Fluttershy is feeding her animals but sees Angel eating too fast. After asking him not to eat too fast, Angel refuses to eat and hops off. Fluttershy tries her best to persuade him to eat atleast one more bite. Angel continues to refuse but starts coughing. Fluttershy asks him if he's coughing because he has a carrot stuck in his throat. Angel continues coughing. Fluttershy asks if it's because he needs water. Angel coughs even louder and shows Fluttershy a giant cloud of big scary black smoke. Fluttershy asks if it's the giant cloud of big scary black smoke. Angel responds by hitting Fluttershy with a carrot. Fluttershy takes it as a yes. Though I like this introduction, it gives me the impression that Angel is a real jerk. So what if Fluttershy's asking him not to eat too fast. I can understand him being a child but children, after hearing that, would continue eating fast. It just bugs me and makes me really hate the character of Angel.

Scene 1

Fluttershy runs as fast as she can into Ponyville trying to warn everypony about the smoke. Suddenly, Rainbow Dash comes along trying to beat a record with her bouncing ball. She's gotten past 47 and Pinkie Pie calls for a celebration just before Dash has even gotten to the record. Fluttershy argues that this is no time for celebrating. Pinkie doesn't hear her and thinks about getting balloons. Fluttershy is about to say that the smoke is causing fire but Pinkie doesn't hear her and starts counting everypony and Sweet Celestia! Lyra's sitting on a bench like a person. As Pinkie's counting, Rainbow Dash loses count and complains that she has to know start over. Fluttershy says that they all have to start over but Pinkie doesn't hear her and follows Rainbow Dash. Twilight and Spike come into town as Twilight announces that smoke is spreading. Fluttershy complains that that's what she's been trying to tell them but is interrupted again. Twilight said that according to Princess Celestia, the smoke is not from fire, rather a dragon. This scares Fluttershy deeply.

At Twilight's library, Applejack asks what a dragon is doing. Twilight responds with that he's sleeping. Pinkie Pie replies with that he should really see a doctor about breathing smoke in his sleep but Rarity argues that atleast he's not breathing fire and she asks what they should do about it. Rainbow Dash says that they should give him the boot and starts demonstrating by trying to kick one of Twilight's model. Twilight uses her magic to prevent this causing Rainbow to crash. Twilight argues with what Dash says saying that they need to encourage him to take a nap somewhere else and that Princess Celestia gave them this mission and they must not fail, because if they do, Equestria will be covered in smoke for the next hundred years. While she says this, Rainbow Dash shows a worship sign like in the army. Something I really laughed at watching this thing. Fluttershy is scared by what Twilight has said. Twilight asks the ohers to gather supplies and meet her in less than an hour. Rainbow encourages Pinkie, Rarity and Applejack that they can do it but Fluttershy is unsure.

After this we get a montage showing Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rarity and Fluttershy getting ready to go. Rainbow Dash and Applejack's part is suspenseful but Pinkie's, Rarity's and Fluttershy's is just hilarious. This is one of my favourite moments from the series.

Scene 2 Part 1

All the ponies are lined up and Twilight says about how she's mapping out the fastest route and they need to make good pace if they expect to make it up the mountain by nightfall. Fluttershy is now even more afraid after hearing the word mountain. Twilight mentions how the dragon is at the cave at the very top. Applejack says that it looks very cold up there. Rainbow Dash says that the farther you go up the chillier it gets. This further scares Fluttershy. Rarity comments that it's a good thing she brought her scarf. Rainbow Dash teases her saying sarcastically that that'll keep her nice and cosy. Which brings me to technically one of the antagonists.

Rainbow Dash Part 1

There are some episodes where Rainbow Dash is antagonised the wrong way. This is the episode that starts it all. Throughout this entire episode, She's a Grade A jerk. She acts like she's better than everyone and teases the others alot in this episode. I mean, she tries avoiding Pinkie even though the two became great friends in Griffon the Brush Off. Then she teases Rarity's ways of protecting herself because Rainbow Dash and Rarity are very different from eachother. Then we come to the pony that she makes fun of the most in this episode.

