You presumably know that I've been very much behind on my MLP FiM reviews. Well Season 3 starts in six days so I guess after I do that I might as well do the other Season 2 episodes. Until then, let me present to you something. My Top 7 Ponies. Know I must warn you. If there's the chance that you are a fan of the show and love all of the 7 equally, you will disagree. Also this is my opinion, it does not mean I'm right on this. One last thing, just because I have a problem with a pony does not mean I hate it. Infact, I kind of like all of them. I just may have different opinions than yours. With that said let's begin.

Number #7


Oh yeah, I said it. Fluttershy is my least favourite. I can already tell that many of you are disagreeing with me right now but let me state my problems with Fluttershy. First let's talk about comedy. Let's face it. Fluttershy's only moments is when she's adorable. I laugh at her adorable moments. Most other bronies don't, instead they d'aww at her. Really everything her character is is just her being adorable. So let's get to how big of a fighter she is. Yeah, normally she isn't one and you might be thinking "what about the dragon, manticore, cockatrice." Here's my question. If she's capable of doing so why didn't she fight bravely against changelings? Keep in mind that normally when she fights, it's the sole reason to help her friends. Okay then, Fluttershy, why were you afraid of the maze to Discord? Sure you went from your friends abruptly but still, you were helping to stop Discord. The same goes for the changelings. And you may be thinking "Oh those were really powerful foes." Explain the whole Everfree Forest incident with Night Mare Moon. Fluttershy normally switches between huge fighter and shy fighter. Her fighting skills are extremely inconsistent. Now this leaves the most important point, her character. Most bronies love Fluttershy's character because she's adorable. Um okay? Anything else? Like what development does she have? Does she have depth? Nope. Fluttershy has barely any development. Like I said with her fighting skills, she switches between brave and shy. Why can't she just be brave. Most of her episodes tend to be about her learnign either responsibility, bravety or both. She doesn't learn anything after however. Why can't they have different plots for her character? With this lack of consistency with character development let's bring up a fatal flaw. Her character in Putting Your Hoof Down. Now, I know I'm not on this episode yet but let's talk briefly. She gets lessons from Iron Will about assertiveness. I'm not talking about what I think of Iron Will, let's just talk about Fluttershy. So Fluttershy takes her lessons too far and hurts her friends. Wait what? That doesn't sund like Fluttershy. So what does she do? She hurts her friends feelings? She says to Rarity and Pinkie Pie that what they do is not worth doing and nopony gives a flying feather about them. You mean two of her closest friends, she hurts them? So you mean to say that Fluttershy is generally secretly not a kind kindred spirit? Well wasn't she earlier in the episode? Oh wait, at Iron Will's location, she cuts in line at the front. That's not how it works Fluttershy! So after this you may be asking me, does this mean I hate Fluttershy?! Well no, not exactly. She has some strong episodes in the show that atleast had the opportunity to develop her. And she did get over trauma in Hurricane Fluttershy over flying. Not to mention how adorable she is. But that's the only good things I can really say about her. I personally consider her possibly the most overrated pony in the show.

Number #6

Rainbow Dash

And just like that I'm met with more huge disagreements. Okay, let's go over her. For comedy, Rainbow Dash doesn't have much other than her being a show-off used for comedic purposes which I consider more as downgrading of her character. Although then again, she definitely isn't intented for comedy by the creators. As for fighting skills, Rainbow Dash is one of the best. Sure, she fights incredibly along with much confidence and willpower but she takes it so stubbornly and show-off like that she becomes annoying. Deep down, I know she cares for her friends, but she takes it way too seriously. As for her character, she is yes, deep down, caring, but a problem with her is that she tries too hard to be masculine, making her have a somewhat shell inside. Now for the positives. Okay, out of all of the 7, Rainbow Dash has done the best stunts that truly show the masculinity of the show. As fr her masculinity, there is a positive. There has been hints to show that she may actually have an insecurity inside that needs exploring,. But I'll get to more of that later in the memorably terrible The Mysterious Mare Do Well

