We start off with Fluttershy looking for flowers for an upcoming visit from Princess Celestia. While looking for them though, she sees a creature. She feeds it an apple but then it eats her whole basket. After it bundles itself inside her, she decides to show it to the others.

Scene 1

Twilight is telling Spike to get things ready for Princess Celestia. Spike argues that it's only a casual unofficial visit but Twilight still wants the place spotless. The two continue to argue and Spike says that it would be better if there weren't two of them here so Twilight decides to leave much to Spike's dissapointment as she should've been the one to clean up.

Twilight is walking through town and sees a welcoming banner for Princess Celestia that Golden Harvest and Berryshine set up. Unfortunately, they could only fit in "Welcom Princess Celest." Ah in-jokes. How I saviour thee.

Twilight goes to Sugarcube Corner and asks Mr. Cake and Mrs. Cake how the banquet for the princess is coming along. Unfortunately Pinkie Pie has eaten most of the food already. Fluttershy then comes in showing Twilight and Pinkie her new discovery. However, the creature now has others with it. She offers one to each of them. Twilight happily accepts but Pinkie doesn't. Pinkie labels the creature as a Parasprite. Pinkie also tells them that now she needs a trombone.

Next, we see Rarity trying to fit an outfit for Rainbow Dash. Rainbow doesn't like this. Twilight introduces the Parasprite to them but has noticed that the creature has multiplied. Rarity and Rainbow Dash decide to take the others from Twilight.

Twilight decides to get to bed.

Scene 2

When Twilight wakes up, she notices that there is a parasprite infestation in her home. Twilight asks Spike where the others came from. Spike doesn't know and says that one got hungry so he fed it. Spike tries to work on the problem by putting the parasprites in a basket. And then Twilight... asks him to stop fooling around? Okay Twilight. Spike's a kid. He doesn't have a history with other animals. I said the same thing in my review of Dragonshy. On top of that, Twilight, you're not even working on the problem. Twilight just leaves Spike to take care of them on his own.

It appears as though Rainbow Dash experiences the same problems with the parasprites.

Rarity too. She gets all the paraspries in her bag and tries to look for a place to put them. Pinkie comes and says that Applejack lent her a harmonica. Wait, so Applejack is featured in this episode? Then why didn't any of the ponies show a parasprite to her. Is she forgettable from them. So then Pinkie tells Rarity that she's gonna need alot of instruments but Rarity ignores her.

So all the ponies except Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie and what's her name meet up. Twilight has the idea of going to Fluttershy as she might know what to do.

Scene 3

Fluttershy doesn't.

Twilight imagines that it'll be a disaster if the parasprites are around when the Princess appears.

What's her name comes along and brings Fluttershy apples she asked for. ANd no surprise, the parasprites eat all the apples, much to what's her name's surprise.

Twilight then has the idea of what's her name herding the parasprites.

Applejack, now noticed by the others, has her plan in motion. She asks Twilight and Rarity to wait and trap them and Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy to fly above them.

Unfortunately, the herding is interrupted by Pinkie who asks for more instruments. Once again, she's ignored.

Going back though, the ponies discover that Fluttershy left one at her cottage and the parasprites have multiplied again. The ponies are angry at her like they should be and then... move on? Okay, you got rid of an infestation that was destroying your town and when they come back all because of Fluttershy you move on? Get angry. It was hard to get rid of those.

So ignoring the problem that was all Fluttershy's fault, Rainbow Dash creates a tornado to abosorb the parasprites in. Pinkie Pie comes with another instrument and it gets caught in Dash's tornado stopping her from defeating the parasprites. The ponis get angry at Pinkie because she's ruining their chances. Pinkie says that it's vice-verca but is ignored again.

Scene 4

The paasprites make their way into Ponyville and are eating all the food. Applejack realises that if they're eating all the food, she has to get to Sweet Apple Acres. Twilight then sparks an idea. To use her magic to stop them from eating all the food. They stop eating the food but unfortunately eat everything else. This makes Rarity worried about Carousel Boutique and runs off.

After that, we come into probably my favourite part of the episode. Rarity is stopping the parasprites and they attack back. She's trapped inside her building. Pinkie comes in saying "I'll save you." Rarity thinks Pinkie's referring to her but Pinkie just grabs another instrument causing Rarity to scream in terror. I never get tired of that.

Applejack, Big Macintosh and Granny Smith are trying to stop the parasprites from reaching their apples. It fails and they tear the building apart. Where's Apple Bloom? She isn't seen helping the Apple Family. If she was anywhere else, it would be inside the Apple Families home. But that was teared apart. Was she at her school? Probably not because this is a major disaster. This episode is written by M.A. Larson. And don't tell me that Larson doesn't know about Apple Bloom. She's featured heavily in some of his later episodes. Ugh. This makes no sense.

