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    Well, the movie finally came to a local theater, so I went to watch it. I wish there was a later showing, but 10am was the only time it was on both today and tomorrow, so I dragged myself out of bed at 8am to go see it. The theater I went to had its fair share of bronies, but it was mostly parents and little children. Both groups were well-behaved, at least in the theater room I was in. Apparently, the movie was so popular, they had to show it in two theaters.

    My opinion: Was it worth it? Yes. It was a really good movie, ranking right up there with most of the two-part episodes. Plus, I'm relieved that I can finally stop avoiding spoilers (not that I hadn't seen any). It had a lot of funny moments and the romance between Twilight and Flash …

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    Here are some unwritten rules for the wiki. I didn't know about these rules until I inadvertently broke them, so I decided to write them down for the benefit of others. Some of these are alluded to in the Guidelines, but not expressly written out.

    Rule #1: Avoid adding categories to redirects.

    Rule #2: When adding images to a gallery, please take care to slot them in the right places. Don't just add them to the end of the gallery.

    Rule #3: Avoid creating pages with "available tomorrow" or "coming soon" or any other news-like description.

    Rule #4: Do not create empty articles.

    Rule #5: Avoid posting low quality images. A good rule of thumb is to use PNG rather than JPG format for the images.

    Rule #6: Don't create a Transcript page or gallery ea…

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    Pinkie Pie is best pony

    November 16, 2011 by Euphgeek

    Why? Because:

    1. She can hover in the air without using magic or wings,
    2. She can run faster than Rainbow Dash can fly without running out of breath,
    3. She can do her hair up just by smiling, and
    4. She's Fluttershy's aunt, even though she's a year younger.
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