Twilight Sparkle and Spike are going through Ponyville. Spike says how Rainbow Dash must've gotten up early. Twilight notices though that ponies are locked inside. Spike assumes it's zombies but Twilight doubts this. Outside Sugarcube Corner, they see Pinkie Pie loudly whispering for them to come inside. Twilight even discovers her other friends are in there. She asks what they're all hiding from. Applejack says they're hiding from her, pointing to a zebra.

Scene 1

We see Apple Bloom, first seen in Mare in the Moon, ask Twilight if she seen the zebra known as Zecora. Applejack tells Apple Bloom that she already told her not to say Zecora's name. Twilight answers by saying she saw Zecora glance this way. Twilight asks why the ponies are flipping out for no good reason. Applejack responds by saying that there is a good reason. Applejack says that she was protecting Apple Bloom. Apple Bloom argues that she can take of herself. All of the ponies (except Twilight) are acting afraid of Zecora. The ponies reveal that Zecora lives in The Everfree Forest.


Pinkie Pie says how evil Zecora is, and that she's so evil, Pinkie even wrote a song about her. The song Evil Enchantress. What I think of the song is what Twilight thought of it. Catchy. It's a great song that comes really fast. Nonetheless, the song's a little too short and a little too silly for me.

Scene 1 Part 2

Twilight asks what Zecora actually does but gives off sarcastic surprise at what the others say. Twilight disregards all of this and Apple Bloom even agrees with her. Twilight says how she thinks that everything Zecora does is normal and if anypony were brave enough to approach her, she would find out the truth. This inspires Apple Bloom to leave Sugarcube Corner and follow Zecora.

The ponies continue to argue but discover that Apple Bloom is missing. Twilight and the others run off to find her. Twilight asks Spike to stay behind in case Apple Bloom comes back.

The ponies find Apple Bloom and Zecora has the riddle of:

"Beware! Beware you pony folk!"

"Those leaves of blue are not a joke."

The ponies continue not to listen and continue to complain to Zecora. Applejack scolds Apple Bloom forgoing out on her own. Applejack says that Zecora could have a curse. Twilight questions this by saying that there's no such thing as curses. Rainbow Dash questions Twilight has she knowsmagic. And Twilight replies with that magic is a skill you're born with and curses are artificial. Going back, Applejack tells Twilight that someday Twilight will realise that magic is real.

Scene 2

In bed, Twilight is hearing voices in her head about curses from the others.

When she wakes up, she gets a comb using her magic and looks in the mirror but sees that her horn is different. Okay, how does this make sense? Twilight used her magic to get a brush and now her horn is different? It doesn't exactly make sense.

Twilight doesn't know how this happened. Spike finds a boo about curses. The book says about Supernaturals? Twilight says that they're artificial. Spike ponders the thought of what if you're wrong Twilight. At that moment, Twilight discovers that somethings wrong with all her friends. Pinkie's tongue has changed and now it's hard for her to talk without pronouncing the letter "s" wrong. Rainbow Dash keeps on crashing into stuff. Rarity's hair covers her whole face. Applejack has turned tiny. And Fluttershy's voice is now deep. This part is so freaking hilarious. Spike even comes with funny nicknames. Hairity, Rainbow Crash, Spitty Pie, Appleteeny and Flutterguy. He can't really come up with anything for Twilight. Words cannot begin to describe how hilarious Flutterguy is and Spike's nicknames for all of the ponies is funny too. Rainbow Crash thinks that they'll find a cure at Zecora's. Appleteeny agrees. All the ponies argue with eachother about whether it be a curse or a hex or nothing. Apple Bloom thinks that this is all her falt and she's gotta make things right again. Appleteeny goes after her. Rainbow Crash doesn't care what Twilight says and decides to go after Zecora. All the ponies agree and Twilight reluctantly goes. It's hard for some to get out though. Flutterguy asks Spike if he's coming but Spike responds by saying he's going to try to look for a cure. When the others leave though, Spike comes up with the nickname Twilight Flople.

