aka Bill Ellis

  • I live in Eastern Shore USA
  • I was born on January 3
  • My occupation is Retired folklorist
  • I am Male
  • Ethnosensei

    This weekend I tried out some very early reactions to my brony observations before an audience at an anime con that I've attended several times (my daughter is a staffer). I was very concerned when I found that they'd put me in a huge room at prime time (10-11 PM) and warned to expect a full house. Well, it was a pretty full house, about a third bronies and two-thirds curious anime fans. Thankfully, they were all supportive of this doddering relic from the 20th century, and I did throw in a large number of funny memes that I'd found on a variety of websites like "My Little Brony." So it was a fun way to break the ice.

    I was interested in the questions that I was thrown at the end: who's your favorite pony? (Derpy); what kind of pony are …

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  • Ethnosensei

    I'm something of a dinosaur in this world, being a sixty-something retired professor of folklore with a fully grown daughter working in audiobook editing. (But my wife and I are continuing to conserve her three barns of late 80s Hasbro MLPs in our garage.) My main interest has been contemporary folklore, the new forms of humor, play, and artistic expression that every generation creates for themselves. For the last decade I've been studying the fans of Japanese anime (and gotten a much fuller appreciation for what good animation has to say to parents as well as to children).

    The MLP/FiM series, and the "brony" phenomenon it has inspired, seem a rich area to observe for new traditions of verbal and visual play. Please bear with me as I …

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