Hi guys. i thought that I'd take a break from my reviews to give you something special. Now, with a show like this, I enjoy it. I think there's alot of stuff good about it. The characters are well-thought out and have diverse personalities. Most of the episodes have really good storylines. And nearly all of the songs are catchy. However, there are some things in the show that I'd like to happen in the upcoming Season. Now remember, I like this show, but I do have some requests. And I'm bringing all of you a countdown on it. So join be bronies and pegasisters as I count down my Top 20 Things I want to see in My Litle Pony Friendship Season 3

20: Episode with Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon

Remember how in Call of the Cutie, we thought that Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon were terrible characters? Yeah me too. Well as time went on,we came to like the characters. In Ponyville Confidential, that made some people like Diamond Tiara as a villain. But then you got Silver Spoon. From Call of the Cutie, to Family Appreciation Day, Silver Spoon was Diamond Tiara's sidekick. But then in Family Appreciation Day, when Granny Smith gave her speech about Ponyville, Silver Spoon was the first one to clap. Then in Ponyville Confidential, when Diamond Tiara became the editor-in-chief, we never even see Silver Spoon working for her. Did the two split because of the Granny Smith incident? Well that can't be it because in Ponyville Confidential when we see some of the fillies leaving the room, Silver Spoon is walking next to Diamond Tiara, both of them smiling. So this is very confusing. I haven't figured anything out. I'm guessing that right now Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara are friends but don't hang out with eachother so much. And because of the Granny Smith incident, Diamond Tiara no longer works with Silver Spoon. To completely cover things up, what needs to happen is an episode where Silver Spoon is abandoned by Diamond Tiara and gets no friends at school. Then the CMC try to teach Silver Spoon how to be nice and the moral could be "While somepony could start off as mean, if you approach them in the right way, they may turn out to be nice."

19: Stop Making Fluttershy Learn Same Lesson in All of Her Episodes

Let's look at the Fluttershy episodes of Season 2 and see what she learns.

Putting Your Hoof Down: Learns to be confident

Hurricane Fluttershy: Learns to be confident

This may not seem big, but not only is it in her two episodes of Season 2, but she learns the same lessons in Season 1 aswell.

Dragonshy: Learns to be confident

Stare Master: Learns to be confident

A Bird in the Hoof: Learns to be confident

I'm just sick of it. Yes, Fluttershy's the most adorable but she's not very developed. It's as if the writers have no ideas for her which would explain her lack of screen-time in the first eighteen episodes. And it's a shame. Sure, she becomes more confident at things, but enough with confidence lessons for her. We've gotten it five times now.

18: A Rainbow Dash Rock Song

Remember how in At the Gala everyone said Rainbow Dash was the best singer. And remember how the creators took the fans request for a Rainbow Dash song with Find A Pet? And rememeber how fans quickly forgot the song? I think I can explain why. Now I'm not saying Find A Pet is a bad song or anything, it's just Dash's solo in At the Gala was a rock song, so how about a Rainbow Dash song with rock background music. That would be pretty awesome. And speaking of songs...

17: An Applejack Song

Atleast Rainbow Dash had a song. Applejack still has no full song. In the song Winter Wrap Up, apart from Twilight's two verses, Applejack has one verse to herself that sounds really good. Her singing was amazing. The background speed of her solo was amazing. Her lyrics given were amazing. Luckily though, I'm sure the creators are perfectly aware that Applejack doesn't have a full song. So I think that this will be in the near future in the show. But then there's the character who may or may not get a full song.

16: A Spike Song

Atleast Applejack actually sang. Now I'm not saying Spike hasn't sung before. He was seen singing The Heart Carol with the others but we couldn't hear him song. But because we saw him sing, we know that he can sing. And due to the creators hardly paying attention towards him recently, I'd love for this to be an interesting pay-off.

15: Applejack Development

Okay, all the other ponies have had development. Or atleast Fluttershy has tried to. Fluttershy is lower on the list than Applejack though because she makes more appearances. I mean, come on, alot of bronies consider Applejack their least favourite. And this is a shame because just like Fluttershy, Applejack has potential. She just doesn't get enough development. I mean, in her first episode of Season 2 The Last Roundup, Pinkie Pie and Derpy were getting more attention because of Pinkie's return of pinkie promise and turning demonic when Applejack broke it and because of Derpy, well speaking for the first time.

