Okay, recently I joined because I realised something, here the death battle would probably not be allowed. When I make it it will be descriptive in a violent way. Not too descriptive but still pretty violent. Also, thinking about the polls, I would prefer to make my own judgement about the whole thing, because if someone unlikely in my opinion were to get the most votes (Rarity, Fluttershy) my ending for them would probably be very rushed. Another piece of news, my reviews will now be over at FiMFiction. Many times I wanted to use swears in them but I realised there were limits here. I completely respect the wiki and everyone on it, I will be coming here less. I'll still go to the wiki every once in a while though. So with that said about the Mane 6 death battle coming January 10, I have two more things to say. The poll can be more who you think or want to win. I have the winner in my head but if you want, you can still vote for who you think or want to win, although they may not neccasarily be the winner. Also, for anyone on FiMFiction, I will need some suggestions for Death Battles after I make the first one.

Thank you.