Twilight goes back to her library supervised by a child and big surprise the parasprites have eaten so much that they've eaten the words off the books.

Twilight goes to Zecora about the problem. Zecora tells her that the parasprites will make Ponyville doomed.

Scene 5

Then we go into the first mental breakdown of Twilight. This is so damn funny. Twilight even asks for everyone to build an exact copy of Ponyville and they have less than a minute.

Princess Celestia has arrived. Twilight is incredibly worried but then sees Pinkie using all of her instruments to lure the parasprites away.

And Pinkie lures them away with alot of instruments, Peter Pan style.


Celestia notices this and one of the parasprites go on her arm. Celestia says how adorable they are. Wait a minute. Celestia has lived for more than 1000 years. How doesn't she know of parasprites? Is Trollestia canon?

So Celestia tells them that she can't stay to visit because an infestation has come up in Fillydelphia.


Before Celestia goes, she asks Twilight what she's learnt. Twilight learns that it's always good to listen to your friends opinions and perspectives to see if it's wrong or not, even when they don't make sense. This is a good moral but brings me to the #1 issue I have with this episode. Pinkie Pie was randomly grabbing instruments. She never told the ohers why, she just asked for the instruments. Couldn't she have explaned about the parasprites at the beginning instead of just saying about getting an instrument. And I do like the moral. It's just approached the wrong way.

Scene 5 Part 2

After getting rid of the parasprites, Pinkie asks where the princess went. The others say about an infestation in Fillydelphia. This gives Pinkie the idea to go there. Twilight tells her that the Princess has it handled. And in the end, all the ponies learn to trust Pinkie.


So, what did I think of the antagonists. Well, the parasprites were really great characters. They were really unique for being based off Gremlins and these creatures even started the fans discussion on calling someone who trolls the show a parasprite.

Final Thoughts

I have mixed feelings on this one. There are alot of plotholes with it. Let's talk about the positives first though. The humour is really excellent especially the part with Rarity and Pinkie. I also liked the in-joke with the Princess Celest banner. The parasprites are great characters too. I also really like the idea they had with this episode. I really enjoy infestation problems in TV shows. It was really nice to see Zecora again. And the way, Pinkie got rid of the parasprites Peter Pan style was awesome. I also really liked Twilight's mental breakdown. Now, the negatives. Firstly, there's Twilight. I started to not like her starting with Look Before You Sleep. And other than her mental breakdown, I hae some issues with her. For starters, she made Spike do alot of work on his own. Twilight should've done that because she was older and would get it done quicker. And after that, when the parasprites invade her home, she blames Spike for fooling around then leaves him to fix the problem alone. Spike is also underused in this and is never asked to help. Nope. Just push his character to the side for the rest of the episode. Another problem is Applejack. She's never shown the parasprites back when the ponies liked them and then just comes to give Fluttershy apples. Speaking of Fluttershy... after they did the herding, she left one behind and they had to start over. So, in a way, if Fluttershy din't get in the way, Pinkie didn't say of the problem sooner (oh wait she actually didn't) then if Applejack tried the herding, the problem would be resolved. Next character, Rainbow Dash. She creates a tornado for them and if Pinkie didn't interfere, the problem would be fixed. So, because Pinkie didn't even explain about the problem earlier, then yeah, she was ruining the ponies plans. Why didn't she just say that the only way to get rid of parasprites is music. They may or may not have believed her but she didn't even try it. The only pony who isn't involved in any problems with this episode is Rarity.

And that's one of the reasons why Rarity is best pony.

Another issue I have is why Apple Bloom wasn't even helping the Apple Family. I mean yeah, it wouldn't make much of a difference but she lives with them. What's with her dissappearance. The moral is still my main problem though because Pinkie didn't say anything earlier.


-Top-notch humour

-Princess Celest in-joke


-Reappearance of Zecora

-Pinkie Pie's a boss

-Twilight Sparkle's mental breakdown


-Pinkie never says about problem earlier

-Twilight makes Spike do work on his own

-Twilight leaves Spike to take care of parasprites on his own

-Spike is pushed to the side

-Applejack is never told about parasprites

-Applejack doesn't appear until second half

-Fluttershy doesn't get punished for ruining the herding

-Rainbow Dash's tornado is ruined by Pinkie Pie

-The show treats Pinkie interfering as a good thing

-Apple Bloom isn't seen with the Apple Family

-Poorly Executed Moral

Elements of Episode

Characterization: D+

Entertainment: A

Pacing: C

Introduction: A-

Humour: A+

Premise: B

Story: C+

Moral: C-

Final Score: C

Tomorrow: Winter Wrap Up