees with this, but she's thinking about a unicorn's special talent being magic. Spike says that that's like her and she knows a ton of magic. Twilight responds to this by saying that she's sure that there's other unicorns who are just as great as her.

Enter Snips and Snails. Two unicorns gushing over another one that just came into town and are gushing over another unicorn coming into town. And boy, are these two annoying. I can't stand them.

Annoying: Check

Episode Stupid Decision No 2

Enter Trixie, a travelling unicorn who is boasting about her talents. And talks in the third person.


I'm going with the majority here. I like Trixie. She may have started off annoying with non-stop boasting but there's a hidden tragedy behind her and is an interesting foil to Twilight Sparkle. Her speech pattern is hilarious. Her character's a smart mockery on boasters.

Scene 1 Part 2

Some of this part really flawlessly captures what this episodes about. Twilight asks if there's othing wrong with being talented. Applejack says there's nothing wrong with it all, except when somepony's showing it off like a school filly with magic ribbons. Wait, what? But Trixie is a showpony. This is her job. It's obvious to them.

Episode Stupid Decision No 3

Rarity agrees and says that just because one can perform lots of magic does not make one better than the rest. No you're missing the point.

Episode Stupid Decision No 4

Rainbow Dash then implies that it's especially why she's around being the rest of them. Ugh.

Episode Stupid Decision No 5

Dash questions as to why Trixie is so great anyways. Trixie responds by saying that in the town of Hoofington, she vanquished an Ursa Major back to The Everfree Forest. Hearing this, Snips and Snails say that Trixie is the most talented, magical and awesome unicorn in Equestria.

One Dimensional: Check

Trixie agrees and says anything Ponyville citizens can do, she can do better. Spike begs Twilight to show Trixie her magic. Twilight still doesn't want to but then sees Trixie point at her to challenge her.

Scene 2

It turns out that Trixie is pointing at Applejack. Applejack questions if Trixie can do rope work like a cowgirl. Applejack shows off thinking she'll beat the show off. Sure, beat the show off by being a bigger show off.

Episode Stupid Decision No 6

Trixie shows Applejack up by tieing her up with a rope and putting an apple in her mouth. That's clever. Next, Rainbow Dash tells Trixie that there's no need strutting around and showing off. Trixie calmly asks why and Rainbow Dash reponds that that's her job. Morons, I hate to be calling them this but it's true. How are they being this dimwitted.

Episode Stupid Decision No 7

Finally, Rarity, at first doesn't want to go against Trixie but Trixie responds by teasing Rarity. Rarity now decides to challenge her. Trixie you're too incredible. After Rarity takes the pace calmer, Trixie responds by turning Rarity's hair green. Trixie finally challenges Twilight but still with Twilight's fears, Twilight runs away.

Scene 3

After what's just happened and Trixie defeating an Ursa Major, Snips and Snails become her loyal fanboys.

WIimpy Punching Bags: Check

Well that's everything. The gender's have now formed together. Snips and Snails are a mixture of One-Dimensional, Annoying and Wimpy Punching-Bags. And it's not like we've seen that in MLP before with the male gender.

Episode Stupid Decision No 8

However, Spike questions their reasons for warming up to Trixie as they weren't actually there and the proof is in the pudding. Snails responds with that he likes pudding. Spike, annoyed by the stupidity of the two says that unless an Ursa Major comes into town he's not gonna believe a word Trixie says and neither should Snips or Snails. This gives Snips an idea to bring an Ursa Major into town. He asks Snails if he's thinking what he's thinking. Snails responds with "Why do they call it a flea market when they don't sell fleas." Snips says no and that for Snails to follow him. Okay Spike. I can understand you telling them this but it's obvious what they're going to do. They're not exactly the brightest tools in the shed. So the proper thing to do would be to tell someone. Does he?

Nope. Spike just continues to try to tell Twilight to show her talents.

Episode Stupid Decision No 9

Truth be told, that joke on the cliche of Spike closing the door is pretty funny.

So with Snips and Snails, they walk into the Everfree Forest without a grown-ups supervision. That's right kids. Even if you're dimwitted and wimpy, it's okay to go to a dangerous area unsupervised finding a dangerous creature who may kill you. That's what every kid wants to do.

Episode Stupid Decision No 10

the Ursa Major is woken up and the two run for their lives.

