As the episode begins, we see the Earth, Pegasus and Unicorn ponies cleaning up a mess. The Earth ponies are picking up broken sticks, thepegasi are putting up the clouds and the unicorns are using their magic to repair branches onto trees. We see Rarity using her magic to repair a branch but after using broken limbs for it, Applejack comes along and asks Rarity to take the broken limbs down and asks if she cares about nothing other than prettifyin things. Rarity argues that somepony has to because Applejack made an absolute mess of the town square. Applejack argues that the upcoming storm will make an even bigger mess if they don't prune all the loose branches so they don't tumble down on anypony. Rarity blames it on the pegasus ponies who scheduled such a dreadful downpour. Applejack asks for her to think more practical because the pegasus ponies missed a schedule and are now trying to make up for it. After that rain happens and Rarity tries to look for a place to take cover. Applejack finds a place under a bench. Rarity doesn't want to go there because there's mud. So the two continue arguing when the storm starts. Rarity ponders the thought that they should find some shelter. So, my thoughts on the introduction is that I don't like it. Where was Twilight, Fluttershy or Pinkie? Heck, not even Rainbow Dash, the best flyer was seen helping. Also, why are Applejack and Rarity even arguing. I mean yeah, conflict is a common thing in this show but it treats it as if the two aren't friends. This is basically another Griffon the Brush Off. In the sense of two ponies you would expect to hate eachother end up getting along. But that worked with Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie because it gave off hints that Dash doesn't hate Pinkie. She's just annoyed by her. With Applejack and Rarity, it's basically complete differences that lead the wrong way. In Griffon the Brush Off, Applejack and Rarity made cameo appearances but most of the time they were seen hanging out with eachother. So why is it showing here that the two practically hate eachother? Another bad part of this introduction is that it's just complete arguing. What makes it worse is that this is nearly the entire episode.

Scene 1

We see Twilight Sparkle inviting Applejack and Rarity into her home. Wait what? Okay. So Twilight appears in this episode but isn't seen outside? Rainbow, Pinkie and Fluttershy could have been somewhere else but Twilight wasn't. Her home was right beside where the ponies were cleaning up. Two episodes ago, we shown Twilight really good at magic. If she had helped, the job would've been done faster. So with no explanation as to why Twilight wasn't helping, she invites Applejack and Rarity in. Applejack asks if it's really okay to taake cover inside a tree. Twilight says that it is if you have a lightningrod. Both Rarity and Applejack thank Twilight for letting them in but Rarity asks Applejack to dry up. Applejack then says a strange line from this episode. "If I gotta spend one more minute with that fussbudget Rarity today, I can't be held responsible for what I'm gonna do." Okay Applejack, listen to me. You're a guest in Twilight's house. Guests need to clean up. i know due to you living on a farm, you may not know that, but it is a good thing to do. If anything, Rarity was helping you. So, after throwing a bad light on Rarity for no apparent reason, we see Twilight telling Rarity that it's some storm and that the pegasus ponies sure have outdone themselves. She ponders the thought that it'll be trouble for Applejack and Rarity to get home. Twilight goes on to say that they can stay here as Spike is doing royal duties in Canterlot. Does it explain why? No, of course not. So Twilight says that they could have a slumber party because she always wanted one of those. Wait what? Twilight is the one throwing a slumber party? Really Twilight? This is so out-of-character for her. Twilight is not one for parties. We've seen her go to parties but never make one herself. They could have had Pinkie do this, not Twilight. Why her? And yes, I know in Season 1, there was the restriction of having Twilight appear in every episode because she had to learn all the lessons. If that's the case, just make her go to Sugarcube Corner with Applejack and Rarity. This makes no sense.

So, with the creators ignoring a major plothole, Rarity reluctantly agrees to a sleepover and is given a book by Twilight.

Slumber Party 101: All you've ever wanted to know about slumber parties but were afraid to ask.

Why does Twilight like this book? Okay okay. I have to stop myself from ignoring this terrible characterization. I must.

So after drying up, Applejack argues that Twilight and Rarity have mud on their face. Rarity argues that it's actually a mud-mask. Twilight is excited that they're giving eachother makeovers. Gah! Applejack reluctantly decides to stay over. Twilight cheers for her slumber party. Ow! So, after Applejack gets a mud-mask, Rarity sticks on cucumbers. Applejack decides to eat them. Twilight says how exciting this is and Rarity asks Applejack that they wouldn't want to ruin Twilight's very first slumber party. Okay, how would Rarity know that. And so, the slumber party begins.

