And now we move on to Rarity. The last one to review. You may be wondering why Rarity's my least favourite. Well, it's not because I hate her, I think Rarity's a great character. But the problem is that the others have more to offer. Rarity is an elegant unicorn who is a designer. Her sister is Sweetie Belle. Her differences with the others is what makes her unique. But like I said with Applejack, there's not much to say about her. Rarity has had alot of episodes but she still acts like she normally would. Although I did like how generous she was to the others in Suited For Success. How, even though they were fussy, Rarity still pulled through. And even after she made bad dresses for her friends as they were so fussy, the dresses failed, she blamed the whole thing on herself calling herself pathetic. That shows that Rarity really likes the others. She may have been stubborn to Sweetie Belle and for that reason, some people didn't like her. I will defend Rarity just like how I defended Pinkie Pie for "Cupcakes." Can you honestly say that you were angry with your sibling or that they were angry with you? That's what I thought. Some people have also disliked her for Look Before You Sleep so I shall defend her for that. Her and Applejack were on two different perspectives of the world. Plus, the two eventually resolved everything. The fact is that Rarity is the third most realistic character and she's always there to help her friends.

Well, all the main characters are finished. Now it's on to the interactions between other characters.

Next Time: Twilight and Applejack.