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    100 Moons

    December 24, 2012 by EvergreenFir

    My first thought was that Granny Smith meant "100 lunations" (i.e., 100 lunar cycles) when she said that the Apple Family Reunion occurs "every 100 moons."

    If that is the case, the we can use the following math: 29.530589 days per lunation 100 lunations So 100 moons = 2953.0589 days There are (365+365+365+366)/4 = 365.25 days per year (roughly) So 100 moons = 2953.0589 days = 2953.0589/365.25 years = 8.085 years

    However, when Granny Smith says "moons" she clearly cannot mean "lunations" since a previous reunion has a picture of Apple Bloom looking about the same age:

    If moons means nights, then that's a reunion roughly every 3.3 months which is far too frequent.

    It is possible that lunar cycles in Equestria are entirely different than our own.…

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  • EvergreenFir

    The recent episode Dragon Quest contained a number of messages. Many people picked up on the identity aspect of the story. Just because Spike was a dragon doesn't mean he needed to act like one. What some people missed was the gender message.

    To recap the episode, in the beginning, Spike is shown in a "girly" apron and handing out treats he cooked. Spike was mocked by some of the main cast for this. Later, Garble and the other dragons considered him wimpy and non-dragonlike because he was not skilled at the rough and tumble games they played. Finally, when Spike refused to break the phoenix egg, he resolved his rejection of the dragons' way.

    The teenage dragons enacted hegemonic masculinity. Garble, the leader, was as close to hegemonic mas…

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    Lyra x Bon Bon

    March 15, 2012 by EvergreenFir

    You think the saddlebag buckles were a wink-and-a-nod from the writers?

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