Scene 2 Part 2

Fluttershy comes up to Twilight who's reading the map. Twilight is ignoring everything Fluttershy says and just keeps replying with "Uh-huh." Fluttershy asks if it's okay if she stay in Ponyville. Fluttershy thinks Twilight says yes and says that she'll stay in Ponyville. This time though, Twilight stops Fluttershy saying her way with wild animals will surely come in handy. Fluttershy still doesn't exactly want to come as Twilight says for her not to worry about her animal friends as Spike is taking good care of them. Wait what?! Spike's staying behind? You went on an exploration to a dragon and you didn't bring the dragon to negotiate. Fluttershy didn't even want to come. On top of that, Spike hasn't ever done stuff to other animals. Fluttershy mentions how she doesn't think he's up to the task. You think? Twilight ignores her and continues on. Rainbow Dash asks if it's really okay to bring Fluttershy because she's afraid of her own shadow but Twilight reassures her that she'll be fine until both see Fluttershy hide from her shadow. Twilight doesn't care and asks the others to move on but Fluttershy isn't too sure. Before she can make a decision though, the ponies stampede on her taking her away.

Rainbow Dash Part 2

Yeah. Rainbow Dash is mean to Fluttershy alot in this episode. She doesn't care for Fluttershy at all. It's as if the two were never friends. This wouldn't be bad if it didn't show Rainbow Dash like this for the rest of the episode.

Scene 2 Part 3

As they continue on, a roar is heard scaring Fluttershy. Rainbow Dash asks what it is to which Twilight responds that it's the snore of a dragon. Fluttershy says about how the mountain is really high but Rainbow Dash is a jerk and says how it is a mountain. She then says how she's gonna fly up to see what's going on but Applejack stops her saying they should go together because of safety in numbers. Rainbow Dash reluctantly agrees.

Rarity says that she heard that the only thing shinier than a dragons scales is the gems they have. After this, Pinkie impersonates the dragon to which everyone laughs at. However, Twilight says that they need to move faster. Twilight asks Fluttershy if she thinks she knows what the dragon looks like, but Fluttershy is still at the bottom of the mountain. Rainbow Dash is then a jerk and asks what Fluttershy's waiting for, an invitation. Fluttershy says that it's so steep. Rainbow Dash is a jerk again and says that it is a cliff and Fluttershy could just fly over. Pinkie encourages her to flap her wings. Just as Fluttershy does though, she hears another dragon snore causing her to fall and getting her wings stuck. Applejack decides to go down the mountain and bring Fluttershy up by going around the mountain. Rainbow Dash complains that that'll take forever. Applejack assures Twilight that they'll be there lickety-split.

Waiting for Applejack, Pinkie Pie and Rarity are playing tic-tac toe and it looks like Pinkie Pie's won for the 35th time in a row and asks for best of 71. After a long period of time, Applejack and Fluttershy catch up with the others.


All the ponies are crossing a ledge. Twilight says how it's Fluttershy's turn but Fluttershy is scared because she thinks it's so wide. Twilight says how they should be much farther along by now and Applejack says how Fluttershy can just leap on over. Pinkie Pie says how there's nothing to be afraid of because it's just a hop, skip and jump, leading us to another song from Pinkie Pie. She basically sings how it's not very hard and Fluttershy just needs to do a Hop, Skip and Jump. This song is tolerable. I usually don't care for random songs by Pinkie Pie and consider nearly all of them atleast tolerable.

Scene 3

Unfortunately even after Pinkie's song and taking her advice, Flutershy takes longer to make it over the short ledge.

The ponies are crossing an avalanche zone and Twilight asks them not to be too loud but Fluttershy, afraid of avalanches, screams in terror, causing the avalanche to start. All the ponies try to escape it and eventually do. Twilight does thanks to Applejack. I really like the avalanche part. It's so fast-paced and action-packed. It also gives off suspense. Fluttershy apologises for what she did and Applejack forgives her. Twilight forgives her too but is now annoyed because they have to climb over now.

Unfortunately, climbing down the crashed rocks, Fluttershy accidentaly slips into Rarity who then slips into Applejack. Rarity apologises for this and then Dash is a jerk again and says it's not Rarity's fault, looking at Fluttershy.

Rainbow Dash asks Twilight if she still thinks it was a good idea to bring Fluttershy and responds by saying that they're about to find out as they have now reached the cave.

Scene 4

Twilight has her plan in motion. She asks Rainbow Dash to clear the smoke, Rarity and Pinkie to create a distraction and Applejack to attack with apples. This is simply her Plan B though and says that Plan A is for Fluttershy to help Twilight get the dragon out by using her ways with animals. Fluttershy is still incredibly frightened.