14: Spike Development

Atleast Applejack had more episodes. Spike only has four, one of them shared with Rarity. I always liked Spike too. But go to any My Little Brony Meme with Spike featured and there'll be complaints. And considering how he's, hmm, let's see, tried his best to save Rarity in A Dog and Pony Show, shown that he has a great relationship with Twilight in Owl's Well That Ends Well, turned into a badass dragon and turned around after giving Rarity something I don't know, he was growing for months in Secret of My Excess. The biggest is in Dragon Quest, where despite him being a dragon, turned out ti be a pony on the inside. The point is, Spike has done so man incredible things and is still underappreciated by the community.

13: A 3-Minute Sweetie Belle Song

Remember the awesome singing of Sweetie Belle in the song Hush Now, Quiet Now? You know what? That song was only 50 seconds. What I'd really love is either an extended version of the song or another song that's longer. I mean really, because if they make another Scootaloo song like in Season 1 then I think I've lost hope for this show.

12: A Full Pet Episode

First introduced is Angel Bunny. I hate this pet and he'll probably get more appearances in Season 3. Then we see Winona. She doesn't make much appearances but has appeared in more than one episode. So there's that atleast. After that, there's Opalescence. Just like Angel, she appears alot so I'm guessing Opal will return. After that there's Gummy. While he first appears in the worst episode of Season 1, Feeling Pinkie Keen, I like this toothless alligator. He makes recurring appearances though not as much as Angel or Opal. After that you got Owlowiscious, and while in his first episode Owl's Well That Ends Well, he uses the terrible Who?/Hoo? gag, I like this owl. Unfortunately, while he's Twilight's assistant at night, he only appears in two episodes. But then there's Tank. He first appears in May the Best Pet Win! But after that, we never see him again. In Read it and Weep, when we see the inside of Rainbow's home, we don't even see Tank. Where'd that tortoise go. And then you got Peewee from Dragon Quest who appears for five seconds and is never seen again until we see the Season 2 poster with all of the characters. What I'd like to see is a full pet episode where all the pets get in an adventure. It'd be a different approach and would be fun to watch.

11:More Interaction Between Twilight and Spike

We've seen this in Owl's Well That Ends Well, Lesson Zero and Dragon Quest mostly. Twilight and Spike have a sibling relationship. Not only that but Twilight is Spike's surrogate mother and took care of him in his early years. This interaction is so unique and makes me wish for another Owl's Well That Ends Well. That episode exploited the whole thing. Then in Lesson Zero, Spike is the only one who sympatizes on Twilight's troubles and gets Princess Celestia. Then in Dragon Quest, Twilight finds dragon books for Spike and is the first one to approve of Spike joining the Great Dragon Migration.

10: A Zecora Episode

In The Cutie Pox, we saw some development for the character of Zecora. She is so caught up in mystery and despite being developed we still don't know much about her. And a whole episode about her would be awesome. She serves as one of the role models for Apple Bloom so if Apple Bloom was featured alot it would be great aswell.

9: A Derpy Episode

Yeah, yeah this is overused but come on. Even if Derpy's voice changed, this is a show about accepting others for who they are. Why can't those stupid soccermoms understand this? So what, because Derpy has squinted eyes and talks different she's disabled? Atleast make a completely silent Derpy Episode. It would avoid more controversy with idiots. And come on, think about Granny Smith. She started off as a stereotypical old person and now look what they've done to her.

8: Story About How Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie met

I mean come on. Anybrony wants this. Although, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy met eachother in Cloudsdale, what about the other three? Just think. Pinkie Pie had that party for Twilight in Friendship is Magic, Part 1 and the five other ponies stood beside eachother. They even knew eachothers name in Friendship is Magic, Part 2. So I guess this could be possible. They could all retell the story to Twilight and Spike.

7: A Body Swap Episode

Think About it. What if there was an episode where all the ponies say how hard their life is and with the help of Doctor Whooves, body swap.

