Hello there. I'm TheEpicDestroyer and I'm gonna be doing the interactions between each set of characters, starting with the episodes suggesting a friendship and then episodes suggesting a conflict for each set of characters. Starting with Twilight Sparkle and Applejack. Now let's begin.

Episodes Suggesting A Friendship

Mare in the Moon

When Twilight first met Applejack, she stated that it was a pleasure to make her aqcuantance.

Twilight agreed to have a sample of Applejack's apples.

After having the samples of apples, Applejack said that it would seem like Twilight's already part of the family.

With persuasion from Apple Bloom, Twilight agreed to stay for brunch at the Apple Family.

When Twilight accidentaly has the hot sauce, Applejack asks if she's okay.

Elements of Harmony

When Rainbow Dash was thinking that Twilight was a spy, Applejack pulled Rainbow back and defended Twilight by saying she wasn't a spy.

When Twilight said that she wanted to go into the Everfree Forest, Applejack responded by saying that Twilight can't do that. She followed that, by saying that her and the others were sticking to Twilight.

When Twilight is about to fall off a cliff, Applejack holds on but tells Twilight to let go. Although reluctant at first, Twilight sees that Applejack is trustworthy. She lets go and is saved by Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy.

While Twilight is examining the elements of harmony, Applejack tells the others to leave and that Twilight needs concentration.

Twilight says to the others, including Applejack, that they were her friends.

Twilight, Applejack and the others teamed up with the elements of harmony to defeat Night Mare Moon.

After saving everyone, Twilight is dissapointed that she'll never see the others again(including Applejack) as she was returning to Canterlot. However, Princess Celestia agrees to let Twilight stay with the others making Twilight extremely happy.

The Ticket Master

Twilight agrees to help Applejack bring in the Golden Delicious apples.

After Twilight gets annoyed with the others when they pressurise her into who gets the extra ticket, Applejack is the first one to apoligise for her actions.

Applebuck Season

When Applejack saves the town, Twilight does the presentation on Applejack, saying that Ponyville can always count on her. She says the same thing to Applejack when she shows up.

Twilight tries to help Applejack with the apple bucking four times.

When Twilight tries to help Applejack the fifth time, Applejack finally agrees and begs Twilight for help.

Applejack makes a feast for Twilight and the others as and apology for her actions.

Boast Busters

After Twilight stopped the Ursa Minor, Applejack seemed to be very proud.

When Twilight said that she was worried that if she shown her skill, the town would hate her just like Trixie, Applejack made Twilight feel better by saying that her magic is a part of who she is.


When the avalanche occured, Applejack saved Twilight's life. When she asked was everyone okay, Twilight replied by saying that thanks to Applejack she is.

After Twilight sends her friendship report, Applejack is the one who tells Twilight to come outside to see Rainbow Dash make a new record.

Look Before You Sleep

Twilight let Applejack and Rarity come into her home.

Applejack thanked Twilight for her hospitality.

Twilight asked Applejack and Rarity to have a slumber party. Although reluctant, Applejack eventually agrees.

Applejack apoligises to Twilight for her behaviour.

Bridle Gossip

Applejack said "I told you so" to Twilight, but before saying it, saying that she hates to say it.

Swarm of the Century

When the ponies were trying to get rid of the Parasprites, Twilight said that Applejack could herd them. Applejack agreed to do so.

After the ponies got rid of the parasprites, Twilight thanked Applejack. To which Applejack replied by saying she couldn't have done it without them.

Winter Wrap Up

Applejack agreed for Twilight to help her.

Suited For Success

When Rarity was making dresses for everyone, Twilight was the one Applejack asked about what she was making.

Feeling Pinkie Keen

Applejack explained to Twilight what the twitchy tail meant.

Sonic Rainboom

Both Twilight and Applejack look at eachother when they're concerned for Rainbow Dash.

The Cutie Mark Chronicles

When the ponies discover that they new eachother before even meeting one another they all go in for a group hug.

The Return of Harmony, part 1

All the ponies agree to stick together.

Applejack agrees to Twilight's plan on meeting in the centre of the maze.

The Return of Harmony, part 2

Twilight says how powerful her friendship is. And how her and the others' friendship is what stopped Night Mare Moon. She then said how she needed to fight for her friendship.

Twilight helped Applejack look inside herself to find out who she really is.

Applejack apoligised for her actions.

When Twilight asked Applejack to tug Rainbow Dash with a rope, Applejack agreed.

Applejack tells Discord that he couldn't break her and the ponies' friendship for long.

Twilight tells Discord that she's learned that friendship is not always easy but it's worth fighting for.

Twilight tells the others to show Discord how powerful they are.

Lesson Zero

Applejack begged Celestia to not punish Twilight.

Luna Eclipsed

Twilight said "Happy Nightmare Night." Applejack then said hello to Twilight and Spike.

Twilight says to Princess Luna that Applejack is one of the nicest ponies around and that she could help Luna.

The Cutie Pox

Applejack goes to Twilight's assistance when Applebloom gets more than one cutie mark.

Secret of My Excess

Twilight went to Applejack's assistance when Spike grew and became greedy. Applejack, although at first not believing Twilight, agrees to help.

The Last Roundup

The ponies hold a surprise party for Applejack.

Twilight, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Fluttershy try to look for Applejack.

When Applejack was worried the town wouldn't forgive her for not coming in first and not having enough money. However, Twilight made her feel better by saying she wasn't a failure.

The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000

Twilight and the others help the Apple family defeat The Flim Flam Brothers.

After finishing, Twilight said she was proud of Applejack.

The six ponies celebrate by hitting their apple cider glasses together as a toast, most likely for Applejack.

Well I hope you enjoyed this. I will update this everytime a new sign is shown of friendship is shown. Stay tuned. Next week is the episodes suggesting a conflict for Twilight and Applejack. Then it's on to the friendship between Twilight and Rarity.