Number #5


Yeah, I guess I... kind of like Spike. He's definitely underrated. I kind of like the guy. If nothing else that I can relate to the guy. You think Rainbow Dash is too masculine? Spike is the best masculine. He's basically mostly calm, even when he's used as a slave. His comedy is good too being like a less out of control Pinkie Pie. That's quite an accomplishment. As for fighting, he tends to not fight and be more like support for the others. As for character, I'm kind of mixed. He has alot of potential for a biography,a lot of character within too. But there's so many opportunities for him that the creators barely develop him with them. He has had a total of 4 episodes, half of them being shared with Rarity. And it's a shame too because he is a great mix of a kid and adult. I just wish I could like him more from the creators job with him. For now, he takes the number 5 spot.

Number #4


Yet another underrated character, Applejack was originally my number 7. But now I've realised that while her development is atrocious, it almost feels intended. Think about it, there has to be a reason why she's normally in the background. It's because I believe it's intentional. Think about it. Applejack is a middle-class worker on a farm earning business for it. She seems the most average, being stubborn and caring too much about pride, but like anyone else with these flaws, she tries to hide them from her friends as best she can. This is why she's the most quiet. She's also, in my opinion, the best fighter of the 7. If the 7 had an all out brawl, Applejack would probably win. Know why? Simply because she just does it to help. Her character's so vague yet so non-subtle too. But because it's a different approach of a character, most bronies tend to put her 7. She's definitely the most underrated.

Number #3

Pinkie Pie

Oh yes! Pinkie Pie! The craziest of all, I especially love how wacky she is. In humour, she is so hilarious. Nearly everytime she appears, she causes something random. She is often said to be a huge fourth wall breaker. I mean her humour goes everywhere in all places. As for her fighting skills, yeah, she's not a fighter. She more fights with laughter. It helps to know how on average she makes no sense. As for her character, she has alot inside and outside. Sure she's crazy but there's a hidden insecurity as shown in Party of One. She needs random stuff to be happy because deep down she's a manic depressive. Unfortunately, she suffers from some minor problems. For example, her random 10 second songs normally have barely anything to do with the plot making them a somewhat waste. There's also the fact that she learns something she already did before in A Friend in Deed the same thing happening with MMMystery on the Friendship Express. But we'll get to those later.

Number #2

Twilight Sparkle

Man can I relate to Twilight. She's an unsocial shut-in finding it difficult in social situations. She even occasionaly gets laughed at by her own friends sometimes, i.e. Fall Weather Friends. She's the smartest and is sometimes even taken for granted by her friends. She also has a hidden security of not being perfect wih things as shown with Lesson Zero. For fighting, she is formidable enough but her magic is pretty complicated. For humour, it mostly comes from her insecurities and her unsocial like behaviour. For character, they've raised her to full potential. Unfortunately, she does suffer from flaws. She sometimes breaks out of character, being naive three episodes in a row before in the episodes Look Before You Sleep, Bridle Gossip and Swarm of the Century. That doesn't seem like Twilight. Oh and there's also the fact that she kind of uses Spike as a slave. Nevertheless, her interaction with him and tyhe others are very well developed. This puts the adorkable Twilight Number 2.

Number #1


That's right I said it. Rarity is best pony. I'm not trolling you. She has received so much development over the run of the two seasons so far. Her fighting skills are balanced, once kicking a manticore in the face too. She's also funny when they show her overreactions to detail being missed. Her character has so much to it too. She started off as girly. And then she had her first episode. her friends were pestering her and annoying her, basically insulting her dressmaking skills and she still helped them.. twice. Then she was generous enough to give the punching bag Spike something in return if he helped her, which was gems. Along with her escaping from Diamond Dogs. Then she also started living a life that she always wanted and gave it all up to her friends. She avoided her long lost dream to be with her friends. That's incredible. Unlike characters like Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle, Rarity is proud of her flaws and completely aware that she overreacts sometimes. That's rare for a character. That's what makes her so strong of a character, leaving her Number 1

And so ends my list. With Season 3 close by, I hope they help my least favourite characters with development. C'mon I really like all these ponies. Let me love them all equally Faust.