Twilight could be Pinkie Pie

Applejack could be Rarity

Rainbow Dash could be Twilight

Rarity could be Rainbow Dash

Fluttershy could be Applejack

Pinkie Pie could be Futtershy

They could all have problems with this though as it's hard to be like the others.

6: A Big Macintosh Episode

This is kind of cheating considering there was a Big Mac episode in Season 2 called Hearts and Hooves Day. But seeing as I despised that episode as it destroyed Big Mac's character until it was regained in Ponyville Confidential, not to mention he shared that episode with Cheerilee and the CMC. So now, I'd like a full blown episode developing his personality. I mean all of the Aple Family have had an episode but him. It would be awesome. Lauren Faust nearly even made a Big Mac episode in Season 1 but Hasbro was naive enought to believe that little girls were the only ones who watched thes how and said that there would only be epsidoes about the Mane 6 and the CMC. Now's their chance.

5: A Scootaloo Episode

Let's thread down the lines here. Apple Bloom has had three episodes, Sweetie Belle one, Scootaloo has had none, nor much development other than idolising Rainbow Dash and being without a cutie mark. But hey, Applejack, Fluttershy and Spike don't have as much development as others and they have pretty good jokes. So does Scootaloo? Other than the chicken joke, not much actually. Plus, there's still the mystery of whether Scootaloo has a family or not. I mean Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle have a family but nothing on Scootaloo's part. Think of Sisterhooves Social. Now because Scootaloo wants to be just like Rainbow Dash, she's probably competitive. And does she appear in Sisterhooves Social? No of course not. Do we ever see her home? Nope. Scootaloo has no origin. An episode I'd like them to go for is one where Scootaloo reveals that she's an orphan and has been living alone for a long time. After everyone realises this, Rainbow Dash, who has the biggest space for others, takes Scootaloo in. It's a dark tone for Scootaloo to be an orphan I know, but it's either this or we see a family that she hasn't talked about because she's embarasses by them. Either one, because if I see one more chicken joke, I swear to Celestia...

4: A Princess Celestia Episode

Let me thread this for you. Celestia hasn't established much flaws for herself. Even if she's the ruler, she's got to have some flaws. She could be the main focus of another Lesson Zero with her. She's gotten mixed up with plans and turns into Crazy Twilight. In the end, Celestia learns that when you have a deadline, try to concentrate on it hard when you're busy with other stuff. Still keep relaxed though as if you get too worried you're work will go slower.

3: More Princess Luna Appearances

Now we come to the one that just about everyone in the community wants. More Luna screen-time. Remember how in Friendship is Magic, Part 2, Celestia tells Luna how they should rule together? Well we don't see Luna again. Infact, Lauren Faust once stated that back in Season 1 she had plans for alot more Luna screen-time. Unfortunately, Hasbro being naive as they were back then, didn't want little girls getting scared. So let's see. A ruler, in her first appearance is even smaller than the other ruler and also seems innocent. So why did Hasbro thinks he was scary? After that, she got the episode fans waited four months for after it was announced, Luna Eclipsed. This became a very popular episode and the character of Luna became popular too. But even after she learns that all of Ponyville ectally like her and just like being scared, Luna feels respect. But still, she doesn't appear until A Canterlot Wedding. And she didn't even contribute much in that two-parter. She also has so much personality compared to others. She's a unique character. She may be the high and mighty ruler but Luna Eclipsed shows that she's actually very lonely. Now I'm expecting another Nightmare Night episode. Princess Luna will probably reappear because of the climax to Luna Eclipsed. So I think that'll happen. I just hope most times when Celestia appears Luna's with her.

2: Reappearance of Discord

John de Lancie has said recently that he's returning in Season 3. He doesn't give away much though and says that it's part of a major plot point. Looks like we're in for a big ol' storm of chaos. Discord could easily return. Remember, he was merely turned to stone, and if he escaped the first time he can escape again. Maybe it can be a three-part saying the origin of the Elements and how Discord turned evil. He's had really good one-liners too. Q was one of my favouries in Star Trek: Generations and one of my favourites in Star Trek generally. Discord is basicall not only the personality of Q but the same plans as The Joker. Thats awesome. And keep in mind, alot of fans complain about the defeat of Discord as he was defeated too easily. Well maybe he had a plan in his head at that moment. If he didn't he would have fought back. Bottom line, I'd love for Discord to come back.