Twilight goes in the cave and asks Fluttershy what the best way is to waking up a dragon but Fluttershy is still outside the cave, her head in the ground terrified. The ponies successfully get her out but Fluttershy tells them that she can't go in and then Dash is a jerk by saying that she's afraid of caves now too. Fluttershy replies with that she's not afraid of caves and says that she's scared of dragons. Twilight questions this because Fluttershy has all kinds of ways with dealing with animals. Fluttershy replies with that that was because they weren't dragons. Rainbow Dash says how Fluttershy walked up to a Manticore like it was nothing. Pinkie Pie says how Spike is a dragon and she's not afraid of him. And Fluttershy replies that that's because he wasn't a huge, gigantic, terrifying, enormous, teeth-gnashing, sharp-scale having, horn-wearing, smoke-snoring, could eat a pony in one bite, all grown up dragon! Twilight asks why she didn't just say something before. And Fluttershy replies with that she was afraid to. And so we come to a plothole. That's not the reason. Fluttershy DID say something before. It's just that because of her quiet voice, noone heard her. Not that she was afraid to. So anyways, Fluttershy doesn't want to face the dragon.

Twilight is the first one who decides to go into the dragon. She nicely asks him to leave but he ignres this and breathes smoke out at Twilight. Her attempt fails.

Second to face the dragon, Rarity decides to seduce the dragon? Really? This is sahown in a very subtle way though. Rarity says how handsome the dragon is but cuts the deal about him leaving Ponyville when she talks about keeping his jewels.

Third to face him, Pinkie decides to try putting a smile on his face by dressing ridiculously. Her attempts fail though as the dragon isn't as hyperactive as her.

Fourth to face him, Rainbow Dash decides to try her plan she had in the first place: brute force. It doesn't work and only makes the dragon angrier.

This causes the dragon to attack them. He's about to destroy the ponies on the ground but then we get a really good moment with Fluttershy when she finally faces her fear and stands up for her friends. She persuades the dragon to leave and saves her friends. She even makes him cry. She comforts him and says he's not really a bad dragon. Oh Fluttershy. Not only did you save your friends and cause utter pwnage on your fear but you still shown kindness in the end.


Twilight says that she knew that Fluttershy could do it.

Scene 5

Spike is chasing Angel and asks how Fluttershy puts up with him. That's the 1 million dollar question Spike. In the end, Twilight learns to never lose faith in your friends as they can be an amazing source of strength and can even help you overcome your greatest fears.

After this, we cut to Rainbow Dash back to bouncing her ball but hears a roar scaring her, only to realise it's Pinkie. She nearly even admits that she got scared. After this, we see Fluttershy bring the OWNAGE on Dash and says that not every pony can be as brave as her. This is ruined though when Rainbow blows a leaf scaring Fluttershy.

Rainbow Dash Part 3

Look, I can understand about Rainbow Dash suffering from narcissism. It's an ongoing thing. But here, she's a jerk. I've counted. She is shown to be a jerk seven times in this episode. It's irritating. Didn't Rainbow Dash decide to hang out with her firends more in Griffon the Brush Off? It's just so annoying.


This is a fun antagonist. He brings up so much flair with what he does to the others. In the end, he's not even shown as an anti-villian. This is because of Fluttershy's line "You're not a bad dragon, you just made a bad decision." And let's be honest here. A dragon who snores smoke has got to be awesome.

Final Thoughts

Now despite the complaints I had, this is a really good episode. Besides the Friendship is Magic two-parter, this is the first adventure episode. It has really good action and is thrilling for a long time. There's still that plothole with why Fluttershy didn't say about her fears. Rainbow Dash also nearly ruins this for me.


-Great adventure feel

-Lyra sits like a human

-Rainbow Dash worship sign

-Montage with ponies getting ready


-Hop, Skip and Jump!

-Fluttershy pwnage



-Rainbow Dash

-The dragon not coming to negotiate with the dragon

-Plothole with why Fluttershy didn't say something before

Elements of Episode

Entertainment: A+

Introduction: F+

Premise: A-

Story: A

Writing: B+

Moral: A-

Final Score: B

Tomorrow: Look Before You Sleep