Find out which pony you really are! Take the quiz.

I got Fluttershy, but I'm not AS shy as her, but I'm still shy.

To get to the quiz:

Step 1. go to

Step 2. find My Little Pony on the top bar with the arrows. (You have to click on the arrows to move. duh.)

Step 3. click on My Little Pony (duh), and scroll down a bit.

Step 4. when you find MY LITTLE PONY Personality Quiz, click on it. (duh, for like, the 3rd time)

Step 5. a picture of Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie will come up. Click on the picture.

Step 6. now u can start the quiz!!!

Leave a comment on which pony you got if you would like.

Enjoy!! ^^