And now we move onto the conflict of Twilight Sparkle and Rarity.

Episodes Suggesting A Conflict

Mare in the Moon

Twilight yelped for help as Rarity changed her hair.

Twilight begs to Spike to escape from Rarity before she dyes Twilight's coat a new color.

Elements of Harmony

Twilight wanted to go into the Everfree Forest alone instead of going with the others.

The Ticket Master

Rarity got mad with Twilight when thinking she was giving the extra ticket to Pinkie Pie.

Rarity was pressuring Twilight into giving the extra ticket.

Look Before You Sleep

Rarity, at first, didn't want to sleep over at Twilight's.

Twilight got angry at Rarity and Applejack for ruining her slumber party.

Suited For Success

The 5 other ponies were picky about the dresses Rarity was making for them.

Sonic Rainboom

Twilight got mad at Rarity for showing off and pressuring Rainbow Dash.

Lesson Zero

The 5 other ponies laughed at Twilight's worry of being late on her friendship report.

Rarity called Twilight a drama-queen.

Sweet and Elite

Rarity picks hanging out with many elegant ponies over making Twilight's dress.

Hearth's Warming Eve

All the ponies argued with eachother.

Well hope you enjoyed this. Btw, since new episodes are still coming up, I'll be updating past blog posts if there's a new sign between pairs of a friendship or conflict.

Next week: Twilight Sparkle/Fluttershy Friendship.