Hi guys. So before I do my review tomorrow of Boast Busters. Here are my grade ratings. In my episode reviews, I'm doing them in grades. Here's my grades so far.

Season 1

Friendship is Magic: C+

The Ticket Master: B-

Applebuck Season: C-

Griffon the Brush-Off: D+

Boast Busters: D

Dragonshy: B+

Look Before You Sleep: D+

Bridle Gossip: B

Swarm of the Century: C-

Winter Wrap Up: A-

Call of the Cutie: B-

Fall Weather Friends: A-

Suited For Success: A-

Feeling Pinkie Keen: F

Sonic Rainboom: A-

Stare Master: B+

The Show Stoppers: F

A Dog and Pony Show: A-

Green isn't Your Color: D+

Over A Barrel: A-

A Bird in the Hoof: C+

The Cutie Mark Chronicles: A

Owl's Well That Ends Well: C

Party of One: A

The Best Night Ever: B

Season 2

The Return of Harmony: A-

Lesson Zero:

Luna Eclipsed:

Sisterhooves Social:

The Cutie Pox:

May the Best Pet Win!:

The Mysterious Mare Do Well:

Sweet and Elite:

Secret of My Excess:

Hearth's Warming Eve:

Family Appreciation Day:

Baby Cakes:

The Last Roundup:

The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000:

Read it and Weep:

Hearts and Hooves Day:

A Friend in Deed:

Putting Your Hoof Down:

It's About Time:

Dragon Quest:

Hurricane Fluttershy:

Ponyville Confidential:

MMMystery on the Friendship Express:

A Canterlot Wedding:

Season 3