Hey guys. Back from holidays, I'm getting back into my episode reviews. But first, a game review. This game is Adventure Ponies basically based off the commercial on The Hub. The code for the game was released at Comic-Con, but one brony kind of spilled the beans. Is it a good MLP game? Let's find out.


Your story is basically where the ponies are taking on Discord but encounter other foes along the way. Your foes consist of the dragon from Dragonshy, The Hydra from Feeling Pinkie Keen, Iron Will from Putting Your Hoof Down, Gilda from Griffon the Brush Off, The Diamond Dogs from A Dog and Pony Show and finally Discord.Unfortunately, only four of these stand out to me as villians. The dragon turned good in the end of Dragonshy but maybe Discord just hypnotised him. But Iron Will? He's not a villian. Although, due to the poor writing towards the end of Putting Your Hoof Down, he was made out to be one, but in my eyes, he was never an antagonist.

Game Sides

Health: The ponies have five hearts. Ge damaged and your health bar goes down. There's hearts you can get to heal you if you're injured.

Lives - The ponies have lives in the game. They start off with three but like most 8-bit games, there's 1-ups.

Rocks - You use your ponies power to knock down rocks. For most of the ponies, it takes them more than one go.

Spikes - You need to avoid these as they will damage you severely.

Villians Powers

Dragon - Shoots Fire

Hydra - Bobs it's head down

Iron Will - Charges

Gilda - Dash

Diamond Dogs - Charges

Discord - Shoots Fire From Hands

Most of these are quite easy. My problem though is the powers. Not from all opf them, just The Diamond Dogs. They have the same power as Iron Will. Jump Charge would be more effective. As for Discord, he's close to impossible. Most of the time facing him, you'll probably lose a life. He shoots a fire standing and if you hit him while he's standing , he'll block the attack. This would mean that you'd have to jump the exact same time as he does, causing you to get damaged.

Playable Characters

Your fighters in this game consist of Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rarity and Fluttershy. You play 6 levels with each, battling the bosses. To get to the boss, the pony needs to find their Element of Harmony. I'm going to review these characters from least powerful to most powerful.


Rarity, unfortunately, is the weakest in the game. Don't get me wrong, she's powerful, she just has weak powers. Why? It's very simple, because she's a Twilight clone. She shoots magic blasts just like Twilight. Only difference is that Twilght has a purple blast and Rarity has a pink one. But other than that, Rarity doesn't really have any other qualities that Twilight doesn't. It's a shame because of me being a big Rarity fan and considering her best pony, I was hoping for a different power. Maybe complaining and whining, that would've been a funny and cool power. But alas, for being a Twilight clone, Rarity is the worst to play as.

Twilight Sparkle

Twilight may be original, but her magic blasts aren't very powerful. They are really small, so you have to keep on shooting. Both Twilight and Rarity have a teleportation pad. You can travel through this with the spacebar key. This is a great thing to use, but if you're in a rush and press the spacebar twice, it sends you back. Annoying. Very annoying.

Pinkie Pie

Two words. PARTY CANNON! This is Pinkie's main weapon and heavy artillary. It shoots down foes easily and is basically awesome. Only problem is that the cannon is under powered. I was expecting Pinkie to be overpowered if she had the party cannon on her side, but it's only medium power. In a side scroller that Pinkie's in, I always wanted to make her jump up and down while running. She doesn't get much chances for that. Instead, she has a ladder that she has to climb. I would if preferred if Pinkie was able to jump really high.


Lots of people really like Applejack in this game. She's over powered and can climb ladders to get to high places. She can also buck up her opponents. Only problem is you need to make Applejack turn the other way from the opponent for the kick. This is made up for the fact that Applejack is over powered but only slightly. Unlike Pinkie, the ladder suits Applejack. Her powerful kick can knock down rocks in one go. Not much else to her.

Rainbow Dash

The one and only, Rainbow Dash is an awesome character. Instead of teleportation pads or a ladder, Rainbow can fly, making her go faster than the others. Her only problem is rocks that you have to clear, Rainbow Dash's power is her own Dash. This power's awesome but when you use it the rocks don't crumble straight away. You have to hit them twice. This is the same with alot of characters. But Dash has a big power. It should take one go. On the bright side, if she uses her Dash while flying, it can save her some time.


That's right. The weak flyer is the best to play as. She can fly just like Rainbow Dash but despite being a weak flyer, can fly at the same height. Just like Applejack, Fluttershy's over-powered, but more than Applejack because she doesn't need to turn around with her attack. Her attack being The Stare. Sweet Celestia thank you. Her stare is incredibly over-powered. With Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy, I was able to beat Discord without losing any lives. With Fluttershy, I got it done quicker. Nice job Fluttershy.


The game is 8 bit just like it's advertised. Real good 8 bit with the ponies

The 8 bit music is excellent.

A problem I have is after you beat Discord with all the ponies, the elements are never formed.

Another problem is the game has no ending.

No extra characters like Spike or The CMC is a problem.

No power ups apart from the hearts and lives is a problem.

Final Thoughts

In the end, the game fairs off as pretty good. Despite my criticism on all the ponies except Fluttershy, they're all useful. The dragon and Iron Will as villians is a bad change though, the elements are never formed together, the game has no ending, there's no extra characters and not too much powerups. However, Discord is challenging in a good way, the 8 bit is amazing, the music is perfect and the game is all around addictive.


-All ponies are useful in different aspects

-Discord is an awesome final boss

-8 bit

-8 bit music

-Addictive Game


-All ponies except Fluttershy are useless in different aspects

-Dragon is a game boss

-Iron Will is a game boss

-Hardly any Powerups

-Elements are never formed

-No game ending

-No extra characters

Final Score: B-

Later: The long awaited review of Feeling Pinkie Keen