You know Screwattack's series Death Battle? Yeah, I like that series and I'm looking forward to the new one. But one I'd really love to see is a Battle Royale of the Mane 6


Now right now you may be asking why? Considering the six are friends but there's a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles battle so I don't see how this couldn't happen. Plus, the six all have strengths that give them potential to win a fight. In a Death Battle layout, I'll go over the six to find out from research, who the grand winner would be.

Twilight Sparkle

Twilight Sparkle. The main character of the show, she has many magical strengths to her disposal


Used to dodge attacks as shown with the Night Mare Moon battle. Judging by what's been shown in the series, Twilight can only use it to go to places she's already been to. This may be a problem but I don't think it'll stop her in a fight. Plus, if she teleports someone else from the main six can easily get her from behind.


This can stop the opponent from defeating her. There's a flaw with her forcefield though which I'll get to in a second


Twilight can shoot magic rays from her horn to stop opponents int heir tracks. The flaw here is that these rays never actuall kill anything. They temporarily stun the opponent only. What a shame too as it seems like she has so much spells

Gravitation Spell

This can be used to twist gravity to her advantage, shown when she faced the enemy biger than King Sombra... stairs.

Other Upsides In Battle

Twilight is Princess Celestia's most priized student, mostly due to her intelligence. With all her magic forefooted in place she can nearly be unstoppable, if it wasn't for her flaws.

Flaws In Battle

Twilight unfortunately suffers from overachievement. Wen she doesn't get something perfect she begins to freak out and lose her control. She then decides to rush into a sitution without considering the outcome that may occur. Occasionaly this may start to work but normally it ends up backfiring. Twilight's best plan's are when she thinks of the situation. And final weakness, she cannot fully achieve her goals without friends and she has now lost that privilege. As for her forcefield, the problem here is that Twilight would have to focus everything on that. Twilight has not yet reached a stage of her studies where she can do two magical tasks at the same time. That would require two horns which is not possible. Due to her being very easily distracted, she can't keep the forcefield long enough. A smart student but a foolish one.


Applejack is probably the most physical fighter out of the 6.

Bucking Skills

From being a farmer her whole life, Applejack is skilled in bucking. Her kicks show the biggest part of her strength. She is the best player physically in Adventure Ponies as a kick can severely damage opponents. In the changeling battle, her kick was very powerful in the fight.

Athlethic Skills

As shown in The Last Roundup, Applejack can jump high without the use of wings. The skills here are nearly perfect as Applejack has one a dozen blue ribbons for rodeo skills.


Used to normally roundup the wild this can be a good offense and defense. The rope is probably her best and only weapon, unless you count her kicks.

Flaws In Battle

Applejack has shown with her strength to do very powerful stuff. However, her flaw is pride. She hates to lose and can get very defensive when her personality is explored. After not getting a blue ribbon in any part of the latest rodeo, Applejack was ashamed. One little loss and she's no longer the calm character she is. The next is both a flaw and an upside. If Applejack were to get tired, she still continues work anyway. This shows her hardwork but it also can make her less useful in a battle.

Rainbow Dash

At first glance, Rainbow Dash would probably the most powerful of the 6. But she suffers some a few problems.


Rainbow Dash is probably the fastest flyer in Equestria, besides Princess Luna and Princess Celestia. She can clear an average sky area in 10 measly seconds but she often gets arrogant with this common trait. This can force her to become distracted to herself rather than something more important.

Sonic Rainboom

This ability has come into an event with Rainbow Dash four times. It has the power to improve her speed and make it Mach 10. This has helped her save lives and win a race. It's power seems unstoppable as it can destroy an entire barn in one go. It makes her invincible from any attacks. Use this as an attack and it cannot be countered, from what I've seen.

Cloud Skills

Along with being able to destroy couds in one swoop, Rainbow Dash sleeps on them along with being able to use them to her advantage. When Discorded, Rainbow Dash was able to move a cloud while on it.