Scene 4

Spike is kicking a rock around while sad music plays. And I really like this moment. Spike doesn't fully understand the situation and is confused. This moment is interrupted however, when Snips and Snails come running, yelling that they have a MAJOR problem. The stupid puns are unlimited. Snips and Snails run to warn Trixie and Spike runs to warn Twilight. Next, we see Snips and Snails knock on Trixie's home which is a hayshed. Wait what? So, Trixie's reasons for all this entertaining is because she's close to homelessness? I'll get to that later though.

Now to Trixie's credit, she does try to vanquish the Ursa Major, though it doesn't go too well. The Ursa Major is too large for anything to defeat it. So after her attempts to fail, the Ursa Major does it's own rampage through the town. Twilight and Spike run towards the Ursa Major. Twilight asks what's happening. Snips and Snails say they brought an Ursa Major. Twilight is surprised. Again, they really should have seen this coming. In the end, Trixie admits that she can't vanquish an Ursa Major and that noone can vanquish it. Okay, you know you're in trouble when The Great and Powerful Trixie is referring to herself in the first person. Unless the episode completely forgot the way her character goes. And considering all the bad directions here, yeah, I can believe that.

Scene 5

So with the threat of impending death, Twilight decides to take on the Ursa Major. So, now you're probably asking, "How can Twilight defeat something that's undefeatable?" The answer is soothing music, a water tower full of milk, being brought to sleep and bringing the Ursa back into its cave. Well that's a cop-out. We saw a big build-up for this?


Thus everyone praises Twilight for her great magical talent and she finally learns that showing your talents doesn't mean others will hate you. That's a terrible moral. Well no not terrible but a bad one. The problem is that Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Rarity are the ones who give Twilight this moral but they were hypocrites by playing into Trixie by showing off themselves

Episode Stupid Decision No 11

Scene 5 Part 2

Spike asks if it is possible to vanquish an Ursa Major but Twilight says that it wasn't an Ursa Major, rather an Ursa Minor. So we see the Ursa Minor at home with it's mother feeding it being even bigger. Woah! That's exciting. But screw being happy due to all the other crap back there. Forget it, let's wrap things up. Trixie leaves town and Snips and Snails are properly punished for endangering every ponies lives... by giving them... mustaches? But that makes no sense. They nearly killed everyone with their idiocy.

Episode Stupid Decision No 12

You have one more chance episode.

At the library, when Twilight writes out her bad moral, Spike comes with his mustache and was trying to impress Rarity. Twilight puts her moral into place and tells him that he doesn't need that and should just be himself. Spike disagrees and wants a beard. So let me get this straight, noone learnt anything.

Episode Stupid Decision No 13

Trixie Part 2

Trixie is a mean pony. Now there's some who don't understand her popularity and think she's no worse than say, characters like Gilda or Prince Blueblood. The reason being that she lived in a shed. A tiny one at that. Heck, the Ursa Minor destroys her home. Now, Trixie is homeless. Living in a small shed is probably the reason why she acts like she's better than everyone. She's under stress and tries her best to gain alot of popularity. I also believe with her being so much stress, something bad, she must have been pushed around when she was a filly. Her one-liners are really good too. With all her speeech patterns and witty dialogue in place. She easily wipes the floor with everyone.

Final Thoughts

This episode is bad. It started off good with an interesting premise. But after the second-half, it turns then. On the bright side, there's some character building for Twilight. As I said before, she's new to the whole "friend" thing. But that fails because she's barely in the episode. Trixie, as I said before was a great villian. The Mane 6 were jerks and Trixie was the only character I liked. I just wish they didn't show her so much. This is bad because the Mane 6 get underplayed in the second half. So really, they're jerks the whole time. As for Snips and Snails, they annoy me end of story. As for the mustache running gag, it wasn't really that funny and could have been funnier? It's the climax to the episode and a pretty terrible one. And the moral. Sure it's good but with this episode a better moral would be to ignore a show off. That would be a much easier moral to get across, because it's something everyone would learn.



-Door cliche mocking

-Spike moment with rock

-Character building for Twilight


-Trixie is judged for stupid reasons.

-13 terribe decisions

-Snips and Snails are annoying -Logic of Twilight getting rid of mustache

-Mustache gag

-Snips and Snails getting the Ursa Major is obvious for Twilight and Spike

-Cop-Out with Twilight vs Ursa Minor

-Differences between Ursa Major and Minor

-Snips and Snails' punishment

-Mane 6 underused

Elements of Episode

Characterization: B- Entertainment: C-

Pacing: D+

Introduction: C+

Humour: D+

Premise: D-

Story: C+

Writing: D-

Moral: D+

Final Score: D

Tomorrow: Dragonshy