Honorable Mentions

Before we get to #1 let's just get some of my honorable mentions out of the way.

#1: No Throwaway Characters

I was close to putting this on the list. I mean c'mon. Now I can understand villiains like the Cockatrice or The Diamond Dogs, but think of Ponyville Confidential where Trixie gets a mention. One villiain I'd definitely like to see reappear is Gilda. It's not just the villiains though. I'd also like Cranky Doodle Donkey or Iron Will to make more appearances. These one-note characters serve no purposes after they appear. So why is this an honorable mention? Simple. This happens in every TV show. It's an ongoing trend so I can accept this.

#2: No More Episodes Destroying Rainbow Dash's Character

We'v seen it in Dragonshy, we've seen it in May the Best Pet Win! and we see it in The Mysterious Mare Do Well. Rainbow Dash gets her character look like a jerk.

Dragonshy: Doesn't understand Fluttershy's insecurities one bit and treats her like crap

May the Best Pet Win!: Performs animal cruelty on her potential pets

The Mysterious Mare Do Well: Rainbow Dash is basically arrogant when labelled as a superhero

So why is this an honorable mention. One single reason. Rainbow Dash in Hurricane Fluttershy. Unlike inDragonshy, Rainbow Dash tries her best to help Fluttershy with her problems. Even if Dash doesn't fully understand Fluttershy she tries her best to help. Her character is restored in this episode. This is basically her character. She may be cocky, she may be egotistical and she may be narcissistic but se still cares for her friends just approaches it in different ways.

#3: Reappearance of Queen Chrysalis

Keep in mind, Chrysalis is a good villiain. And unlike Discord, she has a villiain song. So why is a reappearance of her not on the list. Simple. She just appeared recently. Give them time. I think Chrysalis will return considering her and her Changelings were merely blasting off again. So a return is possible. They just need more space. With my hopes for Season 4 though, I definitely want her to appear.

4: Applejack Making A Dress

Never exactly thought about this one. But hey, Rarity did it. Fluttershy did it. Why not Applejack? It woeuld be a great change of pace.

5: More Episodes Focusing On Two Characters

It's happened in Griffon the Brush-Off, Look Before You Sleep, Fall Weather Friends and Green isn't Your Color. Two characters who you wouldn't expect to get along well with eachother show just how much of friends they are. I forgot about this one because of ones I didn't like such as Look Before You Sleep and Green Isn't Your Color. But this is a good suggestion nonetheless. These episodes were lacking in Season 2. I would really appreciate it. One I'd really love is Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash.

6: Spike Turning Into A Pony

Okay, it's already been shown that Spike is a pony on the inside in Dragon Quest. And I actually would like him to fully turn into a pony for an episode. The reason this isn't an honorable mention is two reasons.

  1. 1: A little bit surreal
  1. 2: There's no way that this could happen.

1: A Gender Switch Episode

If Adventure Time did it, My Little Pony can do it. Make all the Mane 6 colts in an alternate universe. It will be more masculine. And considering males have now dominated the show's fanbase, this would be a great idea. We've seen fanfics on it, we've seen scenes audio altered to make the voices sound male and female. We've seen fan art of the altered versions of characters but never a real episode. I've always wanted to see this episode idea come through. Just make them talk in their usual voices and then adjust the audio. And considering, the creators have been giving so many brony nods recently, they could even take the altered names. If the creators try a different approach like this, who knows. There could be even more fanfics on these altered versions. Altering audio is a unique thing to try and like I said another cartoon like Adventure Time did it. That gained a huge fanbase so who's to say My Little Pony can't?

Ending Notes

And so, that's my list. If there's any hopes you have that I forgot, I'll add them in the honorable mentions. I hope you enjoyed this countdown. Tomorrow, back to my reviews

Tomorrow: Swarm of the Century