Welcome to the Losers Bracket Finals of the "Dub Battle" folks!

Recently English, Euro-Portuguese and Danish are proceed to the Finals, while Serbian, Swedish and German are eliminated on this tourney.

In the next two days, we're gonna reached the sixth anniversary of MLP. (October 10th)

And, let's check it out.

Losers Bracket 6 Oct 2016

Sadly, the entire of S1 dubbed songs in Greek sounds weird(especially "Pinkie Gala Fantasy Song" is awful), while S2-S5 dubbed songs are much improved.

"Winter Wrap Up" song in Japanese and Korean are remain to be subtitled instead, nor they dubbed the song.

And I'm gonna rate for "Piggy Dance" and "This Day Aria" songs in three languages.

Piggy Dance

Japanese - 9.8/10 - Both Japanese and Korean always nails Pinkie's voice.
Korean - 9.7/10 - Same as Japanese.
Greek - 7.1/10 - This one sounds pretty old IMO.

This Day Aria

Japanese - 9.8/10 - Wow!.. This is pretty amazing.
Korean - 9.3/10  - Great! But, not as better as Japanese.
Greek - 8.1/10 - Nice. but, this one is not as good as Japanese and Korean.

Voting is now over, the results is.

Greek - 0

Japanese - 2

Korean - 0

And so, Japanese dub is going to the "True Finale", while Greek and Korean are lost on the Loser Semifinals.

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