Flaws In Battle

Rainbow Dash suffers from arrogance along with stubbornness. Just like Applejack, she hates losing. She has narcissism and when bested, it can result in a meltdown. When on top of her game, there's a chance that Dash may get over her head and try to push farther. She has improved from this since Wonderbolt Academy but that was a Wonderbolt situation. Rainbow Dash could easily lose her cool again.


At first glance, Rarity would prbably seem the least likely to win, until you look at her skills


As a dressmaker, Rarity is ofen very creative and can get things done very fast. She is a normally resourceful worker but that's not to say she isn't easily angered.


Unfortunately, Raity's magic is very limited. She normally uses her spellsfor dressmaking so this is where she can easily fail on.

Karate Skills

As shown when she was Discorded, Rarity managed to stop Applelie from stealing her boulder Tom using karate. This shows just how snappy Rarity is.

Flaws In Battle

Due to her having a massive attention to detail, if in any way messed up, she can eithr get angry or break down and become sad as she has a mental breakdown. Oh yeah those...

Rarity suffers from many mental breakdowns. She reacts to everything to do with fashion and cannot retain herself until either a long period of time or if the problem's resolved.


After watching all the episodes once, you'd probably think Fluttershy's the most powerful. Unfortunately, she suffers from a glaring inconsistent flaw, which we'll get to in a moment. Let's go over the positives of her fighting skills.

Animal Skills

With animals, Fluttershy  can befriend them very quickly. If angered by any, she can straight out mentally hurt them, which leads me to my next point...

The Stare

With this almost supernatural power, Fluttershy can make animals do her bidding. It's unknown whether this applies to ponies too but it definitely scares them.

Hidden Anger

In The Best Night Ever, and Putting Your Hoof Down, Fluttershy has highly lost her temper. She once had a squirrel in her mouth. Her anger is very incostistent as she still has the shyness she always does.

Flaws In Battle

Fluttershy is very shy and is against everything to do with battle. She will try to avoid it as best she can. She is a weak flyer but with effort can still use her wings as a powerful offense. And while her anger can become very psychotic, Fluttershy is the most apologetic of the group so her anger probably can't last very long. WIth that in mind, if she were to hurt any friends in a battle, if they shown how hurt they were, she would probably stop the meanness.

Pinkie Pie

Looking at the humour aspect of the show, you would think Pinkie Pie would be likely to win what with her fourth wall breaking.

Cake Assaulting

Working at a cake shop, Pinkie has used cakes as a weapon of offense. With a stubborn hoarder like a giant Spike, he'd probably brush it off but remember her friends all show signs of being feminine, in even the smallest way.

Fourth Wall Breaking

Pinkie is able to twist the laws of physics to her advantage, like when she stops an episode to end before it does or when she can get a flying balloon out of nowhere. So you may be thinking that with this Pinkie can win straight away. Incorrect. While it can be used as an advantage, Pinkie never realises she's actually breaking physics. She gets confused when other ponies do it but most of the time when she does it herself, she seems unaware of her power. With that in mind, her power can go many different ways with her fourth wall.

Pinkie Sense

This is a terrible feature of the show as shown with one of it's worst episodes, Feeling Pinkie Keen. I have started to appreciate it more with It's About Time as it shows that it may just be a natural sense. This sixth sense of hers can guess when something's falling. So when you attack a pink pony from behind, predict the worst outcome.

Party Cannon

This is probably her most powerful weapon as she uses it to make parties. Blind that in a pony's face or knock them over with it and you may get a certain victory, atleast with one pony. I mean, she took out a changeling with confetti. There must be something in the cannon.


When not being given enough attention, Pinkie can go temporarily insane and hurt or creep out loved ones. Noone knows what power she has with her alter ego, atleast in the show's canon history.

Flaws In Battle

Being the naive spirit she is, Pinkie is the most immature of the six and is the most easily distracted. Show something she likes and she stops being concentrated. Also with her liveliness, she can be occasionaly too focused on joy. She also isn't a very forward thinker. Just like Twilight, she does things without knowing the backlash. And throwing cake at a giant hoarding dragon will not give you the upper hand.


With those six touched on, I have 6 endings in mind with different otcomes of the six winners. Vote now. The results will be in January 10.

Mane 6 Battle Royale

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