Scene 3

Appleteeny goes after Apple Bloom and tells her to turn around. Apple Bloom gives Applejack irony and says that now she's the big sister.

Appleteeny gets reunited with the others as Rainbow Crash picks her up. Appleteeny uses Rainbow Crash as a rodeo bull and things don't go the best.

Hairity says that she looks horrible and Spittie Pie says that Zecora's place looks horrible.

Song #2

The ponies see Zecora is conjouring a potion up. Spittie Pie says that Zecora stole her song. Twilight Flople says how it doesn't sound anything like her song. Spittie Pie can't sing it though and asks Flutterguy to do it. Now we hear Flutterguy sing Evil Enchantress. And while Spittie's was fast-paced, Flutterguy's is smooth, aw yeah. This song is so relaxed yet hilarious hearing Fluttershy sing in a deep voice. Spittie Pie's actions make it even funnier.

Scene 3 Part 2

Seeing inside, Hairity asks Twilight if she believes them now. Twilight sees so many signs that Zecora's bad. Twilight comes back to liking Zecora and thinks that maybe Zecora's just making soup. But then hearing Zecora's riddle, she thinks she may be making Apple Bloom. What?! Okay, this is the moment of the episode where I lost acceptance for Twilight. I'm sick of them showing her naive. It's just like in the previous episode. Twilight is clever and smart. And don't tell me that because it's shown her naive in two episodes, she's naive. Twilight has shown to be more defensive of her own beliefs, such is the case with a terrible episode like Feeling Pinkie Keen.

Scene 4

The ponies burst in. They spill Zecora's brew. They accuse Zecora and Zecora says that she's not a jerk. Twilight Flople asks where Apple Bloom is. Apple Bloom comes in and sees the others. She tells them it isn't a curse. Zecora says that she was trying to tell them about poison joke which was in the leaves of blue. They asks about the possesions Zecora has and Zecora says that those are welcome gifts she got from native lands. Apple Bloom says that the soup wasn't her, it was herbs. Twilight also discovers that the book was the Supernaturals book. Twilight asks for an antidote to the poison joke. Zecora says that she's missing an ingredient from Ponyville.

Scene 5

Daisy, Lily, and Rose are saying how scared they are of Zecora. Twilight fixes things up in the end and the antidote can fix them up now that they have an ingredient.


In the end, Twilight learns that you musn't judge someone who looks scary or strange and look on the inside. This is basically one on prejudice and while controversial, this is approached very well.

Scene 5 Part 2

In the end, all the ponies have gotten their antidotes. Lotus, one of the spa ponies, even asks for the ingredients of Zecora's remedy. So all the ponies are back to normal in the end.

Final Thoughts

So, this episode. Well, this is kind of like Dragonshy, except in the Everfree Forest. I always love the adventure episodes. Zecora's a really great character and I really like Apple Bloom too. The poison joke was a nice touch too, not to mention Evil Enchantress. The moral is another one of the best. Unfortunately, there are some issues. Twilight is a major problem again and just turns naive again. I also don't really understand how the ponies knew Zecora's name. I mean, noone ever approached her so how could anyone know. Also, the whole solution would've been Spike. Twilight didn't even apologise in the end. It's one of the issues I had with Boast Busters. Spike was the solution and no apology at the end. Did he even get to help make the bath for the others at the end? He's not even seen at the end.




-Apple Bloom

-Poison Joke Characters (especially Flutterguy)

-Evil Enchantress (Pinkie Pie)

-Evil Enchantress (Flutterguy)

-Incredible Moral


-Twilight's naivety comes at the last few minutes

-Zecora's name known for no reason

-Spike is solution

-Spike underused at the end

Elements of Episode

Entertainment: B+

Pacing: B

Introduction: A-

Premise: B-

Story: B

Moral: A+

Final Score: B

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