This is the "Dub Battle" of the "Losers Bracket" folks!

Recently, in the Round 2a of normal brackets. Serbian, European-Portuguese and Swedish are proceeds into Semifinals, while Latino, Russian and Brazilian-Portuguese were eliminated on this tourney.

OK! Let's check it out!

Losers Bracket Sep 25 2016 11 am

Korean Fluttershy sounds pretty good. And this dubbed songs overall reminds me to any of the most Korean Girlbands.

"Luna's Future" in Castilian-Spanish sounds pretty amazing.

Dutch "Bats" song has an infamous Rainbow Dash singing voice which sounds pretty weird.

Finnish's "Light on Your Cutie Mark" song, at 1:38, it sounds different. I think, there's a problem about syllables.

Hebrew has a lack of amount of dubbed songs. It's about 10 dubbed songs total.

Slovene "The Spectacle" dubbed song, at 0:40, has a big problem. while "You'll Play Your Part" and "Let the Rainbow Remind You" sounds pretty good.

Voting is now ended. The results is.

Finnish - 1

Hebrew - 2

Korean - 2

Slovene - 1

Dutch - 1

Castilian-Spanish - 2

Say bye-bye for Finnish, Slovene and Dutch, your good dubs will be remembered.

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