Scene 2

The ponies hair is done and Twilight checks it off. Ugh. Another complaint I have is the girliness. This is by far, the most girliest episode of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. So now Twilight wants ghost stories. Applejack starts off by making a ghost story that sounds like she's desribing Rarity. Then Rarity tells a ghost story that sounds like she's describing Applejack. Twilight then tells a story about "The Headless Horse." This is probably one of the only good parts of the episode as it references The Headless Horseman.

Next, Twilight suggests for them to make s'mores. Rarity teaches Twilight a great way about making s'mores and Applejack interrupts this by just eating it. Ugh. Why when I see anyone who hates this episode they say it's because of Rarity. Applejack did worse. Rarity was showing her Elment of Generosity then Applejack completely interrupted it. So now Twilight asks for Truth or Dare. Rarity dares Applejack to do something neatly for a change. Applejack dares Rarity to stop obsessing over everything. Twilight says that this isn't really how you play, so Applejack dares Rarity to get her mane ruined outside. Judging by the rules, Rarity does. Rarity then dares Applejack to dress in a fancy outfit. So the two continue to argue and Twilight just checks off Truth or Dare and moves on. She asks for them to now do a pillow fight. Rarity doesn't want to partake in this but after Applejack hits her with one. Rarity challenges her. This is my favourite part of the episode. The way the creators approach the pillow fight is so well-crafted. In the end though, Twilight suggest they go to sleep.

Scene 3

Applejack and Rarity have trouble sleeping in the same bed. Rarity fixes it the right way and Applejack responds by... jumping on the bed and ruining the covers? Why? Rarity fixed that bed in a perfect way. She put alot of work into it and Applejack disrespected her for it. Heck, Rarity even says that Applejack did it on purpose and Applejack responds with "Um, yeah." So the two continue to argue and Twilight interrupts them and says that the number one thing you're supposed to do at a slumber partyis have fun and she can't tick it off. Applejack and Rarity both say that they've been trying their hardest. Okay, maybe Rarity, but Applejack? Twilight argues that they ruined her very first slumber party.

Scene 4

The three see a loose tree about to fall down. Applejack tells Rarity that this is the reason why she wasn't supposed to spiffy things up. Applejack decides to use her rope to keep the branch up. Unfortunately, it bursts into Twilight's library. Applejack apologises to Twilight about the mess. And so, we come to a part that's better than the pillow fight. Instead of forgiving Applejack, Twilight says no, there's a giant tree in my house and it's all your fault. Just saying you're sorry doesn't help. This is powerful writing. Rarity is cleaning up the books instead of the trees and Applejack says that they need to clean the tree up. Twilight looks for anything to do with branches. She reads Baking, then BFF's and then Brothers. Wait, Twilight, BFF's, Brothers? Shining Armor?

In the end, Applejack apologises for being a jerk and Rarity's over-looking on things could've saved them all. But right now, she needs to help Applejack move the tree. In the end, Rarity, with the help of Applejack, finally sacrifices getting messy for cleaning the tree. And the two make up with eachother.

Scene 5

So, Twilight says about how she has her first official slumber party has succeded. Oh Twilight. How out-of-character you are in this episode.


In the end, Twilight learns that with friends, if you embrace eachothers differences you can find new ways to play with eachother.

And Twilight suggests for another slumber party again. Ugh.

Final Thoughts

So how well does this episode hold up? Well, it's pretty bad but towards the end I actually kind of like it. The whole "sorry" thing with Twilight and Applejack was really good. I loved the pillow scene. The Headess Horseman was great too. There are some negatives though. Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Pinkie aren't seen helping atal. Maybe, Pinkie or Fluttershy were helping in another part of Ponyville but why don't we see a great flyer like Rainbow Dash going everywhere or Twilight even going outside. The premise was also bad. It's a boring and repetitive episode. Why were Applejack and Rarity even fighting with eachother? Spike is never even mentioned as to why he even went to Canterlot. This is also the most girliest episode of FiM. The worst part by far though is Twilight. She is so out-of place. I don't like her here. She's not one for parties. She's a shut-in. She's anti-social. She's not a hyperactive pony. Now despite that bad stuff, the moral is one of my favourites. Overall though, not a good episode.


- Headless Horseman reference

-Pillow Fight Scene

-Applejack and Twilight Scene

-Applejack and Rarity Scene

-Awesome moral


-Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie don't help

-Spike in Canterlot for no explained reason

-Girliest episode ever


Elements of Episode

Entertainment: F

Introduction: F

Premise: F

Story: B-

Moral: A+

Final Score: D+

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